Would you like to promote your business on TV, but think that advertising on Terrestrial Television is not in your budget TODAY?
American Households are spending more time engaged with TV and Social Media.
Here is your opportunity to have your business TV advertisement seen in towns across North America with Bongo Boy TV Show - an unprecedented TV show series that brings Indie Music to over 21 Millions cable subscribers in the USA. 
Starting with the next episode we can feature your advert* on 72+ TV channels,160 times over 4 weeks, at Prime Times, 6 days a week in cities like New York City,  Music City Nashville, Los Angeles, Portland, OR and many more towns across the USA. 
Affordable, tailored to your budget, new low price $275.00*
All on USA Public Access TV, Roku and More.
Social Media Promotions and Marketing is included and very effective 
Let Us Boost Your Business Up Again

No fees, long-term contracts or hidden costs
Easy and fast! 
Who would think having custom TV advert could be so affordable!
Be on TV by July 1, 2020 email us TODAY   HERE

BBTV is calling out to all business around the world that support Indie Music
Bongo Boy TV - It's Like Watching MTV When It Was Cool !
                                                                         (Scary Cherry & The Bang Bangs)


Step 1: Write in the subject line " TV Spot Promo"
Step 2: Write in the email not more then 100 characters your business slogan 
Step 3: One still/photo - JPG  Resolution of 300 Pixels  Size not larger then 16Hx10W
Step 4: Business info for ending episode credits 
Step 5: Transfer the MP4 via dropbox.com to bongoboyrecords@aol.com
Step 6Clip: Send all the above to bongoboyrecords@aol.com
Hurry. The submission period ends at 11:59pm EST on June 22, 2020. 
All entries will be received by Bongo Boy TV Producers and will be reviewed.  An advert release form will be send to you as soon as we establish communications with your business. 
Full payment is required by sign up. MP4 file is required via dropbox.com or wetransfer.com
*If the advert has no profanity, nudity, explicit sexual scenes, and is of our broadcast quality standard , and payment is received, then we can approve the advert for airing in THE USA.
Bongo Boy TV is Monique Grimme & Gar Francis (the Guru Of Garage) of Bongo Boy Records, who launched Bongo Boy TV 9 years ago. Determined to share Independent music with the world. As it enters its 9th season, Bongo Boy Rock 'n' Roll, the television show, offers up indie music through music videos, and interviews. This 28:30 minute show seems to be picking up where MTV left off.  72 U.S. markets, 160 times, and distributed by 15 major cable companies. Not a bad deal!!! The shows are packed with videos from everywhere and anywhere you could imagine, interviews with way cool musicians, and all of the information about Indie Music you would ever need. - review by Bobby Gottesman (Toronto Canada) 

Your sponsorship gives you the opportunity to promote your business on real TV in America. Plus Bongo Boy TV will include your business name in all their promotions like their BBR newsletters, post your business website on all Bongo Boy's social medias, press release, BongoBoyTV Channel and on Bongo Boy Records' website for each episode you sponsored. 

$275.00 is an introduction  price for becoming an underwriter/sponsor and we will air your business or non-for-profit advert info on 72+ TV Channels, 160 times , 6 days a week for 4 weeks for TV SPOTS.  2 Weeks For Music Video Broadcast and Promotions. 

Bongo Boy TV is Not For Profit 

Funded by Supports & Underwriters like you ! 

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