March 20, 2020
The City and County of Broomfield is committed to providing frequent news, updates and information related to the developing COVID-19 situation. Please find more resources at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter .

Please be mindful that information may change rapidly, even by the hour.  
First Confirmed Case in Broomfield

Broomfield confirms case of COVID-19. Broomfield Public Health and Environment is investigating potential exposures and ensuring the resident is isolated at home. Read the full press release .

Broomfield public health officials have been anticipating cases in the community as the coronavirus spreads across the metro-region and have been preparing for this.
Public Health Update
The key message today continues to be to self-isolate if you have COVID-19 type symptoms. It’s up to all of us to take proactive steps to protect our most vulnerable (those who are older adults (60+ and those with underlying health conditions, specifically respiratory issues, heart disease, and diabetes).
  • If you develop a fever, cough, and shortness of breath, please protect others by isolating yourself and practice self-care at home. There is no reason to go to hospitals, unless you need urgent/emergent care (for instance, if you experience severe respiratory issues or difficulty breathing). View information on isolation and quarantining.
  • It is anticipated that the peak of the epidemiological curve may be in May/early June, although this is subject to change based on new data. Even with our best social distancing efforts, the hospital system may be at capacity in late April to early May. 
  • The focus will continue to be on public education around social distancing, securing personal protective equipment (PPE), and efforts to support the public and staff for the long game, as all indications point to this outbreak getting worse before it improves. 
  • Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Where can I get information on getting tested for COVID-19?
  • If you experience symptoms, talk to your doctor. Read more information on testing. Please self-isolate if you think you have been exposed or have symptoms.
  • The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is prioritizing testing in areas that have not been highly tested to better understand where the disease is occurring and respond. These sites will serve high-risk patients who have been pre-selected by area health care providers.

Telephone Town Hall

Thank you to the over 2,300 participants that joined the Telephone Town Hall last night (March 19).

If you were not able to make it, please listen to the recording available .

Please join the next Telephone Town Hall on Thursday, March 26 by calling 855.695.3744 the night of, or signing up to be called directly through this link . RSVP and share the Facebook event for updates as well.
State Updates

Police Department Update 
  • Broomfield Police are seeking voluntary compliance of public health orders. Enforcement of issuing summons will only occur if individuals are openly violating the law.
  • Officers are walking-through grocery stores to promote peace but have not encountered any issues. 
  • Insta-check delays for concealed weapons permits due to high demand. 
  • Officers are not enforcing license plate renewal violations and driver’s license renewal violations because of the DMV office closure for anyone who required renewal in February or March.
Warming Center Update
  • New efforts to reach out to homeless to use hotel vouchers in lieu of warming centers and shelters are in place to continue enforcing social distancing recommendations. Public health officials are seeing more spread in vulnerable populations, outside of the 60+ older adults, including the homeless population. 
  • All three Warming Center host sites have closed to the public, so the warming center is closed indefinitely. The Refuge, FISH and CCOB/PD are working closely together to ensure that anyone that needs a warm/safe place to stay tonight during the storm is covered with a voucher.
Playground Education
In light of the new 10 person gathering order, additional posters for social distancing while outside will be posted at each of Broomfield’s 62 playgrounds , parks (including the bike park) and trail heads.
Public Works 
Although we haven’t seen any sewer back-ups, we need your help protecting our sewer system. Do not flush the following items down the toilet. They should be disposed of in trash bins:
  • Wipes (if they state flushable or not)
  • Towels and rags
  • Gloves
  • Baby wipes and disinfectant wipes
These items do not break down in water resulting in blockage in home plumbing systems, and sewer back-ups. Broomfield's sewer system and the Public Works team thanks you for thinking before you flush.
City Business Update
  • Utility Billing: For the upcoming water bill cycle, we will work with customers, waive fees and not disconnect service. 
  • HHS Workforce Center (WFC) staff are tracking unemployment insurance applications through the Colorado Department of Labor Employment (CDLE). There have been 101 new unemployment insurance applications since Monday that have selected Broomfield as their WFC of choice. This may include individuals from other counties that prefer our WFC. The unemployment insurance applications are processed through the State Department. Read State press release announcing assistance for employees and employers during temporary shutdowns due to Coronavirus. Make an appointment to talk with the Broomfield Workforce team by calling 303.464.5855.
How you can help
  • There is an urgent need for blood donations. Visit or call 303.363.2300 for scheduling or questions.
  • Donate Money:
  • Cash donations can be made to the Broomfield Community Foundation in care of “Disaster Relief Fund” at
  • Broomfield FISH is accepting food donations but prefers CASH donations so they can buy in bulk. Website has donation information.
  • Donate Items: A Precious Child is accepting household items, including cleaning supplies and hygiene items. Website has donation information.
  • Volunteer: Folks interested in volunteering should visit

How to get help
Daily Activities While Social Distancing From Rec/Library
Follow Broomfield Librar y and Broomfield Recreation Services for daily activities, storytimes, and workouts to stay active and healthy during the facility closures and self-isolation. A list of additional resources to stay entertained while social distancing can be found at .
Reliable, Updated Information
Help slow the spread of misinformation by relying on and sharing credible information from Broomfield Public Health, Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment, and the Federal Center for Disease Control: 
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