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New Agent Training Resource
American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) offer "mock inspections" through the local ASHI chapter. These mock inspections are on homes needing inspections as well as for homeowners who offer their home for "field trips." According to St. Louis ASHI President Mark Goodman of Brewer Inspection Services this is an excellent training opportunity for new agents to become familiar with the process. Contact a St. Louis ASHI association volunteer at to arrange training for your new agents.
Do your Facebook Ads Discriminate?
Some practitioners might not realize they’re violating fair housing laws. The problems stem from Facebook's ad platform. Let’s say a listing agent markets a starter home by using Facebook’s ad filters to target buyers ages 25 to 35. Or, a female property manager who connects well with female renters decides to focus her Facebook advertising toward women. In both cases they’re likely breaking either a state or federal fair housing law and violating the REALTOR® Code of Ethics. Share these six tips with your agents to help keep their marketing legal.
Contracts & Forms - Change effective July 1, 2018
Form 2089 - Amendment to Sale Contract has been changed to mirror the language in Form 2090 - Residential Sale, as released in January 2018. The revisions clarify and help reduce errors in completing the financial and closing provisions of the contract. For a red-line version of the changes, click here. Help spread the word about this change to ensure all REALTORS® are cooperating with the appropriate version of our contracts and forms.
Helpful Resources for Brokers
National Association of REALTORS® Broker to Broker Network Facebook Page - This is a private discussion forum for REALTOR® broker-owners. Use this forum to discuss industry issues and to collaborate and share ideas on managing a real estate company.

Missouri REALTORS® Legal Line - Legal Line is a members only service benefit that allows all Missouri REALTORS® (both brokers and agents) direct access to an experienced real estate attorney who can provide information on a variety of real estate law topics. The online library, accessible through this same website, is a great resources too.

Missouri Real Estate Commission Newsletter - This issue includes information about the renewal year, the application inquiry process, failure to pay taxes, licensee transfers and traceable mail, property management rules and more.

Tech Helpline - St. Louis REALTORS® offers the Tech Helpline as a member benefit included in your annual dues. Please take advantage of the service when you have trouble with your smartphones, printers, computers, security, network or common office programs. The service does NOT support MLS programs, SUPRA services or Contracts and Forms programs. - The new isn't just for event and education registration. The member center has a wealth of information from Supra resources , archived e-blasts , Housing Reports , REALTOR® Shoppe specials and valuable information for volunteers . Also consider sending your clients to our new community profiles and property search.
National Association of REALTORS® 2017 Member Profile
Are you actively recruiting new agents? Use NAR's 2017 Member Profile to learn about the business characteristics of today's REALTORS®, their average income and expenses, preferred office affiliation and more.
The Voice of Real Estate - Learn by Listening
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