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Monthly Update
October 25, 2016 
Reminder: BHA Town Hall - Friday October 28th
The BHA Quarterly Town Hall will be held on Friday October 28th, 8:30-11 am at Tosca Marquee.  The theme "Defining Success" will focus on how the PPS is working to describe, measure and achieve success.  Highlights will include:
  • An overview of PCMH and how Primary Care doctors are working to transform to better meet the Triple Aim for improving population Health
  • Patient success stories from Asthma and ED Care Management projects
  • Workforce success stories and new opportunities to build a strong workforce

We look forward to seeing all of our partners there.  


Cultural Competence and Humility Training 
Bronx Health Access is proud to announce its new Cultural Competency & Health Literacy training series.  These trainings will be offered about twice a month and they are FREE for all participating PPS partners.  The series is designed to strengthen our workforce by providing staff with the skills they need to deliver culturally competent, health literate care to all our clients throughout the Bronx.  The first in the series features Kristina Hernandez, a Diversity Specialist from Urban Health Plan who will be teaching on "Cultural Competence and Humility" on Friday, November 4th.  
Date:          Friday, November 4, 2016
TIME:        9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center Wellness Center
199 Mount Eden Parkway (corner of Morris Avenue)  Bronx, NY

  • To define and understand the difference between diversity and inclusion;
  • To better understand how diversity and inclusion affect the patient experience;
  • To define and understand the differences between cultural competency and cultural humility;
  • To understand how prejudices can affect patient experiences;
  • To develop an introductory understanding of the needs of emerging immigrant 

CBO Panel held 10/3/16 
What is VBP?  What does VBP mean for our staff and our patients?  What have other CBOs doing to prepare for VBP?
Representatives from three BHA partners shared their views on these areas and fielded questions from attendees at BHA's CBO Panel held on Tuesday October 3rd.  The goal of the CBO panel is to build a learning community and begin an open dialogue among CBOs on Value-Based Payment (VBP).  The audience consisted of CBOs in addition to representatives from New York Academy of Medicine and NYC Department of Health.  We would like to thank our esteemed panel:
-          Roy Wallach, Vice President, Arms Acres/ Conifer Park,
-          William Herl, CFO, Care for the Homeless,
-          Alissa Wassung, Director of Policy and Planning, God's Love We Deliver, and
-          Dorella Walters, Senior Director of Programs, God's Love we Deliver
The next CBO panel is planned for December 8th.  Please save the date and stay tuned for more information.

Health Literacy Month: Focus on CCHL
October is Health Literacy Month, an opportunity for organizations and individuals to promote the importance of understandable health information.  Effective health communication is as important to health care as clinical skill. To improve individual health and build healthy communities, service providers need to recognize and address the unique culture, language and health literacy of diverse consumers and communities.  You can learn more about ways to incorporate Health Literacy by reading this Institute for Health Care Improvement blog post .
On June 30th, the BHA Cultural Competence and Health Literacy (CCHL) workgroup submitted a training strategy to the NYSDOH outlining how our PPS would achieve this goal.  The three-pronged approach includes:
  1.  Provide resources for improving organizational practices in CC/HL Providetools, training , & assistance  for partners:
  2. Provide CC/HL Training available to relevant staff and projects
  3. Make CC/HL training materials availablefor partners on HWapps
CCHL Workgroup is excited to launch a bi-monthly series of CCHL trainings, beginning in November 2016.  Trainings will be held twice a month and are free and open to all BHA partners.   All sessions will held at Bronx Lebanon Hospital Wellness Center Auditiorium, located at 199 Mount Eden Parkway. 
For more information, please review this calendar   contact Vanessa Joubert at 718-901-8071 or

BHA Primary Care Plan spotlighted by NYSDOH
Bronx Health Access PPS team is pleased to have been recognized by the Department of Health to have a Primary Care Plan that was recognized for being complete and comprehensive to be among the 4 chosen as guidance for other PPSs to read in revising their own Plan.
The Primary Care Plan was developed as part of the Mid Point Assessment.  The Assessment is a required component of the DSRIP Program and is completed by an Independent Assessor for all PPSs statewide.  Recommendations will be released in early November based on information gathered from various sources such as partner surveys, a review and audit of quarterly reports, and an assessment of financial sustainability.  These recommendations will include, but not be limited to the following:
  • Discontinuation or Continuation of PPS Project Plan;
  • Modifications to the approved project plans, such as a change in a project or projects selected for implementation by a PPS;
  • Changes to the PPS Lead entity;
  • Other remediation or improvements to increase the likelihood of PPS project success
Prevention as a Priority in Value Based Healthcare Symposium 
HealthFirst is sponsoring a free Symposium entitled  Prevention as a Priority in Value Based Healthcare.   The event will be held on November 18th, 2016.    Planned topics include:

* Promoting Early Childhood Development
* Economic and Clinical Value of Preventative Care
* Population Health 
To register, please click here.
RFI for Behavioral Health and School Initiative
The Jewish Board, on behalf of Bronx Health Access, Bronx Partners for Healthy Communities, Community Care of Brooklyn, & One City Health, announces the release of a Request for Information (RFI) for Behavioral Health Agencies to work in clusters of closely geographically located schools.  This solicitation seeks to identify appropriately qualified contractors to provide quality work in one or more school cluster(s) as part of our Behavioral Health in Schools Project.  Applicants must be able to provide services to 20 schools in Queens, Manhattan, and a mixed cluster in Queens and Brooklyn. 

A Pre-proposal Conference is scheduled for Tuesday  November 2 @ 11:30-1:00pm   at  135 West 50th Street, sixth floor, NY, NY  10020.

Proposals are due on November 14, 2016 @ 12:00 pm.

Please direct any questions to Marilyn Jacob at

IT Committee Update
The IT committee is working with several MCO's to allow for the operationalization of the care coordination clearinghouse.  Agreements must be in place between the Hospital, RHIO, MCO as well as the MCO, RHIO, and PCP organization to allow for alerting of the PCP.  The IT Committee continues to monitor the Measurement dashboard builds as well as Actively Engaged patient count submissions.

Say Hello To our New Website
Bronx Health Access is excited to announce our new website . The new website focuses on providing our visitors with user friendly access to project updates, upcoming events, PPS news, and much more. Visit our new site today.  

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