On My Mind

I'll tell you what I have most enjoyed during these quarantine days...conversations!
I've picked up the phone on more than a few occasions to actually speak with family and friends, rather than the convenient quickly tapped email or text. Real, thoughtful conversations. I'm not sure why I have thought myself too busy for such small pleasures, except it's true, at the end of a work day, I'm a little talked out.

These conversations have been sweet, thoughtful, some have been enlightening, many entertaining. We play games with our grandsons on House Party and face time with our little Sophia several times a day. I love hearing how everyone is coping and am thrilled when they tell me that this has actually been a good moment for their families and for themselves. We are a people of hope. Hope begs us to stop a moment and just "be". When we surrender to the serenity of stillness, it becomes effortless to see clearly what is good and right in our lives. Trick is...keeping in that mindset and owning it. I'm so worried once we begin to go back into the world without fear, we will forget what we have learned and experienced during this time. It's a profound lesson about caring for each other, thinking beyond ourselves, loving what we have and sharing what we can. I read somewhere recently that this is a grand opportunity to "stitch a new garment" that fits all humanity and nature. Isn't that just a beautiful way to imagine what could be? I believe we will all be better, more the way we were created to be. And I believe our God of do-overs is saying..."here, try this."

So don't think of this as time lost but a reprieve, a lesson learned and an opportunity gained.
Together we can stitch the most perfect garment!

Stay well, dear friends.
Rosanna Tsivourakis
Sunday, May 24

The Child and the Farmer
Psalm 131 & Mark 4:26-29 
In days of not knowing,
we give it up to God and trust.
Dr. Barnette preaching

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