Broadway Briefs
The Souper Bowl of Caring is a nationwide youth movement to fight hunger and poverty in our local communities. In 2012, more than 10,000 groups raised over $9.8 million dollars, 100 percent of which has gone to local hunger relief programs. At Broadway, this coming Sunday, February 4 , our youth will be holding soup pots outside the Sanctuary for donations. Our proceeds will go to the Brown Food Pantry. Help us make an impact on hunger in our community and throughout the nation.

Pick up yours today. Devotion booklet includes writings for Children or Adults. You can find copies in the stairwell between the education building and the sanctuary or in the narthex.
Children’s Sunday School Teachers and
 Nursery Volunteers Needed
Sunday School teachers rotate teaching about every 8 weeks depending on personal schedules. The curriculum follows our liturgical calendar and uses a variety of activities and a short video.
A nursery during our second service for children 3 to 6 years old is run by two church members. This rotation commitment is once every 4 to 6 weeks. The children usually come down after children’s moments to play until the end of the service.
Both of these ministries are important because they help to make families feel welcome in our church. - Jennifer
Online Giving is Here!
Has this ever happened to you before? You’re sitting in the church service and Laura, a guest speaker, or a member of the congregation describes a worthwhile outreach or mission opportunity and announces a special offering will be collected. You are moved by the presentation and want to donate but then realize that you don’t have your checkbook, or you don’t have any cash in your wallet or purse. So you have to pass on making a much needed financial contribution.
Or maybe you’re someone who never or seldom uses checks anymore and you wish there was another way to pay your tithe or pledge instead of writing a check. Well, we have great news for you – Broadway now has online giving!
Using it is simple. All you need is a smartphone, computer, or tablet with internet access. Go to Broadway’s website at and look for the “Online Giving” link at the bottom of the page. Click on it and you’ll be taken to Broadway’s online giving portal. Select “Donate with Check” or “Donate with Credit Card”, fill out the transaction and billing information, and complete the transaction. You’ll get an email receipt when done verifying the details of the transaction.
This new service does not eliminate any of the current methods of giving to Broadway. If you want to continue to write checks, then that is perfectly OK. If you like to place cash in the offering plate, we’ll take it. If you use a free online service provided by your bank that sends a draft to Broadway, no problem. This new service is just an additional and convenient way to make donations. There is even a recurring option if you want to set up regular periodic payments for your pledge or tithe.
Try it and let us know what you think!
The Finance Committee
Want you join us!!
FRInS will start back on Wednesday, February 7 at 10:00 am in the Fellowship Hall. We will be making cards and going out for lunch afterwards.

"The Messiah Complex"
Jesus came to help us connect with
who we are and whose we are.

Scripture: Mark 1: 29-39
Rev. Laura Rasor
Wednesday, January 31
8:30 am - PDO
4:00 pm - Confirmation
4:30 pm - Kids Club
5:30 pm - Girls Refuel
6:30 pm - Chancel Choir

Thursday, February 1
8:30 am - PDO
10:00 pm - Circle of Fellowship
12:30 pm - 4H/STEM
6:00 pm - Girl Scouts 20801
7:30 pm - Epworth Bells

Friday, February 2
8:30 am - BHEA/Tapestry
11:00 am - Salvation Army Lunch
1:00 pm - 4H/STEM
1:30 pm - BHEA/Culinary
6:00 pm - Girl Scout 20838

Saturday, February 4
10:00 am - Destination Imagination
4:00 pm - Bruce/Party
Sunday, February 4
Souper Bowl Sunday
8:30 am - Worship
9:30 am - Sunday School
10:35 am - Worship
5:00 pm - Youth

Monday, February 5
8:30 am - PDO
6:30 pm - Little River Service Unit
7:00 pm - Boy Scouts

Tuesday, February 6
8:30 am - PDO
6:30 pm - Girl Scouts 20856
6:30 pm - Cub Scouts

Wednesday, February 7
8:30 am - PDO
10:00 am - FRInS
4:00 pm - Confirmation
4:30 pm - Kids Club/Connect
5:30 pm - Girls Refuel @ Subs & Such
6:30 pm - Chancel Choir
Thursday, February 15
 at 12:00 noon.

