Broadway Church Leadership for 2020
The ministries of Broadway could not happen without the service of a whole host of leaders and volunteers. We are grateful to all who have stepped up to share in these responsibilities. Beginning on January 1, those on the Church Council include: Patsy Russell (Chair), Marcia Recktenwald (Recording Secretary), Connor Brown (Lay Leader), Mary Lynn Roy (Lay Member to Annual Conference), Leon Trundle (Church Treasurer and Endowment), Stephanie Jordan (Nurture), Barb Penn (Outreach), Susan Daffron (Communications & Welcoming), Kim Cline & Kim Hill (Worship Co-Chairs), Hispanic Ministries (Julie Hays), Brad McBride (Staff/Parish Relations), Rufus King (Finance), Joe Fox (Trustees), Ruth Barton (United Methodist Women), Jade Garcia (Young Adults). In addition, we have several Administrative Committees and Ministry Teams. For a full list, click here.
The Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace through Separation | A Response
The United Methodist Church has been in local and national media recently in connection with what is called “The Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation,” a proposal that has been put together by an intentionally diverse group of United Methodist leaders.

Below is a statement from the Holston Conference Delegation to General Conference 2020. and are good places to go to stay in the loop with regard to these and other happenings in The United Methodist Church.
It is encouraging that folks who love the church are working together to seek ways that we can continue to share the love of Christ in the face of disagreements. Hopefully, we can foster those kinds of conversations at Broadway as well, around this issue and also others that affect our community of faith.

Pastor Laura
January 4, 2020
A letter from the Holston Delegation concerning the
Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation.

Dear Members and Friends of the Holston Conference,
By now, many of you have read or seen reports of a group of sixteen United Methodists who met with a mediator over several months to seek a way forward for the denomination as we approach General Conference 2020. This group of bishops, clergy and laity leaders across the denomination also represented leadership from numerous special interest groups (Good News, Reconciling Ministries, UMCNext, Wesleyan Covenant Association, etc.). They have now released their recommendation, and this is what was reported on Friday, January 3rd through United Methodist News Service, and numerous television and print media sources. 
The Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace through Separation represents agreement from numerous plan leaders and special interest groups working together to offer a path forward. This is significant as it is the first plan with such broad support. That being said, it is crucial to understand no group, no matter how diverse or well meaning, can make decisions or set policy for The United Methodist Church. Only the General Conference has this authority. So, what we have now is another proposal that will almost certainly be presented to the General Conference as legislation delegates may or may not vote to adopt. We encourage you to read the UMNS release and seek to stay informed. It is our understanding there will be more information available in the coming days. 
While we urge you to read the full report, “Protocol of Reconciliation & Grace Through Separation” and FAQ sheet , we also want to provide you with a brief summary of the key points within the report:
  • The Protocol anticipates the formation of a new traditionalist Methodist denomination withfunds allocated over the next 4 years to help sustain the new denomination.
  • The Protocol wouldallocate $39 million to ensure there is no disruption in supporting ministries for communities historically marginalized by racism.
  • Conferences and local congregations could vote to separate from The United Methodist Church to affiliate with new Methodist denominations created under the agreement within a certain time frame. Churches wishing to stay within the UMC would not be required to conduct a vote. Provisions exist for entities that choose to separate to retain their assets and liabilities. All current clergy and lay employees would keep their pensions regardless of the Methodist denomination with which they affiliate.
  • All administrative or judicial processes addressing restrictions in The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church related to self-avowed practicing homosexuals or same-sex weddings, as well as actions to close churches, would be held in abeyance until the separation is completed. 
The United Methodist Church made national news this week over a possible or impending split in the denomination. For most of us in Holston, this is certainly not “breaking news.” We know we are divided. And yet, we know something more that did not make national news. Every day, in countless ways across Holston, we share the Good News of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We proclaim it from our pulpits, live it in our daily lives, and share it in ministry around the world. We have a shared mission to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. As we move through the next uncertain and anxious months, we encourage you to stay informed, stay prayerful and stay busy in the work of our mission. 
Grace and Peace,
Emily Ballard, Head of Delegation
Kim Goddard, First Elected Clergy
For more information concerning Holston communications, contact Tim Jones , director of communications.
Mary Lynn Roy Receives UMW Award for all her volunteer work in missions
New Ramp Built for the Church Playground
A big thank you to Joaquin Sanchez and Sergio Marroquin for donating their time and talent to build a new ramp for our playground on New Years day. Both of their children, though aged out now, participated in our Kids Club program. We are so grateful for our connection with Blount County's Hispanic community!
Did you know – Broadway has had a thriving Hispanic Ministry for several years? Our Hispanic neighbors participate in Kids Club, VBS, Camp Wesley Woods, Christmas programs, fellowship dinners, and the Dental Clinic.

