Brokers Must Comply With The New Federal
Social Media Training And Policy Standards Or Risk Losing Their Real Estate Business And License.
My FREC Approved Online Course Gives Brokers Proof That They Complied With The New Federal Training Standards By Giving Agents Expert Social Media Liability Training. They Can Use This Certification In Their Marketing Materials And Agent Contracts.
It's Negligent Misrepresentation Under F.S.475. 25 (1)(b) For Brokers To Imply In Marketing Materials That Their Agents Are Skilled At Using Social Media To Sell Properties, But Have No Proof They Were Trained On The New Social Media Social Media Speech Laws.
Brokers Have Two Simple Options...
COMPLIANCE REGULATORY COMPLIANCE Business metaphor and technolog
  • Comply with the new federal training standards by giving your agents expert training on the new social media speech laws.

  • Lose your license, your real estate business, your reputation, and your personal fiances in a nasty social media related lawsuit.
The U.S. Supreme Court And Federal Courts Classify Social Media Networks As "High Liability"
Broadcasting Platforms.
An agent's post or tweet can destroy a person's reputation worldwide. The need to give your agents expert social media liability training is obvious. Brokers will be sued for negligence if they don't give their agents expert liability training.
Legal Authority: Cases That Impact Both Public and Private Sector: Social Media and Smartphones Are High Risk Platforms:  Packingham v. North Carolina 137 S. Ct. 1730 (2017), Riley v. California 134 S. Ct. 2473 (2014), Elonis v. U.S. 135 S. Ct. 2001 (2015), 42 U.S. 1983, City of Canton, Ohio v. Harris 489 U.S. 378 (1989) EEOC Rulings: Chipolte Chipotle Services LLC d/b/a Chipotle Mexican Grill and Pennsylvania Workers Organizing Committee, a project of the Fast Food Workers Committee. Cases 04–CA–147314 and 04–CA–149551
In A Lawsuit, Plaintiff Attorneys Validate Your Agent's Knowledge Of Social Media Law By Asking Basic Questions...
When your agents claim they are trained on using social media to sell properties, clients assume as part of that training, they learned about social media legal issues. If that's not the case, then brokers need to state that fact in their marketing materials and client contracts.
It's Not If An Agent Makes A
Social Media Mistake, It's When
It's Not A Scare Tactic, It's The Law

I f You Put Your Head In The Sand On Complying With The New Federal Social Media Training And Policy Standards, You'll Lose...
A powerful denial concept_ man with his head in the sand.
- Your real estate business
- Your real estate license
- Your personal finances
- Your reputation in the industry
- Your agents lose their clients
- Your agents lose their license
- Your agents lose their personal assets
"This course included much more legal information than my other social media training. Very quickly in Mark's class, you realize that you don't know as much as you think you know about social media."

Mary Goss-Crowson, Watson Relaty Corp. Hammock, FL

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3 "Know It All" Attitudes That Delay My Expert Training And Trigger Lawsuits That Destroy Your Business...
1) : Our attorney attended a few conferences and did some research. So why pay for an outside social media attorney specialist when our own attorney has the same level of expertise.

2) Our agents don't need expert training on the new social media speech laws, we are just use good common sense and are very careful.

3) All our money goes into social media marketing to generate listings and sell properties. We gave out warnings and policies, that's enough.
"Mark's course is a tremendously important and timely presentation of
new information regarding new major social media risks to realtors."

David Hoyle, ABR-Orlando, Broker/Realtor
Brokers Can't Always Stop Agents From Social Media Mistakes. But, they Can Mitigate Their Liability By Requiring Agents To Take My FREC Approved Online Social Medai Liability Course.
Other Big Course Benefits
- Use my expert course in your marketing materials to differentiate your agents as legally smart using social media to sell properties.
- Use my expert course as reassurances in your client contracts that agents have received expert social media liability training.
"You should not be using social media to sell your
properties without taking this course."

Caroline Rubanick, Weichert Realtors, FL

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Brokers Know That Agents Are Creating Social Media Content In A Competitive Environment. The Need For Expert Social Media Liability Training Is Obvious...
- Libelous Instagram stories
- YouTube libel by implication claims
- Virtual tours invasion of privacy
- Retweeting libelous tweets
- Linkedin harassment claims
- Facebook live humiliation claims
- Facebook ad targeting bias claims
- Website copyright claims
- Pinterest copyright/trademark claims
- Staging app misrepresentation

Since Courts View Social Media As A Specialized Legal Area, Agents Must Be Trained By A Social Media Attorney Specialist, Not Your Regular Attorney.
"You opened my eyes on liability issues we don't often think about."

