April 15, 2021
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District Administrator Message

Dear Bristol School Families,

I was tremendously excited with the outcome of the Westosha Central High School referendum and what it will mean for the students, teachers, staff and the entire community--which includes Bristol. The high school facility will be transformed into a first class campus that will better meet the needs of all stakeholders. The future looks quite bright! I hope you are excited about it, too.
Bristol School District has been engaged in a similar process to Westosha Central's process to address the physical condition of our building, site, and systems, as well as the educational adequacy (how effectively the building supports current and planned educational programs). We have been working with a company called Nexus Solutions. They recently completed a comprehensive analysis (approximately 8 month effort) of the Bristol School facility and presented their findings to the Board of Education. A team of Nexus consultants and Bristol School District officials will continue to collaborate on the results of the Executive Summary to better understand the potential needs. In fact, Nexus Solutions representatives held onsite listening sessions for teachers and staff yesterday to further refine conceptual ideas.   
On a separate note, new Board members all around the state will officially take office on the 4th Monday in April (April 26, 2021). Incumbent Adam Scheele and newcomer Corey Bies each earned three-year terms. Current Board President Stephanie Butenhoff will have a one-year term. Mike Saad's appointment to the Board will end on April 26th. Justin Miller will be resigning his position on the Board in the not too distant future. Please watch for application information if you are interested in filling the open seat. It takes a lot of courage for anyone to run for an election. It takes a lot of time and energy to serve on a school board. We should commend all of our board members and be thankful for their service to Bristol School.
Congratulations to Jack Musha for being selected as Bristol School District's next District Administrator. Mr. Musha emerged as the number one candidate from an extremely talented pool of candidates. I've witnessed firsthand the dedication and commitment Mr. Musha demonstrates every day, which has earned him the respect of his colleagues, students, parents and the greater community. I'm extremely happy for him and for the Bristol School and community.   
Lastly, please note the PTA Kite Event planned for last weekend was moved to this Saturday, April 17th--let's hope for cooperative weather.
Have a great weekend!      

Dr. David R. Milz, District Administrator
Principal Message

Bristol School Families,

I hope this message finds you well. It is hard to believe that we are nearing the end of another school year. Once again, I would like to express my gratitude for the support that everyone has given throughout this school year.
Recently, I was able to visit a community that had experienced a natural disaster. Many houses and places of business were completely destroyed. While it was hard to see the destruction, what was inspiring were the people. Even though they had lost so much, they were still so happy, friendly, hospitable and kind.
In this community, there was so much work to be done and it seemed to be overwhelming. It didn’t matter to them. They knew the work would get done. They knew that their neighbors and friends would help them. They knew their community was strong. They knew it would get rebuilt. They had done this before.
I kept thinking to myself, these people aren’t letting this situation affect their attitudes and how they treat others. They were so polite and attentive - to absolute strangers! I doubted that they would let anything shake their feelings of a strong community and their solid work ethic. It was so refreshing.
A community isn’t about the walls that encompass it, it is about the people who are inside of it - the people who keep it alive and breathing. When people are able to work together and treat each other kindly, a community can get through anything.
Rebuilding takes a long time and can get frustrating. Along the way, some may want to give up and quit. It’s in that trying time of not giving up that progress is made. Debris is removed, walls are rebuilt and floor plans are changed, just a little bit, to allow for things to flow a little more freely.
While doing the work, putting in the time and rebuilding, it will be much more enjoyable if we are able to look around, celebrate the accomplishments, find the positive, and help each other out.  
I look forward to continuing to be a servant leader at Bristol School and continue to push up my sleeves and do the hard work, everyday.  I continue to be inspired by the Bristol community and together, we will ensure that we are all growing, learning and succeeding.
I know that our community is a strong one and I look forward to planning for another successful year. Planning for next school year is well underway. Class lists for next school year will soon be developed. Teachers, in collaboration with one another and various other school professionals, will assemble class lists based on many factors, such as but not limited to gender balance, academic balance, behavior, learning styles, teaching styles, required special services, and student relationships to name a few. A great deal of time, energy and effort are given to try and create an optimal learning environment for each classroom.
We understand that some parents may want to request a specific teacher or to not have a specific teacher due to extenuating circumstances.  For this reason, parents who feel the need to make such a request must send a letter or an email to Principal Holly Graf before April 23, 2021.  The request must clearly state the educational reasons unique to your child’s needs for the request. These requests will definitely be considered as we make our final decisions.
We will do our best to honor requests, but it is important to understand that not all requests can be honored. The Principal has the final authority on classroom placement.
We are here for you. Together, let's rally for our students to close out the year strong! 
Associate Principal Message

