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From the Desk of the Executive Director... 
Greetings Bronx Health Access PPS partners, 

Welcome everyone to Demonstration Year 2, or DY2, which began on April 1 of this year.  We had a successful DY1 with the organizational and project infrastructure put into place.  DY2 will be a year when we start working hard to implement, and continue to implement, the progress we made in DY1.  In particular we will begin to focus on our clinical projects and the milestones and tasks we have to meet in order to achieve our Pay for Performance measures.  One of the ways we are doing that is by adding key personnel to the PMO.  Our Site Director will be starting in May.  She will be working closely with the Clinical Quality Committee and the Project Managers to help achieve our project goals.  We have also added a Financial Analyst who will help with budgeting, funds flow and other analytical needs to support the Project Managers as well as the Finance Department.  Finally, a Data Analyst has been hired and she will also start in May.  She will provide data analytics support as well as be a lead to our CRM/Salesforce efforts.  Together these three new additions will go a long way to helping us with our DY2 efforts.

Also, we recently hosted a visit from Peggy Chan, the DSRIP Director at the DOH (Department of Health).  Almost the entire clinical leadership of the PPS and its programs and committees came to present their clinical projects, with a focus on DY2 activities and challenges.  It was a very successful meeting and Peggy had a lot of positive things to say about our PPS.

Thanks again for your continued commitment and dedication to the DSRIP program.

Dennis Maquiling
Executive Director
Bronx Health Access 

Project Management Office Team Member Highlight
Duane Granston  

Duane has been with Bronx Lebanon since 2012.  Prior to joining the PPS Project Management Office in September 2015, Duane was a Program Manager in the Department of Medicine where his responsibilities included meeting Meaningful Use measures for the outpatient providers and achieving 2011 NCQA Level 3 PCMH status for Bronx Lebanon and its affiliated federally qualified health centers.  He also worked with DOHMH to implement the Patient Engagement & Education Kiosk Program across the BronxCare Network of clinics.  In his current role as a DSRIP Project Manager Duane provides support to the Workforce Committee, the Cultural Competency & Health Literacy workgroup, the Patient Centered Medical Home workgroup, and the Domain 4 Public Health projects (HIV and Mental Health & Substance Abuse).
Duane previously worked in R&D as a Design Engineer at Ethicon Endo-Surgery in Cincinnati, OH where he worked on "smart" technology for devices designed to be used in minimally invasive procedures.  He was on the design team that received a patent for an implantable gastric band with a protective member.  Duane earned his Electrical Engineering degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Important Updates
Workforce Trainings

BHA is running in conjunction with Hostos Community College a Medical Assistant Refresher Course.  The goal of the course is to prepare Medical Assistants to deliver care in the context of emerging healthcare models.  Topics will include: office practices from PCMH guidelines, population health and patient panels, care transitions and coordination, CAHPS, cultural competency and professionalism. 
The following three areas will be covered:
  • Anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and Medical Law and Ethics
  • Administrative medical assisting, insurance, coding and billing bookkeeping, medical office applications, collections
  • Clinical medical assisting - clinical procedures, clinical asepsis, sterilization, lab procedures, EKG, pharmacology, minor surgery, first aid and BLS
Upon successful completion of the program the medical assistant will be eligible to take the CCMA certification exam through the National Health Career Association.  Medical Assistants who are already certified are not eligible for this class.
The class will run one day a week on Thursdays  from September 8th through November 3, 2016.  Backfill monies are available to cover for participants attendance.  Please contact Meridania Gutierrez ( and Selena Griffin ( for further details. DSRIP workforce funding will cover the cost of this course.