- Attorney Howard Maltz, Jacksonville, FL 
Knowledge Is Only Half The Battle, You Also Have To Be A Good Communicator. My Skills As A Former Network Television Anchor And Numerous National Television Appearances Help Me Connect And Build Trust With Brokers And Agents...
My National Media Appearances
The Larry King Show
CNN Appearances
Today Show Appearance
Social Media Isn't A Marketing Toy Box. An Agent's Post
Or Tweet Can Permanently Destroy A Person's
Reputation Worldwide...
To validate that your agents conduct legally smart social media marketing campaigns when selling properties, you must include documented proof in your advertising and in your client contracts that your agents received expert training on the new social media speech laws.
Legal Authority : 475.25 Discipline.—(1)The commission may deny an application for licensure, registration, or permit, or renewal thereof; may place a licensee, registrant, or permittee on probation; may suspend a license, registration, or permit for a period not exceeding 10 years; may revoke a license, registration, or permit; may impose an administrative fine not to exceed $5,000 for each count or separate offense; and may issue a reprimand, and any or all of the foregoing, if it finds that the licensee, registrant, permittee, or applicant:... (b) Has been guilty of fraud, misrepresentation, concealment, false promises, false pretenses... , dishonest dealing by trick, scheme, or device, culpable negligence, or breach of trust in any (c) Has advertised property or services in a manner which is fraudulent, false, deceptive, or misleading in form or content. 
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E&O Insurance Isn't A Substitute For
Expert Social Media Liability Training
Most social media legal damages are adjudicated as intentional or malicious, not accidental. Insurance excludes claims that have been adjudicated by a court or other authoritative body as intentional or malicious. Even if the claim is covered, your premium will go through the roof. My online course is much cheaper.
"Mark, your information was like purchasing a
one million dollar insurance policy."

Bryan Macy, Winston Salem, NC
"Mark's social media liability course is much more detailed than my previous training. He doesn't sugarcoat anything and is a great instructor All brokers and agents need this course."

- Eddie Lans, Century 21, 100 Plus Realty, FL
"Mark's class was much more in-depth than my previous training. His expert strategies were absolutely eye-opening regarding social media
legal risks."

Lenorad Estevez,
Keep Reading Why My New FREC Approved Online Course Protects The Broker And Agent From Liability.
My Powerful Online Course Gives Both Brokers And Agents A Strong Legal Shield Against
Social Media Liability Exposure
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"Thank you so much for this excellent online course. I got so much out of this for only $79. I now look on Social Media so differently. You have opened my eyes. Every broker and agent should take this course in order to be safe from all lawsuits that may happen as a result from NOT taking the course."

Joanne Murray, Realtor
Sanderling Real Estate, FL
"I just finished Social Media Attorney Fiedelholtz's online course and I highly recommend the course to all real estate agents and brokers. I am much more educated thanks to his detailed and well thought out online course. Thank you
for such an important
online course."

Vilma Tabres,
Real Estate Associate, FL
In A Negligent Misrepresentation Lawsuit, Plaintiff Attorneys Prove That Brokers Knew Or Should Have Known That Failing To Train Agents On The New Social Media Speech Laws Is Like Leaving Them
In The Middle Of A Legal Minefield...
The sign on the lawn with the inscription WARNING  MINEFIELD DO NOT CROSS THI LINE closed prohibitory tapes
Legal Authority : Under Florida law, the real estate agents' statutory obligations include a duty of honesty and fair dealing, a duty to disclose all known facts that materially affect the value of the property and are not readily observable, and a duty not to make misleading, deceptive, or fraudulent representations in any transaction. See §§ 455.227(1)(a), 475.25(1)(b), 475.278(4)(a)1.-2., 475.42(1)(e), (1)(n), Fla. Stat. (2012); see also Zichlin v. Dill, 25 So. 2d 4 (Fla. 1946) (reversing dismissal of suit against real estate broker for defrauding buyer and rejecting argument that broker owed no duty to deal fairly with the buyer); Fla. Att'y Gen. Op. 96-20 (1996) (explaining that "Chapters 455 and 475, Florida Statutes, clearly make misrepresentation, concealment, and fraud by real estate brokers and salespersons contrary to the public policy of this state" and opining that any language in a real estate sales contract that purports to relieve the broker or salesperson of liability for fraud, misrepresentation, or other wrongdoing is void as contrary to public policy).
Plaintiff Attorneys Prove That Brokers Knew Or Should Have Known That Millennials Are Vulnerable
To Making Costly Social Media Mistakes...
Millennials were raised on the false notion that the Internet and social media are "Free Speech Zones" with no legal consequences. It's not a defense to say even with training they will make mistakes. As long as brokers can prove they provided specialized social media liability training, their liability is mitigated.
My Powerful Online Course Targets And Eliminates Misconceptions Held By Millennials And Older Agents About "Free Speech", Privacy, And Copyright Issues...
Milennials and older agents learn new skills to engage in social media marketing without exposing the broker to costly liability.