Did you know – Broadway was recently approached by the Holston Conference with the opportunity to expand this ministry in unanticipated ways? There’s the possibility of an Associate Pastor for Hispanic Ministries, a Spanish-language worship service (at a time other than our current worship services), and other new ministry opportunities. The Associate Pastor’s salary would be paid by the Holston Conference and additional funds have already been offered to support additional ministry needs.

Did you know – on the first two Sundays in January, you will have the opportunity to learn more about these exciting opportunities at Broadway? At 9:45 a.m. and 11:30 a.m. on both January 5 and January 12, the Hispanic Ministries Team will host informal information sessions in the Fellowship Hall. Come learn about the history of our involvement in Hispanic Ministries, how this new opportunity came about, and the many ways it promises to bless us and our Hispanic neighbors. 

     All are welcome!
Julie Hays (chair), Hope Bruce,
Mary Lynn Roy, Jake Sparks,
Kerry Trundle, Jennifer McIntyre, Pastor Laura
Church Council Meeting
The proposal to receive an Associate Pastor for Hispanic Ministries is being considered as part of the January meeting of the Church Council on Monday, January 13 at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome to attend, even if you are not an official member of the Church Council.

Your participation in the Generosity Challenge makes a big difference as we are planning for programs and ministries we hope to offer at Broadway in 2020. Click Here if you need a copy of the pledge and commitment brochure.
So far we have received 85 pledges for a total of $ 272,280.00 . Let’s keep that Generosity going!
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Wednesday, January 8
8:30 am - Parents' Day Out
6:30 pm - Chancel Choir

Thursday, January 9
8:30 am - Parents' Day Out
1:00 pm - 4H STEM (Fellowship Hall)
6:00 pm - Girl Scouts 20801 (Great Room)
6:00 pm - Girl Scouts 20548 (Library)

Friday, January 10
11:00 am - Salvation Army Lunch (Fellowship Hall)

Saturday. January 11
9:00 am - Brown Food Pantry (Fellowship Hall)

Sunday, January 12
9:00 am - Chapel Worship
Sunday School
9:45 am - Information Session on Hispanic Ministry (Fellowship Hall)
10:30 am - Sanctuary Worship
11:30 am - Information Session on Hispanic Ministry (Fellowship Hall)

Monday, January 13
8:30 am - Parents' Day Out
5:00 pm - Finance Orientation (407)
6:00 pm - Finance Meeting (407)
6:00 pm - Girl Scouts 20536 (Parlor)
6:00 pm - Girl Scouts (Art Room)
6:30 pm - Boy Scouts (Great Room)
7:00 pm - Church Council (Fellowship Hall)

Tuesday, January 14
8:30 am - Parents' Day Out
3:30 pm - 4H Homespun (Fellowship Hall)
6:30 pm - Cub Scouts (402, 403, Fellowship Hall, Great Room)

Wednesday, January 15
8:30 am - Parents' Day Out
4:30 pm - Kids Club
6:30 pm - Chancel Choir

The next Broadway Book Club will meet Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 6:30 at Debbie Kirkland's home, 3327 Old Plantation Way, Maryville, TN 37804. Melanie Ribble will be reviewing "Olive Kitteridge" by Elizabeth Strout. 
Questions? Contact Debbie Taylor, 310-4373.
We are looking for volunteers to run the sound board during the 10:30 service. With the changes in the services, we currently only have 3 people serving.
The sound board is set up before the service by Alan and the current volunteers are willing to help train anyone who would like to serve. If you are interested
or want more information, please contact Bruce Recktenwald at 214-564-8315 or by email at This is an easy way to serve
Broadway in this vital area.
  • Earl Frye at Blount Memorial with pneumonia
  • Frances Wood at Asbury Healthcare
  • Pastor Laura’s mother, Claire, struggling with health issues, may need to move to skilled care
  • Dennis Dow in the hospital with respiratory issues
  • Kay, friend of the Cline family dealing with cancer
  • Mimi Lyons family
  • Ron and Micky Jeffries. Ron has recently transitioned to hospice care. He and Micky reside at Brookdale – Sandy Springs
  • Phillip Ivey. Phillip had an MRI and they have discovered a couple of aneurysms on his brain. He is facing surgery in the near future

January 10:30 am
12 - Dianne Reed and Becky Martin
19 - Al Redwine

January 9:00 am
12 - Greg Bradley
19 - Debbie Slizewski
26 - Kim Hill
Steve Hays, sound

January 10:30 am
12 - Ken Taylor and David Schoeni
19 - Anita Ward and Bruce Recktenwald
26 - Jean Hubbs and Gene Pafford
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The next Food Pantry date
is scheduled for
January 11, 9:00-11:00AM
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