AUGUST 22, 2019
The first exhibit opening reception in Brooks' Lehman Art Center , attached to the Henry Luce III Library (shown here) is on Sept. 26 at 7 p.m. All are welcome!
When You Arrive on Opening Day . . .
We are excited to welcome you and your students to Brooks on Sept. 4! (Orientation leaders and fall varsity candidates arrive a day prior) Click to view the schedule for Opening Days -- as well as day-specific schedules through Sept. 8 -- and please note that arrival procedure differs for each student: 

  • New families should stop at the gym when they arrive for registration. 
  • Returning boarding students should go directly to the dorm for registration. 
  • Returning day students will only need to attend registration in the gym if online summer forms are incomplete (IDs and other information will be available in the Deans’ Office). 

All parents are invited to the Parent Reception at the residence of Head of School John Packard P'18, P'21 on Sept. 4 at 3:30 p.m. If you have any questions about arrival day, contact Vicky Matheson in the Deans' Office: (978) 725-6299. 
New Student Swim Test on Sept. 5
New students are asked to take a swim test, administered on campus, when they first enter Brooks. This is required for all new students. Students will not be allowed to participate in the sailing or crew programs unless they have passed the swim test. Students who are not proficient swimmers should indicate so and will not be asked to participate in the swim test. The swim test will be administered Sept. 5 as part of orientation. Students should bring a bathing suit and towel.
Are Your Registration Forms Complete?
Summer registration forms, ImPACT testing and student health information were due on July 15. If these forms have not been completed, more information and links are available in OnBrooks>Groups>Summer Registration. Magnus, our student healthcare management system, can also be accessed from your parent account in OnBrooks . Click on “Resources” and select the orange-colored Magnus logo to enter this system.
Put OnBrooks on Your Phone
An easy way to access OnBrooks on your mobile device: On your device’s web browser, visit OnBrooks and let the log-in screen load. Then, find the command on your device to send the link to your homescreen. On Apple devices, it is usually a square and arrow image that is called “Send to” and on an Android, it is “Send to Homescreen.” Then, you can simply click the OnBrooks icon on your homescreen, log in and access OnBrooks from your device. Contact Registrar Lisa Saunders if you need assistance. 
View Class Schedules in OnBrooks
Students and parents can view classes, teachers and schedule blocks for enrolled classes. To see this as a student: Sign into OnBrooks and look under Progress and on your My Day landing page. Scroll through to see classes, teachers and blocks. To see this as a parent: Sign into OnBrooks and click on the name of your student. Then click the Progress button and scroll through to see classes, teachers and blocks. Contact Lisa Saunders if you need assistance. 
See You on Monday, New Families!
We're looking forward to the New Family Reception on Aug. 26 from 5-7 p.m. at the home of Kevin and Jeannie Sullivan P'22, P'23 (7 West Hollow in Andover, Mass.) If you haven't already, please RSVP here today.
Packing List for Boarders
Preparing to move in might seem a little overwhelming. Our list of packing suggestions -- and information about what not to bring -- can help!
Dress Code for the 2019-2020 School Year
Please familiarize yourself with the school’s expectations for how students dress during the academic day. View the guide to dressing for school for details. ( See examples , too!)
Don't Forget to Get Fall Textbooks
Students and families can purchase books for fall courses via Follett, the online textbook provider for Brooks School. Search for the texts by academic department and course name. A link to the Follett Bookstore has also been added to the parents’ Resources page on for easy access. For more detailed information, please refer to the email you received on July 17 from Academic Dean Susanna Waters.
We Would Love Your Help!
Whether decorating for Family Weekend, baking goodies for our students or helping in the admission office, we can always use and welcome your help around campus. Please visit our Volunteer Opportunities page to sign up. If you are interested in helping in a way that we do not currently offer, please contact Associate Director of Parent and Reunion Programs Nicole Mallen Jackson '95 to share your ideas. Thank you! 
School Store Special
I s it your child’s birthday? Did she score a game-winning goal? Or maybe you just want to surprise him with a treat? Learn about our  Gifts From Home program!
Stay Connected!
Please join our Brooks School Parents Facebook page . We hope it will be a great resource that is active with questions, advice and information-sharing.
Upcoming Events
  • Aug. 26: New Family Reception
  • Sept. 4: Arrival and Registration, Parent Reception
  • Sept. 5: Students' Activities Day
  • Sept. 6: Classes Begin
  • Sept. 26: Reception for "Environments, Cultures and Wildlife at Risk" art exhibit
  • Sept. 28: Admission's Fall Visit Day
  • Oct. 18-19: Family Weekend
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