July 11th
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Madai Snapper
Raised off Japan
Sushi Quality, Whole 4-5 lb Fish
Tonight's Price: $11.50/lb

Samuels Premium Meats
We Want You To Have The Best
  • Kurobuta Heritage Breed Pork
  • Fresh All Natural Chicken
  • Local Lamb
  • Farm Fresh Eggs

Jumbo Party Wings
Fresh, All Natural
10 lb Units
Tonight's Price:  $2.75/lb

Kurobuta Pork
French Racks
5-6 lb Racks. 4 / Case
Tonight's Price:  $7.50/lb
All Natural
Fresh Chicken Breast
Skinless, Boneless. 10 lb Units
Tonight's Price:  $2.99/lb

Kurobuta Pork
5-6 lb Sections
Tonight's Price:  $6.50/lb
Tahitian Bass
"Hapu Upu" Sk/on Fillets
Flavor Similar to Snapper
Tonight's Price: $10.95/lb
Local Silky Salt Oysters
Raised off Sculls Bay, NJ
Deep Cup with Full Brine
Tonight's Price: $.88/ea
Wild Alaska
Sockeye Salmon
Whole, H&G:  $6.95/lb
Skin on Fillets:  $13.95/lb
(SSEW555 / SSEF555)

North Atlantic Flounder
Wild Caught
Skinless, Boneless Fillets
Tonight's Price:  $9.99/lb
Maitake Mushrooms
"Hen of the Woods"
. Organic. 3 lb Units
Tonight's Price:  $8.79/lb
Texas Redfish
For Sashimi or Grilling
Skin on Fillets
Tonight's Price: $13.99/lb
Butterflied Rainbow
5 lb Unit. Head off
Tonight's Price:  $8.95/lb
Canterbury Cure
Cold Smoked Salmon
Fresh 3-4 lb Sides
Tonight's Price: $15.95/lb
Mediterranean Bronzino
Sk/on 7-9 oz PBO Fillets
Tonight's Price: $10.99/lb
Brazilian Swordfish
House Cut, Skin on
8-10 lb Loins. 10 lb Min Order
Tonight's Price: $10.99/lb
Northern Bluefin Tuna
Caught off Massachusetts
Top Loins. 10 lb Minimum
Tonight's Price:  $15.99/lb
Baccala Cod Skins
Desalted and Absolutely Delicious. 8.82 lb Case
Tonight's Price:  $6.50/lb
Large Breaded Shrimp
12 lb Frozen Case
21/25 Size. Ready to Fry!
Tonight's Price:  $56.95/cs
Local Yellowfin Tuna
North Carolina Caught
7-10 lb Loins, Skin on
Tonight's Price:  $9.99/lb
All Natural
Chicken Thighs
Boneless, Skinless 10 lb Units
Tonight's Price:  $2.25/lb
Hamachi Collars
Exciting to Grill
Frozen 22 lb Case
Tonight's Price:  $9.99/lb
Large White Eggs
Get Your Eggs With Us
15 Dozen per Case
Tonight's Price:  $29.00/cs

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