May 1, 2020
Bristol School District #1
Biweekly Friday Flyer
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Renegade News:
  • May 4-8: Virtual Teacher Appreciation Week
  • District Administrator Message
  • Principal Graf's Message
  • May 12 -14: Packet & Personal Item Drive Thru
  • Bristol Student Artwork Update
  • Instructional Technology Updates
  • Bristol Drama Department: 2020 Play Awards
  • Virtual Positive Referrals
  • Virtual Learning Survey: Thank you!
  • Bristol Pride Staff Vehicle Parade: Thank you!
  • Open Enrollment Window Extended
  • Renegade Relaxation Room
  • Bristol's COVID-19 Web Page
  • Counseling Department Web Page: Emergency and Non-Emergency Resources

Community News:
  • KPL Curbside Pickup
  • May 8: Food Pantry
  • Jr Falcon Fall Youth League Interest Survey
Renegade Resources:
May 4-8: Virtual Teacher Appreciation Week
Bristol's PTA invites all families to participate in the
Virtual Teacher Appreciation Week!

These activities are optional. Consider these fun and appreciative activities to take your mind off the craziness. Please take care of yourselves and your families - now more than ever.
Monday, May 4: "Chalk It Up for Teachers"
  • Create some beautiful sidewalk/driveway art OR color/create pictures to say THANK YOU to teachers and staff!
  • Post pictures of your artwork on the Bristol PTA Facebook Page for everyone to enjoy!

Wednesday, May 6: 
"Warm Wishes Wednesday"
  • You or your child can send their teacher a short note, poem, or even just a few words to say THANK YOU.
  • If you'd like to share further post to the Bristol PTA Facebook Page and be sure to include the teacher or staff member's name (and student's name if you wish) on the post. You may also choose to email the teacher directly, or use Google Classroom.

Friday, May 8:
"Teacher Appreciation Grand Finale"
  • Stay tuned for a fun montage of all the pictures you've submitted. You still have time! Use this beautiful weather that's expected this weekend to take a photo!
  • Please submit by Monday afternoon! Watch the Bristol PTA Facebook Page for the big reveal!
District Administrator Message

Dear Families,

I hope this newsletter finds you and your family safe & sound. It's hard to believe that we're in the month of May, normally a very exciting time of the year for schools. It is typically a time when the school year begins to "wind down" and the students begin to "wind up" with excitement because they can see the light at the end of the tunnel. There would be special end-of-the-year classroom activities, grade level events, assemblies, celebrations and ceremonies right around the corner. Obviously, this hasn't been a typical year and we will be unable to experience closure as we normally would. I feel saddened for high school and college seniors all across the country who are unable to experience their traditional graduation ceremonies. I feel the same sense of sadness for our eighth grade students here at Bristol School who will be unable to walk across the stage (I understand the Bristol graduation ceremony has always been second to none). With this said, I can only say that we are looking at meaningful ways to help acknowledge and honor our eighth graders at year's end. We are looking at ways to bring a meaningful and organized closure for all.

While we will be busy making plans to close out the current year in the best way possible, we are also looking ahead to make plans for the upcoming school year. There is no hiding the fact that there is a lot of uncertainty out there in terms of what the beginning of the next school year will look like for all schools. We definitely have to prepare for the possibility of a virtual start to the new school year. What that looks like exactly, I don't think anyone truly knows at the moment. I'm confident we will get there and find a way to make it all work--and make it work well. It's the Bristol way!

Before I close, I want to thank you for your efforts to help keep your children on a path of learning. I know it's a very challenging thing to do, with all of your other responsibilities. There is no doubt that your efforts now will make a difference in the future. On behalf of everyone here at Bristol School, I want you to know that you and your efforts are appreciated.
Principal Graf's Message

While it seems like longer, it has been two weeks since we got news that schools would be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year. Since then we have been continuing with instruction, discussing graduation options and trying to wrap our heads around what next year will look like.

Feedback on student work will continue to focus on the continuation of learning. Any work not completed during distance learning will not have an adverse effect on a student’s grade prior to ending traditional school instruction. This decision comes from a perspective of compassion since we understand everyone's circumstances during this unprecedented time is different. Learning is the main objective, not grades.

A formal letter will be sent out on Monday, May 4 in regards to grading for COVID.

Many students still have personal property at school. I tems have been bagged and sorted by student's last name . Thank you to all of the teachers, support staff and custodians for making this happen. We will follow the same Drive Thru plan as in the past to reinforce social distancing protocols while providing an efficient pick up process. More details and information to follow on pick up procedures, in the meantime, here are the dates and times.

May 12, 2020: 7am - 11am
May 13, 2020: 3pm - 6pm
May 14, 2020: 7am - 6pm

Although our buildings and facilities are closed, our district is not. Please know that we are here to serve you. We are home to some of the best students and staff and will finish this school year strong.

As always, thank you for your support during this time. We continue to plan for the future and work to get better every day. Everyday, I am thankful everyday on how lucky I am to work in such an amazing community. I look forward to the day we can all be together again.
May 12 - 14:
Packet & Personal Items Drive Thru

Bristol School is continuing to provide a variety of instructional delivery methods from virtual to paper.

Please save the following dates for the next Packet & Personal Items Drive Thru:

  • Tuesday, May 12: 7am - 11am
  • Wednesday, May 13: 3pm - 6pm
  • Thursday, May 14: 7am - 6pm
Bristol Student Artwork Update

Bristol School will not be hosting a booth in Kenosha County Fair's Education Building this August. If your child had artwork saved for entry into the fair it will be returned in the fall*. 

