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June 2016 Town Hall recap

We held a very informative Town Hall on Friday June 10th.  Over 80 attendees heard updates on our work in the Bronx Health Access PPS.  Here are some highlights:
  • Chief Financial Officer Victor DeMarco updated partners on the PPS cash position.  He shared data for DY1 and projections for DY2, which began in April 2016. 
  • Debbie Lester of Urban Health Plan gave a presentation on the organization's long and vast history of service provision in the Bronx.  She also shared how they are participating in various PPS projects including but not limited to Care Transitions, Integration of Behavioral Health into Primary care, Asthma Home Based Care and Increasing early access to, and retention in, HIV care.  Ms. Lester is also the project co-lead for 2ai, the overarching project focused on developing an integrated healthcare delivery system.
  • Chris Norwood, Executive Director of Health People, provided an overview of the new Standard Diabetes Self-Management Program (DSMP) Training being offered to combat the high rates of uncontrolled Diabetes in the Bronx.
  • Selena Griffin-Mahon of Bronx Lebanon, Denise Cherenfant of 1199/TEF, and other members of the Workforce Committee provided an overview of past and upcoming workforce learning opportunities for partners to build knowledge around DSRIP and enhance skills for delivering patient-centered care.  Programs open for registration include a Medical Assistant Refresher and Certification program being offered at Hostos Community College, a Credentialed Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor (CASAC) Training being developed with VIP and a DSRIP 101 e-course available on HWApps. 
  • To view the full agenda and presentations, please visit our website at

Project Management Office Team Member Highlight
Kathleen Craig
Kathleen joined Bronx Health Access and the PPS Project Management Office in October 2015.   Kathleen possesses over 28 years of professional experience in strategic planning, managed care contracting, business development and financial planning for academic medical centers, health delivery systems and consulting firms in the greater NY region.  Most recently, she was Director of Contract Relations for Premier Home Health Care Services, Inc.-a national, for-profit home health care agency located in 7 states.  She was solely responsible for all contracting issues for Premier that included the transformation of Fee-for-Service Medicaid reimbursement into Managed Care contracting models in the states of NY, NJ, CT and IL.  
In her current role as a DSRIP Senior Project Manager, Kathleen facilitates the Domain 2 Projects which include the Care Transitions, Health Home At Risk and Ambulatory ICUs workgroups.  Kathleen is also responsible for the MAX Series Learning Collaborative for Bronx Lebanon Hospital which addresses interventions for a high-cost patient population known as "High Utilizers" of both inpatient hospital care and Emergency Department utilization.   
Kathleen possesses a Master's Degree in Public Health with a concentration in Health Services Administration from Yale University.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Literature from SUNY Purchase College and a joint degree in Teacher Education from Manhattanville College.  Kathleen is a licensed NYS teacher in Elementary Education.  She also possesses a Paralegal Certificate in Litigation from New York University and worked for 5 years as a Legal Assistant on a multi-national, class action lawsuit related to asbestos claims.  It was through this experience that Kathleen became interested in changing her professional direction to Public Health.  


Important Updates
Workforce Training

BHA is running in conjunction with Hostos Community College a Medical Assistant Refresher Course.  The goal of the course is to prepare Medical Assistants to deliver care in the context of emerging healthcare models.  Topics will include: office practices from PCMH guidelines, population health and patient panels, care transitions and coordination, CAHPS, cultural competency and professionalism. 
The following three areas will be covered:
  • Anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, and Medical Law and Ethics
  • Administrative medical assisting, insurance, coding and billing bookkeeping, medical office applications, collections
  • Clinical medical assisting - clinical procedures, clinical asepsis, sterilization, lab procedures, EKG, pharmacology, minor surgery, first aid and BLS
Upon successful completion of the program the medical assistant will be eligible to take the CCMA certification exam through the National Health Career Association.  

The class will run one day a week on Thursdays  from September 8th through November 3, 2016.  Back-fill monies are available to cover for participants attendance.  Please contact Meridania Gutierrez ( and Selena Griffin ( for further details. DSRIP workforce funding will cover the cost of this course.

We will keep you posted with future training opportunities as they become available.

