Around the House. May | 2021
Going the Extra Mile
Generation Pharmacy LLC is often at the heart of celebrations at Broadway House for Continuing Care through donations of catering for events like the annual Nurses Day Luncheon. Yet the relationship between the two organizations goes much deeper—keeping our residents safe through medication monitoring and education programs and COVID-19 vaccines. Generation Pharmacy President Linda M. Witzal, RPH, CCP, CCPGx says: “We are part of the Broadway House family—and we take that responsibility very seriously.”
What's Happening...
Understanding COVID-19
A year into the pandemic, there’s still much to learn about COVID-19. Thanks to research conducted at Broadway House for Continuing Care and nine other long-term care facilities in New Jersey, scientists are a step closer to understanding this novel virus.
We Celebrate Our Nurses
When it comes to providing expert, compassionate care to our residents, our nursing staff is second to none. Meet Director of Nursing Reza Goco, BSN, RN, who came to Broadway House for Continuing Care last year to bring a more personal touch to his career—and to the care our residents receive.
Community COVID-19 Vaccine Event at Broadway House
Saturday, June 26th
10 AM – 3 PM

Walk-ins Welcome. Safe, Convenient, and Free!