April 2, 2020
Broomfield Rescinds Public Health Order
to Align with State and Regional Stay at Home Orders
After days, and now weeks of lengthened discussions with our neighboring leaders in public health, municipalities, and counties, Broomfield is rescinding its Public Health Order to align with the state’s stay at home order and those of our regional partners. The uniformity, consistency in messaging and compliance efforts will be less confusing for our residents and less of a burden on our public health staff being asked to interpret the differences between the various orders.
To do this, Broomfield will issue this new Public Health Order rescinding the first order and adopting the state order to be effective on Saturday, April 4 and will remain in effect until the state’s stay at home order is lifted.
The state order does not specifically address golf courses. The Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) provided guidance specific to golf courses and is allowing local governments to make the decision for their communities. After consultation with Boulder, Tri-County and Jefferson County Public Health Departments, Broomfield’s golf courses are allowed to re-open if they adhere to the following strict guidelines to practice safe social distancing.

“Please know this decision was not made lightly and we will be working with the golf courses to enforce the stringent regulations and handle violations swiftly,” said City and County Manager Jennifer Hoffman. “We’re expecting our golf courses; private, public, and disc courses to be good partners as we navigate through this by distributing our guidelines to their member lists and incorporating it on their website, and in their payment processes.”

Enforcement of the guidelines, if not followed, will include a graduated four-step process, that includes; educating the course personnel, issuing the course a warning, issuing a summons, and lastly, closing the business.

All playgrounds, bike parks, athletic courts to include pickleball, basketball, and tennis courts will remain closed under this order.
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