Brooklyn Cooperative Federal Credit Union
Get your Citi   Bike discount!  Save $95!   
Brookly n Coop members are eligible for an annual Citi Bike member ship for just $60!  T he regular membership fee is $ 155.

That's a $95 s
NEW! Surcharge-free ATM network
expanded to Citibank ATMs!

Brooklyn Cooperative members can now enjoy an expanded Surcharge-free network.  Go to any Citibank branch AT M to withdraw funds free of charge.


Move your credit card balance to Brooklyn Coop.
Pay less interest and keep your money!
Come by the branch today to apply for your own Brooklyn Coop credit card.
          • 12.99% interest rate
          • No annual fee
          • Introductory (6 months) 1.99% interest rate for balance transfers!
          • Secured credit cards with 8.99% interest rate
To apply, call 718-418-8232 option 5 or come in to a branch to speak with a loan officer.  Click  here  for a credit card application. 

Brooklyn Coop now offering EMV Chip Debit Cards
You will notice that all new Brooklyn Coop Debit cards now have an embedded EMV microchip.  Cards with microchips are more secure than one with just a magnetic stripe because the account information is encrypted, making it very difficult to counterfeit.

If your card is expiring, the new one mailed out will be an EMV chip card.  You may also come in to a branch to request an EMV chip card at no cost.  

For more information about EMV cards in general, please click here
Branches: 1474 Myrtle Ave / 834 Dekalb Ave 
718-418-8232 x 0