Menu will include a variety of soups, sandwiches and desserts. After lunch we will have an assortment of games that include Chicken Foot and the WII. Hope you will join us for some great fellowship and fun.
If you need a ride please contact the church office.
Our next outing is scheduled for Saturday, February 17. We’ll check out the Baker Hollow Branch of the East Lakeshore Trail along Tellico Lake. The section is 3.2 miles long and not too strenuous. It will be out and back so you can go for as long or as short as you wish. Meet in the church parking lot at 9:30 a.m. Bring a packed lunch and plenty of water. Be sure to dress for the weather. Please make a reservation through the church office so we can let you know in the event of any schedule adjustments.
Thursday, February 22, 2018
5:30-7:00 p.m.
Asbury Bistro, Maryville
Learn more about Willow UMC in Willow, Alaska
Plan to join Willow UMC pastors Joe-d and Christina Dowling Soka for a no-host supper at the Asbury Bistro. We will order off the regular menu (average cost $7-10) and gather in the Garden Room to learn more about activities of this sister church. Please plan to be there and served before 6:00 p.m. because of evening meal hours and staffing.
Broadway has had a relationship with Willow UMC in Alaska for years. Before her retirement, we financially supported missionary Fran Lynch in a covenant relationship. Since Fran’s retirement, new pastors have been appointed: Joe-d and Christina Dowling Soka, both Holston Conference ministers, and good friends of Pastor Laura and David! Our church continues vital interest in and support of this remote congregation. It will be fascinating to learn more about their activities and offer our continued support.
RSVP by 2 p.m. February 16. Use pew pad inserts or call the church office to reserve your space. 
Gather Your Friends To Make A Parcel Post Auction Box
Our Faith Community in Willow, Alaska, loves to receive boxes from East TN for their Parcel Post Auction. We fill a Priority Mail box, any size, with neat stuff like Smoky Mountains, Fort Loudon history, Cherokee art, local college and sports caps, good books, games, etc., and mail it to the Willow church. In March they will auction off the unopened boxes, open them up, ooh and ahh or laugh at what’s inside, maybe trade gifts around, and have a great party doing it all.
The money they make goes to their local food pantry. Sure, we could just send money – but then these folks wouldn’t have an opportunity to get together and have fun in the land of no sun and bitter cold!
Sunday school classes, choirs, church committees, families, or you and your best buddies can fill a box and send it off.
Mail to: Willow UMC, P.O. Box 182, 67.5 Parks Hwy, Willow, AK 99688.
Church Safety and Emergency Preparedness Team
At its January meeting, the Church Council authorized a group of volunteers to examine our ability to deal with emergencies and other safety issues. As you know, Broadway UMC is deeply committed to being open and welcoming to all; it's an essential element of who we are. During our initial meetings, we have recognized that this commitment presents significant obstacles when it comes to preventing all possible safety risks. In light of these challenges, we are examining such topics as enhancing emergency response plans, preparing for health emergencies, and fostering increased awareness and preparation. Volunteer team members include: Laura Rasor, Jennifer McIntyre, Bruce Recktenwald, Ralph Brown, Stephanie Jordan, Joe Ellis, Dennis Kirkland, Mike Husk, Tom Taylor, Bob Mize, and Lance Morehead. If you have any suggestions or input on these topics, please feel free to share them with one of these members.
Summer Fun at Camp Wesley Woods
From first grade through through high school, CWW offers a great experience for all. There are Day Camp, Half Week and Full Week sessions. A $50 gift certificate is available for every Broadway child who attends. Additional financial assistance is also available. Contact Pastor Laura before you make your reservation in order to receive the $50 or additional support. The deadline for this support is April 30.
Brochures with camp information are available in the church office.
  • Jean Hubbs’ sister, Louise, major back surgery, now in rehab center
  • Anne Keiser, recoving from brain surgery
  • Jim Warren, follow-up test/treatments this past week at John Hopkins
  • Lucile Cotner family
  • Shawn Holder & Bethany, financial issues
  • Lorene Webb, family issues
  • Teresa Webb family, health issues
  • Edward Churchhill & Connie, finances
  • Sandra Sutton; Angela Hill, health
  • Deborah Powell, health
  • Shirley Shannon & her son
  • Carolyn Shoffner family
  • Shirley Lawson family
  • Brad
Praises: Neil Rhodes presented “Excellence in Regulatory” Stewardship Award @ Southern Weed Science Society Annual Meeting in Atlanta. 
February 8:30 am Service

February 10:35 am Service
4 - Dianne Reed
11 - Bill and Melanie Ribble
18 - Scott and Sandra Dahms
25 - Gene and Marie Pafford
Brown Food Pantry Volunteers Wanted!!
If you would like to assist with Brown Food pantry, we have several positions open for the new year. We need folks for our Set-up Team on Friday afternoons. We need greeters, baggers and prayer partners for Saturday mornings. Volunteers range in age from elementary schoolers to…well, we won’t divulge those higher numbers! Volunteers are scheduled to work only once every two months, so your time commitment is minimal. Please consider being a part of this vital ministry! Contact Ruthie Barton ).
Contact Ruthie Barton (
The next Food Pantry date
is scheduled for
February 10, 2018  9:00-11:00AM
Your prayers, your gifts, your service
and continued commitment
to this ministry is very much appreciated.

Click Here to learn more
about this program!!
Click Here to learn more
about this program!!
Share this information and the above links with your neighbors and friends.
The more the merrier!!! It costs nothing and helps minister to
many in our community who are struggling to make ends meet.
Broadway UMC Inclement Weather Policy

If Maryville City Schools are CLOSED for inclement weather conditions, all activities for that day are cancelled and the church office is closed. If there are exceptions (such as rehearsals and individual meetings), participants will be notified.

In the event of snow and/or icy road conditions on Sundays, or on days of scheduled church activities, first and foremost, it is our desire to have each of you to be safe. If you experience a problem getting out, or need assistance in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact the church office.

For the most part in the event of inclement weather, Pastor Laura is committed to making every effort to get to the church and to have it open for worship. That being said, if it becomes necessary to CANCEL any services:
  1. Check the "Homepage" of the church website:
  2. An email will be sent to all known email addresses of record.
  3. Additional notices will appear on the church Facebook page.
  4. Watch WBIR-TV (Chanel 10) for church closings, or visit their website:

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