March 15, 2021
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District Administrator Message

Dear Bristol School Families,

The Spring Election will be here in a few short weeks. You will have the opportunity to vote on some very important matters, three of which that should be of great interest to you:
  • There are three individuals running for the three seats to fill on the Bristol Board of Education. The candidates are Incumbent Stephanie Butenhoff, Incumbent Adam Scheele and Corie Bies. The top two "vote getters" will each receive a three-year term. The third place finisher will receive a one-year term.
  • The Central High School, District of Westosha's referendum will be on the ballot. They are seeking your approval to pay for the cost (not to exceed $39.6 million) of a district-wide school building and facility improvement project consisting of: safety and security improvements; construction of additions for a cafeteria, gymnasium, locker rooms and classrooms, renovations and facility improvements, including modernizing classrooms and learning spaces, converting the existing cafeteria into an auditorium and the existing locker rooms into a weight room/fitness center; building systems and infrastructure updates; site improvements; and acquisition of furnishings, fixtures, and equipment.
  • There are two candidates running for the Office of the State Superintendent. The State Superintendent candidates are Deborah Kerr and Jill Underly. The State Superintendent oversees and leads the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction. The Department of Public Instruction is the state agency that advances public education and libraries in Wisconsin to ensure every child graduates ready for further education and the workplace. 
Please get out to vote on April 6, 2021. Your vote makes a difference.

In other important news the Bristol Board of Education continues to move forward in the superintendent hiring process. There were 20 initial applicants for the vacancy. The Board will have to pare down this list. First round interviews are tentatively scheduled for the week of March 15th. You can always go to Bristol's Board Communication Webpage for updates on the process.    

A couple of reminders before I close:
  • There is no school for students from March 22-29, 2021. Students return to school on March 30th.
  • Teachers return to school for an In-service Program on March 29th.

Have a great Spring Break!

Dr. David R. Milz, District Administrator
Associate Principal Message

As an Associate Principal, Athletic Director, former athlete, coach and a father, athletics have always been a huge part of my life. 

Athletic activities have proven to provide students with:
Increased self-esteem
Positive health benefits
Team building skills
Problem solving skills 
Improved time management skills 
Social interactions with diverse groups
Improved academic performance
to simply name a few! 

Knowing this, and seeing so many benefits to these experiences throughout my career, has really made me realize how much I was missing being a part of these activities. I thoroughly missed seeing our children running, jumping and playing with their friends and classmates. 

These moments not only bring me joy, but ultimately build what we all know as school spirit. We may not have had the opportunity to have a full basketball season where we competed against other schools, had the band play, the popcorn popped and the gym full of our friends and family cheering us on, but we made the best of it. Most importantly, WE HAD FUN!!! 

Our intramural basketball season had 114 students sign-up! Students in 4-8th Grades enjoyed practicing drills, competing in challenges and playing games. Mr. Feruzzi and Mr. Oppeneer were awesome coaches and led the students to great improvements.  

Please take a moment to enjoy some of the pictures of our 5 weeks together. Hopefully they bring you joy and a sense of normalcy. I know it did for me. We are proud that we pulled it off. We are truly better together. 
Principal Message

Bristol School Families

Hello Spring!

The light of longer Spring days is finally about to conquer the endless dark hours of winter. As a District, we are using Spring to inspire us to get up, get moving, and increase our daily efforts, as we pursue our priorities, goals and dreams together.

There is no doubt that we have overcome many challenges during this school year, not only as a District, but also as a community. Spring is a time of renewal, rejoicing, and celebration. With the fresh air, our lives can begin to feel less offbeat and more aligned with our wishes and hopes. It isn’t always that things are different, but our perspective can change, if we allow it to.

Use the new perspective about Spring to make the most of each day, whether it's time to plant a garden, start a new hobby or make other changes. Ask your child what’s happening at school at the end of their day. There are so many fun and positive things going on throughout all grade levels, just ask them! Please see the attached document for conversation starters also known as the Bristol Chat Pack to encourage dialogue with your children about their day at school.  

