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Monthly Update
November 30, 2016
November 30, 2016  
Shift to Initiatives

A key goal of DSRIP is to address some of the most pervasive of health issues in low-income populations.  While many local and community organizations currently address part of a person's issue, such as food or housing, how these psycho-social issues relate to and impact their health may not be immediately addressed.  Similarly, when a person touches the health care system and is prescribed a medication or informed that they have a chronic disease, the impact of their social determinants in the management and progression of illness may not be addressed.  To that end, the Bronx Health Access PPS has been actively working on ten projects that impact members of our local community, including asthma, diabetes, and HIV.  These project workgroups have been meeting regularly over the past year and a half and have developed workplans, workflows and most importantly, relationships that allow increased collaboration and coordination of services. 

Over the next few months, the BHA PMO team, including workgroups and committees, will focus on creating initiatives targeting performance measures.   The performance measures are nationally recognized metrics set to measure performance on important dimensions of care and service such as medication adherence, avoidable events, patient experience, and preventive care.  To begin this work, small teams of subject matter experts will work on root cause analysis, identify targeted initiatives to implement, and monitor progress over time to assess how this work will shift performance measures.  We are excited to embark on this new direction and continue partnering with various organizations to achieve our collective goal of healthcare transformation. 

Defining Success:  BHA Quarterly Town Hall 

On Friday October 28th, the Bronx Health Access PMO Team was excited to host our Quarterly town Hall at Tosca Marquee.  Close to 100 attendees from over 20 partner organizations networked and learned more about how Bronx Health Access PPS is working towards an integrated delivery system.  The theme of the event was Defining Success Across Our Network. 

Victor DeMarco, Chief Financial Officer, shared an update on the Financial position of the PPS. He noted that in September 2016, $2.5 million was distributed to eligible partners as part of the performance bonus payment.  Partners that received payments completed all required contracting and performance requirements for DY1.  Dennis Maquiling, Executive Director, shared an overview of the Population Health RoadMap and efforts to shift the work of the PPS towards impacting performance measures.

There were numerable memorable moments, including comments from Dr. Frank Babb of Hudson Heights IPA who successfully achieved PCMH Level 3 designation with the support of Alison Spencer and the team from Insight Management, a consultant group that the PMO has contracted with to support all eligible providers in our PPS in achieving this designation.  

Alexandra Smith, Project Manager for Asthma, and Shali Sharma, BronxWorks, shared information and a patient success story from the asthma home-based program which offers education, home assessments, and support towards reducing asthma triggers in the home.  

The Max Series Team, also shared how they are working to develop a workflow to identify and reduce the number of high utilizer patients in the Emergency Department.  Duane Granston, Project Manager, shared efforts being done by the Workforce Committee to offer free training opportunities for all partners, including CASAC training, the new Cultural Competency and Health Literacy Training Series, and Diabetes Training for primary care providers.   

EHR Incentive Program: Deadline 12/31/16

The Medicare and Medicaid Electronic Health Records (EHR) Incentive Programs will provide incentive payments to eligible professionals and eligible hospitals as they demonstrate adoption, implementation, upgrading, or meaningful use of certified EHR technology. These incentive programs are designed to support providers in this period of Health IT transition and instill the use of EHRs in meaningful ways to help our nation to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient health care.  The deadline to register for this opportunity December 31, 2016. 

To determine if your practice is eligible and learn more , please visit the website directly at

BHA Welcomes New PMO Staff: Suneel Parikh MD 

Suneel Parikh MD joined the BHA PMO in Oct 2016 as the Medical Director. Dr. Parikh is an experienced physician leader and subject matter expert in Managed Care, Population health and Ambulatory Clinical Transformation with exceptional success in Quality, Utilization and Disease Management as well as Clinical Integration in the ambulatory setting.

Prior to joining BHA, Dr. Parikh served as Chief of Medical Management in one of the largest multispecialty medical group practices in NYC where he was instrumental in implementing the first Patient-Centered Medical Home ( PCMH) in NY state as well as bringing about office based clinical transformation, clinical integration, and value-based care across 36 ambulatory care sites.

As Medical Director, he will provide medical leadership and support to all clinical projects of the PPS as well as to value-based healthcare delivery across the PPS. Dr. Parikh has over 22 years of experience as a practicing family physician and is Board Certified in Family Medicine as well as in Health Care Quality and Utilization Review.
Workforce Committee Update
The Workforce Committee submitted the Transition Roadmap, Training Strategy, and Gap Analysis to NYSDOH as part of the DY2Q2 report.  These are the last of the major milestones outlining the plan, strategy, and efforts of BHA PPS to develop its workforce and meet the DSRIP goals.  The Committee will shift focus to monitoring staff impact (retraining, redeployment, new hires) and implementing trainings to improve knowledge, skills, and development opportunities for workforce staff in our network.

IT Committee Update

The IT committee and RHIO are pleased to announce the completion of the first round of PPS-wide performance reports.  These reports incorporate patient and organization level data, which will be used to improve performance throughout the PPS. 
In addition to the reports, the PPS presented the Care Coordination Clearinghouse model statewide.  The recording is available upon request. 

Cultural Competence and Health Literacy Training Series

The Bronx Health Access PPS (BLHC) will be holding a free series of trainings on Cultural Competence and Health Literacy organized by the Cultural Competence/Health Literacy Committee of BHA.  To reserve your seat for the trainings please refer to the table below. 

Date Time Training Name Presenters Sign Up

12/7/2016 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Issues 
and Their Impact on the Developing Adolescent
Alexandra Smith, LCSW, MBA 
Project Manager
 Reserve Your Spot Today!
12/14/2016 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Working with Families with Same Sex Parents Mohan Vinjamuri, PhD, LMSW Reserve Your Spot Today! 
1/18/2017 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM Micro-aggressions Jermaine Monk, LMSW and Brenda Williams-Gray, DSW                               Reserve Your Spot Today! 
1/25/2017 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM Culturally-Informed Mental Health and Substance Abuse Prevention and 
Treatment Strategies for West African Immigrants
Olatunde Olusesi, PhD, LCSW and Evan Senreich, PhD, LCSW, CASAC Reserve Your Spot Today! 


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