Sara Ramaker '89

In 2004, Sara Ramaker began her career as the film/television agent for one of Hollywood's biggest names - Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., more commonly known as Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg is an American rapper, songwriter, media personality, actor, and entrepreneur who most recently performed at halftime of Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles.

Today, Sara runs Snoop's production companies SNOOPADELIC FILMS and DEATH ROW PICTURES. Sara made the change from the agency business to production because it allowed her to take on a more creative position. Sara works side by side with 'Snoop D.O. Double G' daily, but also produces an impressive amount of shows for NBC and other networks. These shows include:



OLYMPIC HIGHLIGHTS with Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg - NBC & Peacock

2021 and DONE with Snoop Dogg and Kevin Hart - Peacock


PUPPY BOWL hosted by Snoop and Martha Stewart - Discovery

TASTY HALLOWEEN SPECIAL with Snoop and Martha - Peacock

SHARK WEEK - Discovery

sara ramaker senior.jpg

Sara's senior year school photo at Brookfield Academy

Sara says her responsibilities of producing includes "everything from inception of the idea of the show, to the show airing on TV." Her favorite part of producing is connecting all of the dots to make the final product a success.

Adam Jace '16

Adam Jace is a graduate student at the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University. With another student in the program, Adam co-founded ESG Impact, "...a web application that helps companies and funds assess, educate, and integrate themselves with environmental, social, and governance best practices."

On April 4, Adam, along with the other co-founder of ESG Impact, represented Vanderbilt University at the 2022 SEC Student Pitch Competition on the University of South Carolina's campus. Each SEC school was allowed one pitch to represent their school. Competing against the 13 other SEC schools, Adam and his co-founder won the event, receiving a $5,000 prize each.

adam jace.jpeg

Adam Jace '16 (left) speaking in the 2022 SEC Student Pitch Competition. Picture taken from

Adam plans on moving to Nashville soon to take on ESGi full-time. ESG Impact has great traction early on and is expected to close ~750k in the next few weeks.

BA Graduation 2016-412.JPG

The future is bright for Adam, but he notes the past importance Brookfield Academy had in his life. Adam says, "BA allows student to be free to find the truth, even if conflict is part of the journey. Some of my favorite academic moments were the socratic dialogue discussions in senior English class -- a lot of disagreement; but out of the chaos, everyone found something insightful.

Along with the topic of freedom, BA was great for letting students try things out. I was able to be a part of the football team, weight lifting, chess club, music/choir, Latin conventions, JV tennis, math club, etc... Often taken for granted, no students would ever make fun of each other for trying something new, mostly because the entire student body shares a similar mindset.

A start-up is simply just that - trying something new. The courage I now have to venture into an unorthodox path stems from my time at Brookfield Academy."

BA alums give advice to students

alec and Eric.jpg

Eric Pearson '01 (third from right) and Alec Smyczek '01 (third from left) returned to BA on April 21 to discuss their careers in law to Upper School students interested in pursuing law as a career. Eric and Alec discussed how it's important to have a background in not just pre-law, but another area of study, such as engineering, accounting, and math. Eric and Alec are great examples of how a career in law can take you in many different directions. Eric works in litigation, fighting for clients in the courtroom, while Alec works in patent law, protecting companies from others stealing their inventions.

Current BA Events

It's prom week at Brookfield Academy. Here are some throwback pictures from proms in the past!

BA Prom 2012.jpg

BA seniors and juniors dancing at the 2012 prom

2002 Prom.png

Thomas Carroll '01, Yumi 'Ellen' Katayama '03 Perkins and Jonathan Law '02 at the 2002 prom

BA Dinner Auction

Dinner Auction Header_2-01.jpg

The Dinner Auction is just one week away! If you would like to attend the event, but have not signed up, you can do so here. On Wednesday, April 27, the Silent Auction goes live. Keep your eyes open for a future email with access to the silent auction.

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