We will keep you posted with future training opportunities as they become available.
CBO Panel 

We had a successful first CBO Panel meeting in the middle of April.  It was well-attended with about 8 organizations in attendance, while we have commitments from 3 more organizations who will attend the next panel.  The panel has decided to focus on education first, so everyone can get a better understanding as to what VBP is and how it will affect their organization.  We anticipate that representatives from DOH and Managed Care Organizations (MCO) will come and present.  The panel will be meeting every two months and the next panel will be in June. We will keep you posted once a date is confirmed. 
Upcoming Events
3ci Diabetes Partners:
Bronx Health Access, Bronx Lebanon Hospital's PPS, has partnered with Health People, Inc. to deliver the Stanford Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP) in the Bronx. This is a wonderful opportunity to engage community partners in having their staff trained on this dynamic model and in turn deliver life-changing workshops to patients with diabetes.
Chris Norwood, Founder and Executive Director of Health People Inc., will be presenting information on the Stanford DSMP and the benefits to our providers in partnering with Bronx Health Access to deliver this model in the community. This will be your opportunity to ask questions about the program.
The informational webinar is FREE but we do ask that you register. Upon submitting your registration the call-in information will be emailed to you.
BHA Stanford DSMP Informational Webinar
Date: May 19th
Time: 11:30am - 12:30pm
Committee Updates
IT Committee

The Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Salesforce is live!  Bronx Health Access is using the PPS CRM as a one stop shop for partner to access information about their organization and projects.  This includes:


  • Viewing milestones and submitting documentation to satisfy milestone completion
  • Update provider network lists (both PPS Network list (updating NPI's) and Organization Points of Contact
  • Completing Surveys
  • Viewing project specific information including funds flow
If you're organization is interested in becoming an early adopter, please reach out to!
Finance Committee
The Finance Committee is reviewing Demonstration Year 2 budgets across committees and projects.  The committee is also evaluating the project workgroup Contribution Factor's for Funds Flow.

Workforce Committee

The Workforce survey you completed in January has been very instrumental in helping the PPS achieve its milestones.  The goal of the workforce survey was to obtain quantitative information about the incumbent staff of the BHA partner organizations. Data from the survey is being used to assess the PPS workforce  
counts and enabling the Workforce Committee to calculate the gaps in specific job categories.  You can see a sample of the results from that survey in the slides from the March Town Hall available on the PPS website.
You should have recently received a brief Compensation & Benefits survey from KPMG on behalf of the PPS.  This is in order to achieve another key milestone that has been mandated by the State.  The purpose of the survey is to capture a snapshot and examine workforce trends.  Thank you in advance for your continued participation and dedication to this partnership.
Upcoming Committee and Town Hall meetings
Please visit for the latest and most up to date information on upcoming PPS Committees and Town Hall meetings.  
State DSRIP Updates  
Upcoming Events and Deadlines
  • April 1 : DSRIP Year 2 begins
  • April 7 : Final PPS Year 1 Third Quarterly Reports posted to DSRIP Website
  • April 18: Public Comment period for Value Based Payment Roadmap closes
  • April 30: PPS Year 1 Fourth Quarterly Reports (1/1/16 - 3/31/16) due from PPS
 DSRIP in the News  
Hospitals' Engagement In Population Health: Moving Past The Medicine And Into The Community 

Who Is Engaging In Community Population Health, And How Are They Doing It?

We interviewed leaders at 24 hospitals (18 in New York State and six nationally) and leaders of community organizations working with these hospitals, and found that hospitals' decisions about whether to engage in community health improvement is idiosyncratic. Participating hospitals covered the spectrum, including hospitals of larger or smaller size, urban or rural location, and public or private governance.

Leadership-especially at the CEO level-that is committed to tackling root causes of health is one of the most important factors. Some leaders are willing to take the risk of investing in programs that are not reimbursable under fee-for service because they believe these programs will lead to cost savings in the emerging value-based payment world - and that the programs are the right thing to do.

As noted, hospitals with a large market share in their communities are often interested in improving the non-medical determinants of health, especially if they are located in disadvantaged communities. Hospitals with a deeply rooted community service mission, through philosophical orientation and/or longstanding community ties, also appear more likely to try to improve community health.

Examples of innovative programs that hospitals have implemented include:
  • Improving the built environment of neighborhoods by creating safe parks and revitalizing crime-ridden, abandoned lots;
  • Assisting local residents in completing their GED and getting jobs;
  • Developing local regulations to establish smoke-free public areas;
  • Creating access to healthy foods and produce through community gardens and grocery store partnerships; and,
  • Providing safe and affordable low-income housing.

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