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April 2024 Newsletter

Embracing a Love of Learning

Young minds organize themselves by engaging and responding to environmental stimuli. Our programs, informed by neuroscience, psychology, and interpersonal teaching methods, optimize stimulation for successful academic performance. Have your children develop a Love of Learning with BriteMinds! Experience academic competence, confidence, and accountability with BriteMinds! We advocate for helping children feel motivated and enjoy their discoveries! 

BriteMinds' 2024 Summer Programs

Grades K-12

BriteMinds’ summer programs are fun and inspiring! Skill-building activities meet every student’s needs. Enjoy solving math puzzles, discovering solutions to science mysteries, discussing literature themes, writing stories, and appreciating the power of imagination. BriteMinds instructors support students every step along their journey, while helping students develop pride and confidence!

Personalized Individual Classes or

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Math-Wise, Book Club, Write Your Own Story, Chess Club, Friendship Skills Game Time, Art of Imagination!

Classes Are Scheduled

Individually or with Your Friend-Group!

Math-Wise: Develop financial intelligence, practice solving math puzzles, use critical thinking to crack math mysteries, and more!

Book Club: Read, discuss, and discover hidden literary messages! 

Write Your OWN Story Book: A fun way to be creative and imaginative, while building writing skills!

Exclusive Chess Classes: Endless excitement!

Game Time: Practice friendship skills, social etiquette, and morally good choices!

ART of Imagination: Build powerful visualization skills and experience the world in your own mind!

Students find BriteMinds' activities engaging and creative!

Learn organizational tools and never have a boring moment! Dive into personalized learning and boost your skills in a fun and supportive environment.

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Learn How to Play Chess

Learning how to play chess unlocks new skills for children (and adults too). Chess is not just a game… It’s a chance to enhance overall attention, flexibility, anticipation, and solution-focused thinking.

Learn how to play and enjoy the benefits:

  1. Cognitive Skills: Chess improves critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills.
  2. Concentration: Chess demands focus and concentration as you analyze the board and plan your moves, while simultaneously considering your opponent’s strategies.
  3. Patience and Perseverance: Chess teaches patience and resilience as games can be long and challenging, requiring you to think ahead, safeguard against intense emotions, and adapt to changing circumstances.
  4. Memory Enhancement: Playing chess exercises your memory as you have to remember past moves, patterns, and strategies as you deliberate your next move.

Learning to play chess at BriteMinds is not only intellectually stimulating, but also improves executive functioning skills!


Summer Psychology for Children!

From Neuroscience to


At BriteMinds, we find that children are interested in understanding how their own minds work. From realizing the difference between thoughts and emotions to effectively self-regulating intense emotions, children are encouraged to explore how neuroscience can successfully be applied to them. BriteMinds advocates for children to learn about:

Brain Basics - Knowing brain development basics helps maintain healthy habits.

Brain to Mind – Anticipating feeling states, like moody moments, may help with self-regulation.

 Self-Experiences – Developing positive self-regard enhances self-esteem, and it also encourages healthy friendships and social dynamics. Being true to yourself fosters confidence and a more objective world view.

Self-Knowledge – Recognizing how the brain may trick us helps reduce impulsive reactions. Accepting constructive feedback may help develop flexibility and successful relationships.

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Art Activities Enhance

Parent-Child Relationships

Engaging in art activities with children strengthens the parent-child bond in profound ways. Through shared experiences, parents and children develop a deeper understanding of each other’s perspectives, interests, and personalities. Art provides a platform for parents and children to express themselves freely, encouraging self-discovery and emotional connection. Moreover, the process of creating art together promotes problem-solving skills, patience, and resilience, as both parties navigate challenges and celebrate successes. At BriteMinds, our priority is to always support higher-level thinking that students can use in both their education and personal life!

Sample Summer Art Projects we do at BriteMinds:

Create Your Avatar - Make fun and artistic representations of yourself.

Design a Unique Species – Describe its habitat, attitude/behavior, favorite food, and unique features.

Family Mural – Combine photos, drawings, and family wisdom to create a collage.

Puppet Show – Make hand puppets, create a story, and see how you can bring them to life.

Hanging Mobile Art – Fill your room with colorful texture and motion.  

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Everything Grows

Fun Science Project

TO DO at Home

The science of germination, known as seed germination, involves complex steps as a tiny seed transition to an actively growing plant. Here is a fun and easy germination project that YOU can do at home!


-  Dry Mung Bean or Lentil

-  Jar

-  Paper Towel or Cloth


-  Place the dried beans in a jar and cover them with a damp paper towel or cloth. Keep the cloth moist and watch as the beans sprout over the course of just a few days. Take notes on how the sprouts look and document their changes with photos.

This project is a simple and fascinating way to observe germination up close!

At BriteMinds, we encourage families to engage in fun, hands-on projects that can be done at home to promote the development of cognitive and intellectual skills. 

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