Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Bronxville Moms - we hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  

The Bronxville School Board election is Tuesday, May 16th and we hope that everyone plans to vote or has or will obtain an absentee ballot. Voting information can be found at this link

We also hope that you will consider voting for Christina Skinner and Sara Kenny. As most of you know, the Bronxville NPC looks for measured candidates who understand the issues facing the school, who are involved in the school and the community, and who bring needed skill sets as identified by the then-current Board. 

The NPC members believe they have accomplished this goal nominating Christina and Sara. We trust that the voters too will vote for the candidates they believe truly understand important issues facing the school.


Multiple residents have reached out seeking to better understand our criteria and our vetting process. All trustee applicants are asked to provide biographical information, relevant experience, involvement in the school, multiple references, and to address current issues facing the Board. (References may not include any current BOE trustees).  

The NPC applicants then go through an interview panel where the 21 elected volunteers ask them about their relevant experience and for their analyses of key issues. Notably, after they were selected, Christina and Sara presented at the NPC Candidate Reception (see the recording) and this past week held their own reception to address voter questions …. In both cases, Christina and Sara offered substantive and nuanced answers to the key challenges facing the school.  

What resonates from hearing both these candidates speak and address the NPC, Bronxville parents and residents is that they are both deeply engaged in education and will take a thoughtful approach to balancing the needs of our community. Christina Skinner, an educator and a licensed attorney, also brings her legal skills and acumen to the Board, which could help our district navigate complicated legal issues that come up regularly and which cost the district so much in outside counsel expenses. 

In January, the NPC began its work in engaging in broad candidate outreach. The Committee reaches out to every person who contacts us or who is suggested as a nominee. After receiving applications, the committee conducted extensive vetting and due diligence of the candidates, including reviewing applications, interviews with candidates, and extensive reference checks along with reviewing community input from over 30 residents. 

While the NPC discussions, deliberations, and references are kept confidential, the NPC carefully researched and considered the background, experience, and qualifications of each candidate. During deliberations, comments from NPC members are required to be objective, factual, and avoid hearsay. Candidates are selected solely on their qualifications to serve the community and the needs of the school district, and not on their partisan affiliations, campaigning abilities or positions on specific issues. 

Per the NPC Rules of Procedure, we look for an “individual whose educational or professional background and/or volunteer experience will enhance the candidate’s effectiveness and who will make a substantial contribution to the deliberations of the Board. The candidate must be knowledgeable about the needs of the Bronxville School and community and must be a registered voter in the Bronxville, N.Y. election district. Candidates must be aware of the heavy time requirements for service on the Board of Trustees, and prepared to make allowances in their vocational and personal commitments so that they will be able to attend all meetings and fulfill committee assignments.”  

Each of these criteria are addressed directly with our applicants during the interview process. At least 14 of the NPC committee members must vote for an applicant in order to receive the NPC nomination. 


Last week, we put out a letter to the community in MyHomeTownBronxville explaining the background of the NPC, and how we seek qualified candidates to run in the school board election without regard to political affiliations. We also came across an NPC publisher letter from 2015 which states things quite well also, and demonstrating the consistency of the NPC approach over the years. See “About the Bronxville Nonpartisan Committee” The Daily Voice, January 30, 2015.   

More information about the NPC is available at our site, including the NPC Plan, the NPC Rules of Procedure and how to join the NPC or donate to the NPC.