November 21, 2019
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District Update Webinar
Thank you to everyone who joined the monthly update webinar on November 15th to learn about new features and functionalities that MiDataHub provides.
Topics covered were:
Project Updates
  • New Relations Manager 
  • District adoption
  • Vendor adoption
Items in Development
  • Numerous items in Q&A, Development, and Production
Integration Updates
  • Product Catalog for integration updates, instructions, and contact info
New Functionality
  • Alert Notifications
  • API Test Button
  • MSDS Functionality
  • CEPI Snackpack
SSO Functionality
Actionable Data - MICIP

To review or download the slide deck presented during the webinar please visit,   and select the "November Slide Deck" link. The video recording of this webinar will be updated the week of November 25th, thank you for your patience!
Release of EVAAS District & School Reports
The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has contracted with SAS to provide value-added reports for your district and schools. District and school reporting was released on November 8 th and provides measures of students’ academic growth over time. This offering includes student projections as well as diagnostic information to help educators improve instruction.
Early next year, SAS EVAAS will also provide individual teacher value-added reports for districts that complete the opt-in process with MiDataHub and meet minimum criteria for sufficient data to run teacher-level reports. If your district would like to receive valuable teacher reporting for the 2019 release in addition to the standard reports, your district will need to provide 2018-19 student-teacher linkages prior to the December 6th deadline . For more information on submitting teacher linkages, follow the link below,
EVAAS account holders with access to school and district reports will receive an email once the reports are available. Additional information about EVAAS is available on the EVAAS login page for Michigan (
Participant Count
New District Sign Ups
  • Bridge Academy
  • Dove Academy
  • Beaverton Schools
  • Commonwealth Community Development Academy  
  • Farwell Area Schools
  • Arts Academy in the Woods