March 19, 2020
The City and County of Broomfield is committed to providing frequent news, updates and information related to the developing COVID-19 situation. Please find more resources at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter .

Please be mindful that information may change rapidly, even by the hour.  
Broomfield does not have a confirmed case of COVID-19 at this time. Public Health officials do anticipate cases in the community and say in all likelihood, there are undetected cases in Broomfield now. 

The key message today is to self-isolate if you have COVID-19 type symptoms. It’s up to all of us to take proactive steps to protect our most vulnerable (those who are older adults (60+ and those with underlying health conditions, specifically respiratory issues, heart disease, and diabetes).
  • While testing is still important, not everyone needs to be tested right away, and it is taking time for state and federal authorities to expand their capacity to process tests. 
  • If you develop a fever, cough, and shortness of breath, you should protect others by isolating yourself and practice self-care at home. There is no reason to go to hospitals, unless you need urgent/emergent care (for instance, if you experience severe respiratory issues or difficulty breathing). Information on isolation and quarantining is here.

Telephone Town Hall

The Broomfield COVID-19 Telephone Townhall Meeting is scheduled each Thursday from 7-8:30 p.m. beginning Thursday, March 19.

Please help us gather phone numbers and promote the event by sharing this Facebook post and Twitter post .

Residents can call in on Thursday at 855.695.3744. For those who can not attend, it will be recorded and available afterward.
Other Public Health Updates
  • Cases in Colorado - Updated daily at 4 p.m. 
  • 216 cases
  • 26 hospitalized
  • 20 counties
  • 2,328 people tested
  • 2 deaths
  • On 3/19, the Governor announced the following further efforts to address the spread of COVID-19 in a Press Release:
  • The Help Colorado Now Relief Fund
  • Extending the suspension of downhill ski area operations through April 6.
  • The statewide suspension of in-person learning at all public and private schools until April 17.
  • Issued a Public Health Order prohibiting gatherings of 10 or more people. 
  • Broomfield’s Emergency Operations Center along with Police Department staff is working to obtain recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). We have obtained some PPE and are expecting additional delivery on Monday. We continue to seek out suppliers who may have PPE. 
  • Public Health staff are in regular contact with hospitals, physician offices, long term care facilities, and child care providers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Does Broomfield have the authority to require individuals to quarantine after potential exposure?
  • Yes, Public Health and Environment has the authority to issue quarantine orders as we deem necessary.
  • Does CCOB have authority to require business, gyms, other gathering places to close if they are still operating? 
  • Yes, we can work with the Police Department to enforce the public orders that have been issued, if necessary.
  • Have you heard about further closure orders on businesses, such as hotels?
  • We are not at that point. 
Police Department Update: 
Accident Alert: This is an unprecedented time for police departments across the country. We remain staffed to ensure prompt response to all emergency calls and situations where citizens need our assistance. At the same time we are taking necessary steps to keep our first responders healthy and safe. There is no perfect formula or easy answer. That being said, until further notice, the BPD is on ‘Accident Alert’ due to COVID-19. We are also concerned about the upcoming winter storm. If someone is involved in an accident with no injuries, alcohol or drugs, and the vehicles are able to be moved from traffic please exchange driver insurance information and report it to the police department online
Warming Center Update
All three Warming Center host sites have closed to the public, so the warming center is closed indefinitely. The Refuge, FISH and CCOB/PD are working closely together to ensure that anyone that needs a warm/safe place to stay tonight during the storm is covered with a voucher.
Playground Education
Posters with playground precaution information will be posted at each of Broomfield’s 62 playgrounds this week, weather dependent.

Please share Facebook post and tweet , if you would like.
Public Works 
Please remember that only toilet paper can be flushed down the toilet. Wipes, no matter if they state flushable or not, paper towels, towels, rags, gloves and baby wipes or disinfectant wipes should be disposed of in trash bins. These items can cause sewer back-up. Broomfield's sewer system and the public works team thanks you for thinking before you flush.
How you can help
  • Volunteer. FISH is looking for healthy volunteers between 16-59 years of age to help package and distribute emergency boxes. Sign up here
  • Precious Child seeking donations for emergency hygiene, cleaning and baby hygiene kits to families in need. Donate or learn more here

How to get help
  • Visit the Resources page on for a constantly updated list of resources, support and information.
Daily Activities While Social Distancing
Rec/Library Daily Activities while Social Distancing 
  • 111 people signed up for book delivery today, staff is hoping to beat the storm. Sign up here
  • The Broomfield Library is proud to offer residents Online Storytime! Check back for more stories and fun videos for all ages. 

Follow Broomfield Library and Broomfield Recreation Services for daily activities, storytimes, and workouts to stay active and healthy during the facility closures and self-isolation. A list of additional resources to stay entertained while social distancing can be found at
Community Partner Updates
  • Frank Shorter RACE4Kids and Expo Event on April 19, 2020 at the 1STBANK Center has been canceled. 
  • Ralston House Remains Open for Child Victims
  • Children's Hospital opens Thursday. It is a beautiful, intentionally designed facility that was specifically planned and laid out to deal with emergency situations, such as this.The first patient day represents a tremendous achievement for our caregivers and hospital colleagues. You can be assured that Children’s Hospital Colorado is now more prepared than ever to serve the community. The ribbon-cutting scheduled for April 29 has been canceled.
Reliable, Updated Information
Help slow the spread of misinformation by relying on and sharing credible information from Broomfield Public Health, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, and the Federal Center for Disease Control: 
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