Fathers & Sons, Brothers & Friends Weekends

Special low rate for men who attend with 
a non-SSA friend or family member

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"Recently, an increasing number of fathers, sons, brothers and friends of same-sex-attracted men have been participating in
Journey Into Manh ood either to work on some of their own issues 
as (straight) men or to support a friend or family member who is working through inner conflicts around his SSA.

"In every case I've seen, those family members and friends have gained just as much from their Journey Into Manhood experience as the men they came to 'support.' Both men leave with a greater bond, clarity, emotional healing and direction for their lives." 

                    -- Rich Wyler, Director, Brothers Road
How would your "journey" change if you were to experience Journey Into Manhood alongside your
father, son, mentor, brother or friend?
Register jointly and save $250 each.
(Past JiM participants who want to experience 
Journey Into Manhood for a second time are also welcome 
to take advantage of this special offer.)

What is Journey Into Manhood?

Journey Into Manhood is our peer-led, experiential weekend  of 
self-discovery, brotherhood, personal growth and inner-healing work.
It is designed especially for men to address incongruous sexual attractions or distress -- in other words, feelings or attractions that are out of alignment with a man's faith, values, morals, self-
identity or life goals. 
B ut it is also appropriate for any man, regardless of his sexuality, who wants to address unresolved issues around men and masculinity in a safe, supportive yet challenging group environment.
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What the fee covers


The Truth About Who We Really Are (vs. What 
Critics Say About Us)
Sometimes, opponents deliberately malign and misrepresent us for their own political purposes and claim that we believe, do and teach things that we do not. Here is what you should know about who we really are (and who we are not). MORE...
Good and Valuable, 
Just As You Are
We teach at Journey Into Manhood, "If you gain nothing else here, we want you to know: You are good and valuable just as you are." Shame or self-rejection never motivate growth and healing. Ironically, self-acceptance is the true foundation of personal growth. MORE...
It's Not About 
"Turning Straight"
This work is not about becoming heterosexual. After all, heterosexuality hardly guarantees happiness! Rather, this work is about finding peace as we work to address our same-sex attractions in ways that align with our faith, values, morals and life goals.  MORE...
Our Life, Our Choice
We get to decide for ourselves how to live our lives. We get to choose which life paths best reflect who we really are and who we want to be. We refuse to define ourselves primarily by our sex drives and personal temptations.  MORE...
By "experiential," we mean exploring through experience, not lecture or discussion or "therapy" ... Continue Reading

The full cost of the workshop in the U.S. is $650 per man -- or just $790 for two men who register together as friends or family members.
                                                        ...  Continue Reading

"Does it work?" "Who attends and why?" "How do I apply for a partial sponsorship or payment plan?" Read answers to these and many more questions ...  Continue Reading
We focus on self-understanding, self-acceptance, emotional healing, and uncovering and meeting some of the core needs that often underlie incongruent same-sex attractions or other unresolved issues around men and masculinity ...  Continue Reading
Journey Into Manhood has had a powerful, even life-changing effect on a great many men since 2002. Here are a few real life ... Continue Reading

Learn more about 
who we are... a nd what happens at Journey Into Manhood


Brothers on a Road Less Traveled

  Men supporting each other in addressing our same-sex attractions in affirming ways that align with our faith, values, morals, and life goals.