Community Based Organization (CBO) Planning Grant

The New York State Department of Health, Office of Health Insurance Programs is issuing a Request for Applications (RFA) to announce the availability of funds to support strategic planning activities for Community Based Organizations to facilitate their engagement in DSRIP activities.  

This RFA is intended to solicit applications for grants to assist CBO Consortiums in planning activities to identify business requirements and formulate strategies for short-term needs as well as longer term plans that the CBO consortium may envision for sustainability in system transformation. Overall, this will allow them to better position themselves for continuing engagement with PPSs in DSRIP projects, and consequently, value based payment and contracting.

To learn more about this opportunity, please go to the NYS Grants Gateway at the following web address:  To locate the opportunity on Grants Gateway, search by the opportunity name:  Community Based Organization (CBO) Planning Grant.
Anticipated Contract Term: 12/1/2016-11/30/2017
Due Date for Applications:  8/16/2016 by 4:00 p.m. ET
Questions must be submitted to by 6/17/2016 by 4:00 p.m. ET
Questions, Answers and Updates Posted (on or about):  6/30/2016 
Upcoming Events

3ci - Evidence-based strategies for disease management in high risk/ affected populations


HealthPeople is offering training on the Stanford Diabetes Self Management Program (DSMP).  Interested partners can learn to facilitate the 6-session workshop and be approved to deliver life-changing workshops to patients with Type 2 diabetes.  The training is 4 days and will be held June 28, 29, July 6 and 7.  Interested parties should contact Kathy Alexis, Sr. Project Manager ar


4aiii - Strengthen Mental Health and substance Abuse Infrastructure across Systems


The Jewish Board, on behalf of Bronx Health Access and three other Performing Provider Systems, has announced a Request for Information (RFI) for Behavioral Health Agencies to help implement our new Behavioral Health in Schools project. This program seeks to put mental health and substance abuse prevention and early identification into 100 middle and high schools throughout New York City.  This intitiative is expected to provide services to either a cluster of five schools in the fall (then 10 schools in the spring) in Brooklyn or to five schools in the fall (and 10 in the spring) in the Bronx. An agency is permitted to apply for both the Brooklyn and the Bronx clusters. Additional RFI's will be released later in the year to expand the number of school clusters and expand the region to include clusters in Queens and Manhattan.  In addition to Bronx Health Access, The Jewish Board is also coordinating on behalf of OneCity Health, Bronx Partners for Healthy Communities and Community Care of Brooklyn.  Proposals are due on June 20, 2016 at 12:00 p.m.  Please direct any questions to Marilyn Jacob at


Committee Updates  
IT Committee

The IT Committee has created a focus group to address the PPS' need for an IT Care Coordination Clearinghouse.   The Focus Group has begun to draft workflows and solicit clinical focus group participants to address business related decisions.  In addition to this work, the IT Committee has been engaging the Bronx RHIO with analytic and dashboard development for the PPS.
The Finance Committee continues to review and approve budgets and requisitions from Committees and project work groups.  The Committee has been monitoring the flow of funds to the PPS and expenditures to date.

Upcoming Committee and Town Hall meetings

Please visit for the latest and most up to date information on upcoming PPS Committees and Town Hall meetings.  

State DSRIP Updates  
Upcoming Events and Deadlines

June 14 Revised PPS Year 1 Fourth Quarterly Reports due from PPS; 15-day Remediation window closes
June 29 Final Approval of PPS Year 1 Fourth Quarterly Reports
July Round Two Regulatory Waiver responses completed
July 6 Final PPS Year 1 Fourth Quarterly Reports posted to DSRIP Website
July 12 1115 Waiver Public Comment Day (Upstate)
July 31 PPS Year 2 First Quarterly Reports (4/1/16 - 6/30/16) due from PPS


 DSRIP in the News  
New York State is on Track to saving  $1.3 billion in medicaid expense

On Monday, May 20th, The Citizen Budget Commission, "a nonprofit civic organization whose mission is to achieve constructive change in the finances and services of New York City and New York State government", released a report investigating New York's Recent Medicaid reforms. According to the report's findings, the state is on track to meet or surpass it's goal of savings between $1.3 billion and $1.9 billion per year by the end of the decade. 

These may be partially attributed to a shift to a managed care model, which as helped reduce the rate of growth in the $60 billion Medicaid Program. 


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