Outdoor Worship Continues at 10:30

This Sunday we will celebrate Holy Communion.

If you attend the outdoor service you will be provided individual communion packets. If you are watching from home, you are invited to set a table in your home. Find some bread and juice (even water will do) and have it ready.

Reserve your space and bring a chair for each person in your group as well as a mask that must be worn by everyone over the age of two.

You can reserve your space through Sunday morning through 9:00 am. If you need assistance you can call the church office through Friday at 4:00 pm.

9:00 Worship will still be prerecorded and premier on Sunday at 9:00 on both FaceBook and YouTube.

6:00 Roca Eterna will continue to be live streamed on Facebook on the Roca Eterna page.

A notice by email and social media an hour before worship will be
sent out if we need to "stream only" on YouTube due to inclement weather.
This week's worship services
will once again be online.

For tips on accessing these services online, click here.
Open either Children's Bulletin
for this week's online
Bible lesson game code!
Flowers on the altar Sunday, August 30 in celebration of
Steve and Stephanie Jordan's 40th Anniversary.
The BBC will meet Thursday Sept. 17 at 6:30 - place TBA. Any questions? Contact Debbie Taylor at 310-4373 or mommataylor1@aol.com.
Join us for a hike!
Meet at Elkmont at the Little River trail parking lot at 8:00 on Saturday September 19th. It is important that you sign-up so that we know to wait for you or make adjustments in our plans due to weather. Trail is 5.5 mile loop. Email office@broadwayumc.net today!
For more information about the trail: https://smokymountains.com/park/hikes/little-river-trail
Let’s Support Those on the Front Lines
During this unprecedented pandemic, we want to support those in our church family who are providing “essential services,” sometimes at great risk to themselves: healthcare workers, sanitation workers, those in the food industry, civil servants, community leaders, fire, police, ambulance services, National Guard, etc. If you qualify or know of someone, please send the name, occupation, and contact information (including telephone, email, and mailing address) to office@broadwayumc.net.

Also please email the office if you want to be part of the support team by making phone calls, sending cards, providing meals, running errands, etc.

Click Here for the list of COVID-19 Front Line Workers in our church family.
Your Broadway Family Is Ready to Help

We have a list of volunteers ready to assist with:
  • Grocery Shopping/Errands
  • Prayer Partners
  • Tech Support – to help connect with Broadway’s online worship offerings
Click here if you have needs. If you know of folks who might need assistance, reach out to them and make sure they are aware of these willing helpers.
We are a family and we are in this together.
Stay Connected @ Broadway UMC
The Brown Food Pantry (2nd and 4th Saturdays from 9 – 11 a.m.)
and Salvation Army Lunch Program (every Friday from 11 to noon)
are considered "essential services." We are committed to continuing to make these services available for those in need for as long as we are able.
Your support of these programs is appreciated.
309 East Broadway Avenue
Maryville, TN 37804
(865) 982-6192