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Important Updates

New Executive Director Introduction
Now that we are well under way in the DSRIP (Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment program) Year 1, let me introduce myself as the new Executive Director of the BLHC PPS (Performing Provider System).  I will be responsible for the successful implementation of the ten DSRIP projects selected by this PPS.  I have been involved in health care in New York for over 20 years.  I've held various positions with health plans such as EmblemHealth, Empire BlueCross/BlueShield and UnitedHealthcare and with the pharmacy benefits company Medco.  I'm familiar with the challenges we all face in reimbursement, quality health care for individuals and better population health. Certainly those challenges are not lost on the leadership of the State of New York, particularly to the Medicaid population.  The DSRIP program incentivizes providers for performance on delivery system transformation that improve individual and population health.  It is a true reformation of New York's Medicaid System and brings back some of the innovation and progressiveness that New York has historically been known to have in health care. 
One of the guiding principles of the DSRIP program is collaboration among all providers that reflect  the  needs of the communities and inputs from the stakeholders. These stakeholders are you and me and all of our organizations.   I invite you to share your ideas, thoughts and concerns through our Stakeholder Committee led by Gary Rosario and Roy Wallach, or through the various other committees we have, or by contacting me directly.   We at the Project Management Office will be coordinating with you as partners to implement these programs and achieve New York ' s Triple Aim of Better Health, Better Care and Lower Costs.  Some of these milestones that we have promised to achieve are aggressive but certainly doable.  However, it ' incumbent  upon everyone to do their part so that these milestones are met.  
We all look forward to the successful completion of this program.  It will fundamentally change the way we are reimbursed, how we work with each other and how we view the health of the individual.
Dennis A. Maquiling
Recent Events

Town Hall Meeting
If you attended the BHA Town Hall Meeting on  September 25 th, you  should have received a link in  your e-mail to complete an online survey. If  you did not receive the link and/or have not  had an opportunity to complete the survey, please do so  here Thank you for your valuable input!

Committee Updates
IT Committee
The IT Committee has worked diligently to submit the Actively Engaged Patients rosters to NYS in the Quarterly Report.  All projects soundly hit the patient engagement targets. 
The IT Committee expects pricing from all CRM vendors by the end of the week.  The CRM quotes will be sent to Finance for review and up to Steering with the final recommendation.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee continues to review and approve project budgets.  Additionally, the committee has approved several advances for project performance in order to meet DSRIP deliverables.  Steering has approved these requests.  KPMG continues to refine the Funds Flow methodology, which will outline the algorithm of distributing funds to partners.  This methodology is near completion.


Workforce Committee
In order to examine the current state of the PPS workforce to inform the workforce roadmap that must be submitted to the state, the committee is working with KPMG to develop the PPS wide workforce survey which is scheduled to go out on December 7th and will be due back from partners by the first week of January.  Partners will begin to receive information about the survey and what type of information will be collected during the week of November 30th.

PDI Committee
At the November 4th Project Leads' meeting, the Committee reviewed the final actively engaged counts for DY1 Q2. In addition, they reviewed the budget approval and purchase requisition process. Project workgroups have been advised to communicate with their Finance representatives to submit a budget and purchase requisition in the upcoming weeks.

Upcoming Committee and Town Hall meetings
Please visit for the latest and most up to date information on upcoming PPS Committees and Town Hall meetings. 
State DSRIP Updates  
PPS Implementation Plans and First Quarterly Reports Posted Online
PPS Implementation Plans and First Quarterly reports on posted on the New York DSRIP website. They can be accessed   here

DSRIP Year 1 Timeline Update
The DSRIP Year 1 Timeline has been updated to reflect recent changes to key DSRIP deliverables. Updates include the time period for PPS Performance Network additions in MAPP being extended until mid-November. T he DSRIP Year 1 Timeline is available  here

 DSRIP in the News  

Another Chance To Join A PPS
Leading Age New York
Members are reminded that PPS performance networks have been re-opened, and will remain open until 4:00 p.m. on Nov. 20th. While new providers can be added during this time, PPSs cannot delete or modify information for providers already in their network. A PPS may only remove providers during the mid-point assessment. DOH will allow certain modifications to information about providers already in network at a later date.

Medecision Launches Population Health Management Solution for New York DSRIP With Forward Health Group
Medecision, Inc. and Forward Health Group, Inc. (FHG) have entered into a strategic business alliance to enable New York Performing Provider Systems (PPSs) to succeed under the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program to reduce hospitalizations by 25% over the next five years.

Population Health Management solution leaders Medecision and FHG have aligned their complementary solutions to offer the data-driven performance and care coordination workflow specifically targeted to support NY DSRIP PPS system transformation, clinical improvements and population-wide strategy implementation (DSRIP Domains 2-4).

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