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Special Veterans Day Issue, With Gratitude to Our WW1 Heroes, both Human and Animal
Only $82,845 More Needed to Reach our Goal!
On this Veterans Day, Please Join us in Honoring Yesterday's WW1 Horse Heroes by Helping Today's Working Equines and the Families who Depend on Them

This year our "Horse Heroes" campaign has focused on raising money to help today's hard-working equines, in memory of the American horses and mules who served the Allied forces in WW1.
For many working equines, not much has changed in the past one hundred years, except in those communities where Brooke's equine welfare programs are in full swing.
Watch our new video to see who will benefit from your donations to our "Horse Heroes" campaign.
Fans of Downton Abbey will recognize the voice of acclaimed actor Peter Egan , who played the Marquess of Flintshire (also known as "Shrimpie") and who kindly narrated this new video about Brooke's equine welfare programs around the world. 
We believe that the best way to honor yesterday's Horse Heroes is by helping today's working equines and the people who depend on them.
We only need $82,845 more to meet our $1 million goal. Please consider a generous year-end donation!
Then and Now
100 years ago veterinarians did the best they could to patch up wounded WW1 equine warriors and send them back to the front to continue serving the soldiers who depended on them.
Today, Brooke veterinarians don't just patch-up working equines, but more importantly, they also teach owners how to provide better care so the animals can return to work and remain healthy while serving their poor families.
From now through the end of the year, donors of $250 or more
to our Horse Heroes campaign will receive a wonderful book,
"Warrior: The Amazing Story of a Real War Horse,"
by General Jack Seely.
It's the true story of a Thoroughbred who survived - five years in WW1 and well beyond to the ripe old age of 33.
Illustrations by Sir Alfred Munnings add to the book's magic.
Then and Now
100 years ago, a British Tommy and his horse from the A Squadron, North Irish Horse Regiment, would try to survive WW1.
Today, a boy and his horse in Senegal will also simply try to survive from one day to the next in their drought-stricken country. With your donations, Brooke teams will help them both!
Please consider making your donation an automatic, recurring gift!
Dorothy Brooke's new biography will be thoroughly appreciated by whomever it's read
"Dorothy Brooke and the Fight to Save Cairo's Lost War Horses," by Grant Hayter-Menzies , is a wonderful new biography of our founder.

With a forward by Monty Roberts and reviews by celebrities such as actress Joanna Lumley and Temple Grandin, PhD . it will be a great read for anyone who loves animals, history, or inspirational women.
It will also make a great stocking stuffer!
40% of the royalties from the book will be donated by the author to continue Dorothy Brooke's amazing legacy of compassion.
Then and Now
100 years ago American horses and mules were forced to pull loads that were way beyond their ability, through the mud, as they brought desperately needed supplies to the Allied forces on the Western front.
Today working equines are forced to pull loads like this mule is, in a brick kiln in India. He'll transport 25 to 40 tons of bricks each day so that his desperately poor owner can earn enough money to feed her family. Brooke teams will teach her to lighten her mule's load, give him rest and water, treat his wounds, and improve his overall welfare.
When you purchase (it's actually a donation) Brooke USA Shop virtual gifts on behalf of family, friends, clients, co-workers, and others, we can send acknowledgement cards to let them know about your generosity and the programs that you're funding in their names. Just click on the photo for more details.

These gifts will also count toward our Horse Heroes campaign goal of raising $1 million this year! Your donations will help Brooke USA to fund equine welfare programs around the world.
Then and Now
100 years ago, American and other horses and mules were carrying guns, ammunition, food, medical supplies, and water to the front lines (this one is carrying Vickers machine guns). The carried the weight - and the outcome - of the war on their backs.
Today 100 million working horses, donkeys, and mules in developing countries are carrying crops, food, water, construction materials (this one works in a brick kiln), and much more. The weight of their families' survival is on their backs. Brooke USA-funded programs will make a world of difference to many.
When you order, please let United Saddlery know that you saw their belts through Brooke USA.
Vintage Cavalry Belts Support Horse Heroes and Today's Working Equines!
In the tradition of fine Equestrian tack, this beautiful belt from United Saddlery is crafted from English bridle leather, known for its quality, beauty and durability.

The iconic US buckle is sand cast in high quality brass. The pattern is formed from an original relic. Each buckle is individually hand worked and finished.
Then and Now
100 years ago, young men who were far away from home, serving on the battlefields of WW1 on the other side of the world, became very attached to the animals on whom they depended to help get them through the war.
Today young men and women on the other side of the world are still very attached to the working equines on whom their futures will depend. With your help, we can keep friends like these working together happily and healthily for generations to come.
Brooke USA Upcoming Events and Appearances

Nov 29 - Dec 2: Adequan/USDF Annual Convention in Lexington, KY (booth and silent auction)
Dec 9-10: Olympic Medalist and Brooke USA Ambassador Ali Brock Symposium with Kansas City Dressage Society (awareness raising for Brooke USA)
Please remember our partners and sponsors when shopping:
As part of their celebration of 125 years of caring for horses, Absorbine® 
will donate a portion of all 2017 Absorbine® Veterinary Liniment sales
in the United States to Brooke USA. 
Shop Phil The Horse, and when you check out, please indicate Brooke USA as your charity of choice, then Phil will donate 15% of your purchase price to us!
Brooke USA 's mission is to significantly improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people they serve throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the areas of greatest need.
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