Brookwood Family,

Sunday was a powerful reminder that to lament is not only to mourn, but also to reaffirm our trust in God. Thank you for the outpouring of love and prayers for the Barnettes. We hope you’ll follow the link to join our 40 Days of Prayer for them.
Jim and Deanna have shared some specific prayer requests to help us focus this initiative on their timely needs.

This week, you should receive a mailout from Brookwood that includes a pledge card (online here): and a deacon nomination form (online here): . Both the card and the form can be placed in the Brookwood Chapel replica outside the Sanctuary, placed in the dropbox outside the front doors, or mailed back in. Sunday, we’ll explore how stewardship is an important facet of our worship and faith.

Sunday School meets at 9:30 am.
Please don't forget to register for both Sunday School & Worship Service.
Preschool families should register by Thursday at 8:00 pm.

Click here to register.

Sunday Oct. 18th Sermon


“A Theology for Stewardship”
I Peter 4:1-2, 7-11

As of October 12th

Receipts to Date: $259,301
Budget to Date: $292,681

Our Guest Preachers for October 25
Walt Davis (RUF, at Samford, son of Tim and Julia Davis) will preach.
Pastor Daniel Aragon from Nicaragua will do a “GATJ” update on ministry in Nicaragua.
We can’t wait for you to join us for our game night! Bring your bikes for either our two-wheeled bike area with an obstacle course or our push and peddle area for the younger ones. We’ll finish off the night with a costume parade, so wear your awesome costumes. In addition to these, we’ll have: 9 square, gaga ball, bean bag tosses, preschool golf, fall crafts, popcorn, candy and much more!
We cannot wait to see you October 25th!
Meals for the Cannons

While Ann is recovering from surgery, we'd like to help them with meals. Click on the link below if you would like to sign up to bring a meal. LINK
TRUE VINE is in need of winter coats of all sizes and styles. If you have any to donate or have other questions, please contact Pastor Garth at (205) 862-2251. We will not be collecting them at the church. Thank you!
Autumn in the Memorial Garden
A Little Good News

A Golden Nose
A rat in Cambodia is being hailed as a hero after spending years sniffing out landmines. Magawa is an African giant pouched rat, and he was trained by a non-governmental landmine detection organization to sniff out certain explosive chemicals. He's so fast at finding landmines that he can clear an area the size of a tennis court in 30 minutes — something that might take a human four days using a metal detector. In seven years, Magawa has discovered 39 landmines and 28 items of unexploded ordnance, helping clear nearly 35 acres of land, making him one of the best-performing rats doing this kind of work. Millions of landmines still litter parts of Cambodia after decades of conflict in the South Asian country, and clearing them out is difficult and dangerous. Rats like Magawa make the job a little easier, and every landmine they clear is one less tragedy waiting to happen. 

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