May 2019
Knight Light Newsletter
Grand Knight's Message
Brother Click on the link below to read my message this month. Don't forget to scroll down to read all of the other articles as well.
Knights' Prayer Group
There is always someone needing your prayers, Brother.
Chaplain's Message
Click here to read Father Mark's words of wisdom for this month prepared just for you, Brother.
Birthdays and Anniversaries
Click on the button below to see who is celebrating in June, Brother.
News from our Financial Secretary
I want to table something, Brother. No, I am not talking about a discussion. You'll have to read my article to see what I mean.
Deputy Grand Knight's Message
Brother, what do I have to say this month? Click on the link to see.
John's Jokes
John always has something funny to share with you, Brother.
Off to New Endeavors
I have something that I want to share with all of you.
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