Dear Bristol Families,

Bristol School District #1 is excited to announce that Bristol will be offering in-person summer school for students in grades kindergarten through 7 from July 12 through August 12, 2021.

Please complete the Summer School Interest Card for each Bristol student by Thursday April 29 at midnight to help inform staffing and programming decisions*. 

Summer school is scheduled from Monday through Thursday from 8am-12pm. Breakfast and lunch will be provided. Families must provide their own transportation. Kids Club (after summer school care) is available at an additional cost.

Important Information:
  • Summer School Interest Card Window: April 15 - April 29
  • Complete the 2020-21 Bristol In-Person Summer School Form found in your Skyward: Family Access (only available to the primary guardian)!
  • Need to reset your Skyward: Family Access username & password? Click the Forgot your Login/Password link found under the Sign In button to receive a reset link via email.

*This interest card will be used only to inform staffing and programming decisions; it is not a registration form. Summer school registration is scheduled to open in the second half of May.
Network Administrator Message

Tool Kits for Technology Class
Our IT Department is pleased to share that it has been able to support Bristol School's technology class by donating 24 precision tool kits. These tool kits will be used to disassemble and reassemble retired Chromebooks that are no longer supported. The tool kits include a grounding strap, spudger, precision bit drive and 24 precision bits, screen shims, tweezers (straight and 90 degree), and surgical spatulas. We are excited to facilitate hands-on learning experiences for students.
Chromebook Return Timeline
Middle school in-person students* will be required to return their Chromebooks on the following dates:
  • Grade 8: Tuesday, May 25
  • Grade 7: Wednesday, May 26
  • Grade 6: Thursday, May 27

At this time Bristol School District will not be lending out Chromebooks for summer use as we will need to perform maintenance on these devices. This is done to ensure that the next group of students are issued Chromebooks that are working optimally.

Devices that are not returned by the May 31st* will be deactivated and rendered unusable. Fees will be applied for damaged or unreturned devices.

We appreciate your cooperation in advance for the return of our Chromebooks.

*Virtual grade 6-8 students will receive additional communication on returning chromebooks closer to the end of the school year.
Counselor's Corner
SEL & ACP: School Counseling Lesson Focus:
April: Growth Mindset

May: Safety, Careers*
*5/28/21 - Bristol School Career Day Vehicle Parade
Middle school students will complete three more lessons in Xello

Awareness Dates:  
4/10: Week of the Young Child
4/12: National Youth Violence Prevention Week
4/17: Kenosha County’s Alcohol, Tobacco, & Other Drugs Awareness Week
4/18: National Volunteer Week
4/22: Administrative Professionals Week, Earth Day
4/23: Global Youth Services
4/30: Children’s Day, Book Day
5/4: Screen Free Week (TV Turnoff Week)
5/6: Children's Mental Health Awareness Day

Did you know that April is: Child Abuse Prevention Month, Community Service Month, Keep America Beautiful Month, School Library Month, Mathematics Awareness Month, Autism Awareness Month, Month of the Military Child

Growth Mindset:  
Growth mindset is the focus for April’s school counseling lessons. A growth mindset is the belief that skills and abilities can be developed and strengthened (mindfullittleminds.com, 2021).