Along with new perspective brings the opportunity to challenge ourselves in ways that maybe we didn’t think of before. Positive growth can come from change. Change is an opportunity to do things differently. As a Leadership team, we can allow our planning and goals to remain static, or we can think outside the box, and create fresh, new ways to promote student growth and success. Planning with a new perspective allows us to come up with fresh and creative solutions and ideas.

I am thankful for our community, as I have been shown time and time again how flexible our families are and how patience always helps to make a situation better.  

As we get started on our third trimester and welcome more families back to in-person learning, let us remember that we will grow from this change. As a school community, we will look back on these times and remember them as hard, but we will also remember how we learned from our adversities and continued to grow and succeed, together.  

Our students are continuing to grow each day. I know they will remember the tough times this year, and I also know that it has made them stronger. Thank you for your continued support in the growth and positive perspectives at home, as this is so vital for our students' success. Please join me in welcoming this Spring weather and these longer days, so that we can begin new, with a fresh perspective.
Network Administrator Message

Counselor's Corner

SEL & ACP: School Counseling Lesson Focus:  
March 15-29 - Mental Health/Wellness & Xello (6-8 gr.) 
April 5-12 - Growth Mindset & Xello (6-8 gr.) 

Awareness Dates:  
3/21 - International Day to Eliminate Racial Discrimination 
3/22 - World Water Day
3/22-3/28 - National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week
4/2 - World Autism Day 
4/7 - World Health Day
4/8 - Holocaust Rememberance Day 

Did you know that March is: National Deaf History Month (3/15-4/15), Music in Our Schools Month, National Nutrition Month, Women’s History Month, and Youth Art Month

Earlier in March, the National Sleep Foundation’s annual “Sleep Awareness Week” was celebrated. This annual campaign celebrates the benefits of sleep. Sleep is an essential part of our health and wellness. The Center of Disease Control and Prevention (2017) recommends the following hours of quality sleep per day based on age level.
School Nurse's Message

 It's hard to believe we are entering the 3rd trimester.

I do have a few reminders as we move forward:

  • Keep students home when they are sick. Make sure they are symptom free before returning to school
  • Provide students with a clean face mask daily. Place an extra one in their backpacks if needed. We do have masks at school if you are unable to provide them. 
  • If anyone in the household has COVID symptoms or is being tested, students must stay home until test results are back. Keep the school updated on any changes.

We are fortunate to have many teachers/staff members who are in the process or have completed getting their COVID vaccine.

Remember the importance of:

Hang in there, we got this!

Nurse Denise
PTA Message

The PTA is looking for parents who want to help make Bristol School a great place for students, staff members and parents! We have a one-hour PTA meeting per month, with a bit of additional time if you're willing to help on a committee. If you're interested in getting involved, or just learning more, please contact Martha Saad at

Also - we have a very active and informative PTA Facebook page. Please check it out regularly for event updates, Teacher of the Month info, and much more!

GOING ON NOW!!! The PTA Staff Appreciation Fundraiser Book Fair at Barnes and Noble Racine (and online), March 13 - 17! Check out more information on the Facebook page and fliers in students' folders. NOTE: You MUST present a voucher at the time of purchase for funds to come to us. Vouchers were sent home in folders AND are available on the PTA Facebook page. Help us make this years’ Staff Appreciation Week AMAZING with your purchases!
Student Spotlight & Upcoming Activities
Help Improve Internet Speeds in Our Community in Three Clicks
To help improve internet speeds across Wisconsin, the Department of Public Instruction is teaming up with Measurement Lab, a non-profit broadband advocacy organization, to test home internet connection speeds. You can help out by testing your home internet speed with Measurement Lab’s broadband speed test. All it takes is three clicks--it’s that easy.

To get started:
  • On a device connected to your home internet, click on the link to the M-Lab broadband speed test.
  • Agree to the Data Policy.
  • Click Begin to start the test.
  • Consider running the test multiple times, at different times of day, as your internet speed can often vary throughout the day.
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