*All eighth grade artwork will be available for pick up at the next packet pick up date.  
Instructional Technology Updates
New Content Filter (Securly)
While things are still in their tentative stages Bristol School's IT Department is planning a soft deployment of Bristol Schools' new filtering solution Securly*.

Since Securly is an extension that runs in the Chrome browser, activation will occur during a device restart and an account log in/log out.

How will this impact users? 
  • Restricting students' ability to access account and device settings
  • Blocking students to remove the Securly extension
  • Preventing students to clear their browser history
  • Students will maintain the ability to customize their avatar and wallpaper

*The soft deployment is scheduled to begin on Monday, May 4.

New Restrictions and Reminders:
  • School managed student accounts and the access to Google Apps For Education (GAFE) apps provided by that account are to be used exclusively for academic purposes.
  • Bristol School reserves the right to define academic use as it sees fit and the right to lock accounts of students who have been found to be using their school-issued account for non-academic purposes.
  • This would include the attempt to subvert or defeat any measures put in place to keep them safe.
  • Student are not to use Google Hangouts/Meets to socialize with friends; doing so may result in the suspension of access to Hangouts/Meets. 
  • On Wednesday, April 22, Bristol School restricted students' abilities to create, host, and record Google Hangouts/Meets; students can still join teacher created Hangouts/Meet virtual conferences. 
Google Hangouts/Meet and Zoom application and use at Bristol School:
  • Google Hangouts/Meet is the only supported virtual conferencing tool.
  • Zoom is not supported for a variety of reasons, namely security.
  • Google Hangout/Meet are Google Apps For Education (GAFE) apps that offer many administrative tools that help maintain compliance with the Child Internet Protection Act (CIPA).
  • Bristol teachers are not required to use Google Hangouts/Meet but are highly encouraged to do so in an effort to adequately support the delivery of their curriculum to students. 

New Google Hangouts/Meet Grid View Extension
  • On April 23, Bristol School Deployed the force install extension "Google Hangout Grid View" at all grade levels.
  • If your student does not see the extension in their extension tray, please restart their device.
  • This extension allows all active Google Hangouts/Meet participants to appear in a grid array or gallery view; making it easier for all participants to see each other. 

*If they still do not see the extension after a restart they may attempt to install the extension through Google Web Store. This app is one of a few applications and extensions that have been cleared for download.
Bristol Drama Department:
2019-2020 Play Awards
Submit a
Virtual Positive Referrals

Once a Positive Office Referral is submitted, Sarah Lindh, Bristol's Associate Principal, will reach out to the student and family to celebrate and recognize those positive choices, just like when we were in school.
Is your child making choices that exhibit:
  • Self-control
  • Hard work
  • Kindness
  • Positive attitudes
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Responsibility
  • Being respectful

Submit a Positive Office Referral to celebrate their choices!
On Tuesday, April 21, more than sixty Bristol Staff decorated their cars and were escorted for the Bristol Pride Staff Vehicle Parade by Bristol County Sheriff's Office, D.A.R.E. Deputy Rowe and Bristol’s Fire & Rescue.

This event was just as powerful for our staff as it was for our families!

In an internal email, Bristol staff shared their experience.

  • "[The Parade] was such a spirit-booster. Not only for us staff but you could see it in the kids jumping and waving!"
  • "What a wonderful event for our amazing community! Thanks everyone!! We all needed it!"
  • "It really was a fantastic day! Definitely great to see so many students, families, and of course, our Bristol team! It was an emotional, but extremely rewarding experience. I am proud to work with all of you!"
  • "It was so nice to see everyone yesterday at the Bristol Pride Staff Vehicle Parade. Warmed my heart! There truly is something special about the Bristol Community. On several occasions yesterday tears came to my eyes. The first one was when I stepped outside the building and saw all of the staff in the parking lot. And then all of the signs! My boys kept saying, “Mom why are you crying again.” It was a great day, thank you all for making Bristol Awesome!”
Open Enrollment Window Extended
2020-2021 Open Enrollment Window has been extended to Friday, May 29, 2020*

*The application period closes at 4 pm. Late applications will not be accepted for any reason.
Miss getting books from the library?

Kenosha Public Library
now offers curbside pick up!

If you already have a KPL card, you are all set! The Southwest Branch is only about 20 minutes from Bristol.
May 8:
Food Pantry
For the sake of social distancing, please bring a mask and your own bags, if possible.

Food pantry is available for anyone who needs it in these troubled times. No questions asked.
Location: Parking lot of Zion Lutheran Church, 7931 200th Ave, Bristol, WI 53104

Date: Friday, May 8, 2020*
Times: 10am -7pm

*If there is food remaining, the food pantry will be reopened on Saturday, May 9 from 10am-7pm
Jr Falcon Fall Youth League Interest Survey
Would your family be interested in participating in a
fall youth league* for grades 5-8?

The Jr Falcons Girl Program strives to develop the individual physical, mental, and emotional talents of 5th through 8th grade girls in our volleyball program. Through sportsmanship, team competition and fun we encourage responsibility, compassion and excellence in all aspects of performance, both on and off the volleyball court.

*Since the Jr Falcons Girls program is a feeder program for the Westosha Central volleyball program, girls in the Westosha Central School District in grades 5th - 8th who will attend Westosha Central High School are eligible to play.