Encourage a growth mindset:  
  • The brain is like a muscle. It can grow and become stronger the more it is used. Think neuroplasticity and new neural pathways & connections!  
  • The incredible super power of “yet”: Instead of “I can’t do that.” Try: “I can’t do that...yet!” A little word that offers help and hope.  
  • Praise & the process: when sharing praise, focus on effort, strategy, hard work, perseverance, organization, resilience, skills, patience, innovation, creativity, and dedication.  
  • The magic of mistakes: embrace mistakes and failures as opportunities for growth and learning
  • Set an example: mistakes are ok, try something new. Think of mistakes, difficult tasks, and hard things as a chance for learning, feedback, and development.  
(mindfullittleminds.com, classdojo.com, biglifejournal.com, 2021)

Kenosha County Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drugs Awareness (ATODA) Week (April 17-23, 2021): 
The 41st annual Kenosha County - ATODA Week is April 17-23, 2021: “United Together, Let’s Stay Drug Free!” This awareness week includes various Kenosha County activities that will be held virtually and are free of charge.  There is also a virtual recognition program for winning student ATODA prevention ideas. The virtual recognition program premieres Saturday, April 17th at 10 am. Sloan Brennan, a Bristol student, is a 2nd place winner for the ATODA Committee Poster Contest and will be recognized via the virtual program. Please visit kusd.edu/atod for virtual program premieres and recordings.

The ATODA Week is sponsored by The Greater Kenosha Community ATODA Committee, Concerned Citizens Coalition, and Kenosha Unified School District Office of Community School Relations.
School Nurse's Message

We made it to spring! Great news, our COVID-19 numbers have remained low. We hope to continue this trend for the remainder of the school year. There are no changes with our mitigation procedures. Bristol School will continue to wear masks, social distance and hand washing; pending any directives from the Bristol Board.

Important reminder: anyone 16 years and older can receive the COVID-19 vaccine at this time.

Please keep the school updated on any changes in your household. This includes anyone who has tested positive or may have come into contact with someone who is positive.

We can do this!
Nurse Denise
PTA Message

Our kite event, "Flying Into Forward Testing", is postponed to APRIL 17 due to the weather forecast. Join us from 11am-1pm in the park next to the school. Please see our PTA Facebook page for more details.

Staff Appreciation Week is May 3-7!
This year's theme is "Almost Paradise." We plan to bring a wonderful tropical "vacation" to our Bristol staff. WE NEED YOUR HELP to make the week amazing! Please see the SignUp Genius and sign up for anything you can donate - whether it's food, drink, funds, etc. Thank you for all your support! 

Did you know the PTA has a very active Facebook page? Please follow our page to keep up to date with special events and other important information. Get involved by attending our meetings, which are posted on our Facebook page!
Bristol's Summer Seamless Option Program (SSO)
Summer Seamless Option (SSO) Update

Bristol School rejoined the Summer Seamless Option (SSO) as part of the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).

In the week of April 9, Bristol's cafeteria staff prepared 362 meals for Bristol's SSO Program!

This means that:
  • UPDATE! Bristol families that were charged for meals in the months of January through March will be refunded in their food service accounts. More information to come soon!
  • All Bristol students are no longer charged for breakfast or lunch. 
  • Bristol in-person students are eligible to pick up weekend breakfast and lunch meals.
  • Bristol virtual students are eligible to pick up breakfast and lunch meals for seven days a week.
  • Non-Bristol students can sign up to receive free breakfast and lunch meals.
Bristol's Crayola & TerraCycle ColorCycle Program
Help Improve Internet Speeds in Our Community in Three Clicks
To help improve internet speeds across Wisconsin, the Department of Public Instruction is teaming up with Measurement Lab, a non-profit broadband advocacy organization, to test home internet connection speeds. You can help out by testing your home internet speed with Measurement Lab’s broadband speed test. All it takes is three clicks--it’s that easy.

To get started:
  • On a device connected to your home internet, click on the link to the M-Lab broadband speed test.
  • Agree to the Data Policy.
  • Click Begin to start the test.
  • Consider running the test multiple times, at different times of day, as your internet speed can often vary throughout the day.