  • Use words, pictures that aren't libelous
  • Use memes that aren't libel by implication
  • Use pictures that avoid copyright violations
  • Use videos without privacy invasion claims
  • Use live streaming without liability
  • Use virtual tours, smart homes without liability
  • Use websites that don't trigger lawsuits
  • Use new skills to control negative reviews
You May Not Care About Social Media Liability Training For Agents, But The Courts Do...
Man acting as a witness pointing out someone to the judge
When an agent makes a social media mistake, clients point the finger at brokers for misrepresentation of their agents qualifications to use social media without liability. Plaintiff attorneys prove that the broker never provided formal training from a top social media attorney specialist on the following hot legal topics...
Do You Have Documented Proof That Your Agents Received Expert Training On These Emerging Issues?
Real estate law
  • New laws on third party defamation
  • New laws on retweeting liability
  • New laws on social media false advertising
  • New laws on virtual staging apps
  • New laws on smart home disclaimers
  • New laws on live streaming open houses
  • New laws on discriminatory ad targeting
  • New laws on claiming a real estate specialty
  • New laws on website ADA compliance
  • New laws on ADA social media content
  • New laws on robotexts
"Great presentation! I give this course an A+."
- John Cassata Sr. Palm Coast,
Weichert Realty, Hallmark Properties, FL
Social Media Is Not A Free Marketing Toy Box For Brokers. Without Proof Of Expert Agent Liability Training, It Can Become A Legal Nightmare...
Normally, powerful broadcasting mediums were once reserved for major news outlets that had an army of attorneys and editors who monitored a broadcaster's content. Also, many of the broadcasters were trained journalists who took in-depth college media classes. Fast forward to today, and you have powerful broadcasting platforms on personal devices in the hands of untrained employees with no oversight. Courts expect the brokers to fill that knowledge gap with specialized social media law training.
You Have A Simple Choice: Give Clients
The 3 Legal Documents Below Or Stop Using Social Media To Generate Listings and Sell Properties...
  • A training certificate showing the agent completed specialized social media liability training by a social media attorney specialist, not a general attorney giving out warnings to agents.

  • Clients must receive an airtight social media policy that meets the new federal standards on social media policy drafting.

  • Clients must be issued a clearly written social media disclaimer that includes the proper indemnification clauses.
Here's A FREC Approved Solution That
Mitigates The Risk Both For Brokers And Agents
(7 CE Credits: Provider #0006814, Course #0019891)
"Any broker or agent who uses social media must take this course
to protect themselves and their business."

Felix Rodriguez, Florida Home Rea lty and Mortgage, FL
Local Board Testimonials
Here 's How The Online Course Works
  • You have one year to finish the course
  • The course consists of six 1 hour modules
  • Each module consists of eye-opening videos, webinars, podcasts
  • There are optional podcasts and webinars available
  • You can take the module quizzes as many times as you want
  • You receive a certificate of completion you can show clients and others
  • You have 24/7 access to the class portal on any device
  • Great technical and content support
  • Email me content questions, timely answers
"What an eye-opener on the social media tools we use
every day and the potential risks."

Isabelle Cayel, Grand Living Realty, FL
You And Your Agents Take The Online Course
On Your Own Schedule...
  • No travel
  • Save time and money
  • No scheduling problems
  • No more vague information
  • Instructor is a national expert
  • Work at your own pace
  • You have proof of expert employee training
Single Registration is $79 Per Person: 1 to 5 participants
Call 954-748-7698 for our cost-effective group rates.
"This course is a great tool to avoid social media legal risks.
It's a must course for all agents and brokers."

Kathy RT Jones, Tavalacci, Realty, FL
Compare The Costs
  • Avoid libel, libel by implication, libelous memes
  • Discover hidden risks of retweeting you must know
  • Learn new federal laws on copyrighted videos, photographs
  • Learn new privacy laws on video, live streaming, pictures
  • How to write social media client disclaimers
  • New First Amendment laws on opinions, and humor
  • Hidden liabilities of creating virtual tours
  • New laws on text message marketing
  • New laws on in-home recording during showings
  • Receive core social media policy legal tips

"I've never had this type of specialized social media liability training before. The class contained great examples, content, and visuals. I've been putting off my social media branding because I didn't know
about the liabilities. Now I Do!"

Robert Greysman, Apex Realty LLC
Single Registration is $79 Per Person 1-5 Participants
Call 954-748-7698 for group registration rates.
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