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May 9, 2012



I want you to be among the first to know that my firm has established a new compliance service, called Brokers Compliance Group.

We have formed this group to assist with the unique compliance needs of mortgage brokers and residential mortgage loan originators.

As we all likely know, mortgage brokers have been traditionally under-served by compliance professionals. Indeed, there are tens of thousands of mortgage brokers in the US, many of them not adequately served with respect to their compliance needs.

Brokers Compliance Group will provide the compliance support that mortgage brokers and loan originators deserve.

I would like to acquaint you with Brokers Compliance Group. 



Jonathan Foxx - Portrait
Jonathan Foxx
President and
Managing Director



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The LinkedIn group is an Open Group  is devoted to sharing updates, news, and views about the unique mortgage compliance needs of residential mortgage brokers and mortgage loan originators.

The Social Community is a Closed Group that is available only to mortgage brokers and loan originators. LCG will maintain the community, monitor discussions, and encourage feedback.   


The Website for Brokers Compliance Group provides timely and informative articles and a discussion space. 


Social CommunitySocial     

We have formed a robust Social Community. It is far more than a meeting place, because we will continually be discussing regulatory compliance issues - in real time! - and my firm will have its compliance experts involved in the dialogues.

Our subject matter experts will begin dialoguing on compliance topics that affect mortgage brokers and mortgage loan originators on June 1, 2012; at any time, members may introduce a discussion topic for consideration.

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Brokers Compliance Group offers compliance support services designed for mortgage brokers, including:

Policies and Procedures
Due Diligence Reviews
Ongoing Compliance Administration
Direct Access to Compliance Experts
Loan Analytics & Quality Control
Licensing Compliance
Examination Readiness
Testing & Training
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Subject Matter ExpertsExperts        

  • A Director of Lenders Compliance Group administers the Brokers Compliance Group.
  • Our Regulatory Compliance Consultants interact directly with mortgage brokers.
  • Support Staff and Services allocated to timely and effective client support.


For large mortgage brokers, the fees we charge are going to be affordable. And small brokers can come together in small cooperatives to retain our services. We will also act as an ombudsman, introducing small brokers into cooperatives, generally consisting of no more than 3-5 members. By using this approach, even the smallest mortgage broker should be able to afford our compliance services. 



My colleagues and I feel that mortgage brokers and mortgage loan originators have been traditionally under-served by compliance professionals. Our focus is on the unique compliance needs of mortgage brokers and loan originators, who want to know as much as possible about the compliance requirements relating to originating residential mortgage loan products.  


If your are a mortgage broker or a mortgage loan originator, I hope you will contact us to take advantage of the initiatives offered by Brokers Compliance Group.  


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Please feel free to comment!  


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LENDERS COMPLIANCE GROUP is the first full-service, mortgage risk management firm in the United States specializing exclusively in outsourced mortgage compliance and offering a full suite of services in residential mortgage banking for banks and non-banks. We are pioneers in outsourcing solutions for residential mortgage compliance. We offer our clients real-world, practical solutions to mortgage compliance issues, with an emphasis focused on operational assessment and improvement, benchmarking methodologies, Best Practices, regulatory compliance, and mortgage risk management. We are pioneers in outsourcing solutions for mortgage compliance.


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