February 15, 2021
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District Administrator Message

Dear Bristol School Families,

     It has been my experience that this time of the school year between winter break and spring break often makes for interesting and exciting times. It’s a time when schools not only plan for a smooth ending to the current school year but they also begin making plans for the upcoming school year. Things sort of wind up and wind down all at the same time! With this said, it’s hard for me to believe the end of the second grading trimester is almost here, and the third and final trimester will be staring us right in the face. Eighth Grade Graduation will be here before you know it!
     The great thing about right now is that any student who has fallen short of his or her academic goals still has enough time to turn things around. Please continue to encourage your child or children, and do not hesitate to reach out to us here at school. It’s never too late for a student to give his or her best effort, and there isn’t anything wrong with seeking out additional support. Congratulations to the students who are meeting or exceeding their academic goals! Keep up the good work!
     The Board of Education has posted for my position for the upcoming year. The Board of Education is committed to finding an outstanding leader to serve the school and the community. They are currently finalizing the details of the entire process. COVID-19 certainly doesn’t make the planning any easier. There is likely a survey coming your way in the very near future, so that you will be able to provide feedback to the Board regarding what qualities are desired in the next leader. On a humorous side note, I appreciate all of you who read the Kenosha News article and, then, thanked me for my 307 years of service. I laughed, too, when I read the article. I laughed even more with the many messages I received, telling me how good I look after 307 years of public service. It’s great to know people haven’t lost their sense of humor during the pandemic! The power of sharing a smile or a laugh cannot be underestimated. Let’s continue to lift one another up to try and make everyone and everything better.
     There are 7 candidates vying for the Wisconsin State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The position should be extremely important to all of us in choosing an advocate to help all children of Wisconsin receive the best education possible. The State Superintendent of Public Instruction is instrumental in guiding the state in its academic endeavors. The Primary Election is February 16th. The top two candidates will advance to the General Election on April 6th. The Primary Election is important to make sure your choice has an opportunity to make it to the General Election. Please get out and vote.
Principal Message

Bristol School Families -

I hope this message finds you and your family safe and healthy. I am so very proud of our students and our staff this year. As a District, we have navigated many challenges together and yet each day we continue to grow, learn & succeed. I want to say thank you to all of our families for your support, understanding, flexibility and patience. It takes a community to tackle what we have and I am so thankful.

As we continue to move forward through our second trimester, it is my goal to ensure that I continue to build relationships through purposeful, clear and consistent communication to our families. As a District, we want to make sure that we are keeping communication to our families consistent, meaningful and useful. Communication is the foundation of solid partnerships. When parents and school staff communicate effectively, positive relationships develop, problems are more easily solved and our students make greater progress.

We are so excited for the majority of our students to be back in the building and look forward to seeing their academic growth continue. As we approach the start of Trimester 3, we hope to transition more students to the in-person learning environment. As a reminder, all Trimester 3 Instructional Program Change Requests for Students due by February 14. Your proactive approach will afford us ample time to plan and allocate staff accordingly.
We are so grateful for the opportunity to serve you and your child. I always look forward to hearing from you. As is my policy with staff, my door is always open.

Please always reach out if there is anything I can help with or provide to you. We are better together.

Warm Regards,

Principal Graf
Associate Principal Message

It’s FEBRUARY!! Families and staff THANK YOU for the ongoing support that has allowed us to give our students the best education possible. Let’s continue to rally and work together to finish this year strong!

As spring approaches, so does the testing season. Bristol will be starting off with the Wisconsin Forward Exam during the week of April 12th for students in grades 3-8. 

This annual exam is designed to gauge how well students are doing in relation to the Wisconsin Academic Standards. These standards outline what students should know and be able to do in order to be college and career ready. This online exam includes the following sections for the following grades:
Through the testing week, you can support your child by:

The Wisconsin Forward Exam provides the opportunity to receive data on your child’s growth! Furthermore, the results of these tests will be used to help school staff and administration make determinations regarding curriculum, placement, and services to best support students.
Network Administrator Message

This video is for staff and students and demonstrates how to find and install Chrome Remote Desktop. This extension is to be used for support purposes only.
Director of Special Education Message

Early Childhood
Child Find Screening & Evaluation

Early childhood screenings and evaluations are provided to children ages 3-5 living within the Bristol School District #1 boundary who may be demonstrating delays in any area of development. As children undergo the screening process, information is gathered about the child’s developmental skills in the areas of communication, motor skills, concepts, adaptive skills as well as social/emotional functioning. The information is typically collected through parent interviews, observations, structured activities, and interactions with the child. If a potential delay is identified, an evaluation for special education and related services may be made. Once written consent is obtained for the evaluation, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) team conducts assessments to determine if a child has a disability and requires special education services. Should the IEP team, including the parents/guardians, determine that a child meets the eligibility criteria, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be developed.

These services are provided at no cost by the Bristol School District #1 to children living within the district. The upcoming early childhood screening is scheduled for March 8th and March 9th.

If a parent or guardian is interested in requesting an Early Childhood Screening, he/she should contact:

Bristol School District #1
Dr. Tea Mohn or Kim Rudolph
at (262) 857-2334

Please be ready to present three forms of identification showing proof of your residency within the district.
Counselor's Corner

SEL & ACP Lessons Focus:
2/8-2/19: Empathy in Action - Smile-Grams for the Sharing Center
2/22-2/26: Power of Words & Kindness
3/1-3/12: Decision Making & Problem Solving/Start Xello (6-8th)

2/14-2/20: Random Acts of Kindness Week
2/22: World Thinking Day
3/1-3/5: Say Something Week
3/1-3/8: Sleep Awareness Week
3/2: Read Across America Day
3/8: International Women’s Day

Did you know February is Black History Month, Career & Technical Education Month, & International Boost Your Self-Esteem Month?

Thank you for participating in the Color Our World with Kindness & Friendship Challenge 2.0. We will end the challenge this week with the following spirit days:
2/15: We LOVE Kindness! (wear red & pink)
2/16: Dreaming of Kindness (wear pajamas or comfy attire)
2/17: Wild Wednesday (wear animal print or neon/bright colors)
2/18: Blizzard of “Snow” Much Kindness (wear white)
2/19: Join the Brigade. Be a Kind Renegade (wear black & red or Bristol attire)

The Science of Kindness
Kindness can release those amazing feel-good chemicals that can help boost mood and wellness. Studies are looking at the benefits of treating some conditions with “acts of kindness” because of the feel-good chemicals that are released when we do kind things. “The warm feeling that washes over you when you’ve done something kind isn’t just in your head. It’s in your brain chemicals, too” (cedars.sinai.org, 2021). Even saying hi and smiling can make a difference! According to Dr. IsHak, there are “far too many rewards” for acts of kindness. Kindness “builds better selves” and “better communities” (cedars.sinai.org, 2021).
School Nurse's Message