Statement from Janette Fennell, president and founder of, regarding the Bronx, New York Hot Car Tragedy:
July 29, 2019, Philadelphia, PA - was devastated to learn that the N.Y. father who unknowingly left his twins in the back seat of his car was charged within hours of finding his children had died. There certainly was not enough time to conduct a full and thorough investigation before six charges were levied. All indications point to a wonderful, loving father who was unaware that his twins were in his vehicle all day. Tragedies like this can and do happen to doting, responsible, loving parents is urging the public to take action and contact their members of Congress. The tragedy in the Bronx on July 26 are two more tragic examples of why the Hot Cars Act needs to be passed immediately. It is unbearable to know that there are families out there holding their children today who will die in hot cars by the end of the year. There are technological solutions to prevent these heartbreaking incidents that are available today. Our children are precious little reasons why waiting is not an option.

This Wednesday, July 31, is National Heatstroke Prevention Day , a day typically focused on education and awareness. However, after 20 years of public education, the number of children dying in hot cars has gotten worse, not better. Public awareness is not enough. Children will continue to die in hot cars until technological solutions that can sense the presence of a child are standard in all vehicles.

According to, over 900 children have died in hot cars in our country since 1990. Enough is enough. What are we waiting for?   is a national nonprofit dedicated to saving the lives of young children and pets in and around vehicles. The organization is devoted to eliminating vehicle-related risks that were previously unrecognized through data collection, research and analysis, public education and awareness programs, policy change, product redesign and supporting families to channel their grief into positive change. These everyday incidents include being run over, hot car deaths, carbon monoxide poisoning, car theft with children/animals inside, falls, knocking cars into gear, drowning inside vehicle, underage drivers, power window strangulation, trunk entrapment, etc.