July 14, 2022
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New Year Processes
Below are a few tips the team at MiDataHub suggest reviewing prior to beginning the publishing of 2022-2023 data over to your ODS. All of the steps below will assist you with preparing to send data for the new school year: 

Current School Year pull down menu – 
The pull down menu labeled Current School Year in the MiDataHub cockpit will determine the school year designated as the current school year for any inbound and outbound data integrations enabled in your Data Hub Cockpit, and the default year reports and validation scripts will run against. The 2022-23 ODS have been auto generated and are now available for your district to begin publishing data to your MiDataHub ODS. It is recommended to select the current school year in this pull down menu. To complete this step login to the Michigan Data Hub and select the 2022-2023 school year and click the submit button. This will change your current school year to 2022-2023.
Detailed instructions (mostly provided by the Student Information System vendor) are available to users of MiDataHub, and available on our product catalog page. Please follow the links below to each system capable of integrating to MiDataHub via the EdFi API.
  • Infinite Campus - Configuration guide, and additional MiDataHub Resources
  • MiSTAR-Q - Contact information for your supported help desk solution (Oakland/Wayne, etc.)
  • Powerschool - Configuration guides, and additional resources
  • Skyward - Configuration Guide, configuring MiLearn in Skyward, and additional resources. 
  • Synergy - Configuration guides and additional resources.
Verify User Access in the MiDataHub cockpit - 
There is no better time to verify access to your MiDataHub cockpit, than the beginning of the school year. Please log in to the MiDataHub Cockpit and verify user access by reviewing who has access, and what each individual's authorization (Permission) is configured for. Authorizations are segmented into the 6 different types below. If you are a Technical contact and need to modify any of the authorizations users have in your Data Hub cockpit please select the edit button next to the user and deselect/select additional authorizations as appropriate. If you need to remove an individual's access to the MiDataHub cockpit, please select the Delete option and remove them. The only exception to those capabilities is the District Superintendent. Only members of the MiDataHub support team can add or remove a District Superintendent user, due to their permission to electronically sign agreements.
  • District Superintendent - Sign/Revoke Agreements (If any updates need to be made to this permission please contact the support team at support@midatahub.org)

  • District Superintendent Proxy - Sign/Revoke agreements on behalf of superintendent

  • Technical Contact - Full access to Data Hub cockpit functionality including Add/Delete/Edit user accounts and permissions (exception is Superintendents), and full access to all reports, manage custom exports (data exports), all integration types, and additional functionality like the MICIP Dashboards, audit checks, alert notifications, and much more

  • Data Steward - Full access to reports but limited ability to edit integrations

  • MICIP Data liaison - identified individual that will be a point of contact for the MICIP team with questions on data related obstacles

  • Local MiMTSS Data System Contact - identified individuals that the MiMTSS team will work with at a local district. 
Review Product Catalog – 
If you would like to learn more about current partners of MiDataHub, please take a second and review the Product Catalog, located at https://www.midatahub.org/product-catalog/ . The product catalog is a resource available to districts and users to identify available integrations and state solutions (UIC Services, Snack-Pack, MiLearn, etc) that can be used for MiDataHub integration. Users can navigate through integrations that are in development, pilot, and in production. Upon landing at the catalog page users can search for integrations multiple ways:
  • Keyword search allows users to enter “keywords” to identify a vendor
  • Additional search filters are available:
  • Integration status - Provides the ability to search for integrations in pilot and production
  • Product/Initiative - Allows the search of Products (Specific Vendors) and Features (UIC Services, Snack-Pack, MiLearn, etc.)
  • System - Specify the type of system you are seeking to integrate.
  • Integration Type - Specifies the type of integration (OneRoster, Ed-FI API, etc.)
OneRoster API Rollover
The OneRoster API is year specific, and most likely points to the 2022-2023 school year. Once your data is publishing for the 2022-2023 school year, you will want to make sure to increment the school year on your OneRoster integrations. If you need assistance with this step, please email us at support@midatahub.org.
Return to Learn - Mode of Instruction Update
We would like to thank all of the districts utilizing the Michigan Data Hub to complete their aggregated data for the Return to Learn initiative during the 2021-22 school year. Over the last few weeks we have had an overwhelming response from those districts we have contacted directly to complete one of the final steps, which is to provide the Mode of Instruction designation for students within their district. Most districts throughout the state have completed this step and the data team at the Michigan Education Data Center will soon be working to generate the aggregated data on behalf of each district that has completed this step. The team at MiDataHub is working passionately with the team at EPIC to assist every district in the state to meet this requirement. As of July 14 there are approximately 112 districts needing to complete this final step. 

If you would like to confirm your district has completed this step (providing the Mode of Instruction designation for students), please navigate to our ISD and District Status sheet located on our website or by clicking here. If your district/school is listed most likely your Mode of Instruction designation for students has not been published over to MiDataHub. Please keep in mind this list might not be updated as of the time you review it since we are updating it a few times a week. If your district is on this list but you feel the Mode of Instruction data has already been published in the last few weeks please let us know by sending an email to support@midatahub.org and our team will be able to confirm this for you. 

If your district has completed this work and is not on the list at the link above, please disregard the remainder of this section of the newsletter.

If your district IS listed on the link above please review the listed options below for reporting the Mode of Instruction data. These steps are the same as we have provided in the past. We find that many districts were fully in-person all year for all students, and if that was the case for your district, then simply email us at support@midatahub.org stating “Please mark <district name> as fully in-person”. We will update our records to that effect and reply to confirm. If your district had a mix of modes for your student population, then you will need to explore steps 1 or 2 below.

Mode of Instruction Reporting Options:
There are three different ways a district can provide this data, all of which are detailed below and were covered on previous MiDataHub newsletters and a webinar facilitated on April 19th:
  1. Through your local district SIS system (Contact your SIS provider/support for details)
  2. Through a MiDataHub export/import process, which was largely the focus of the April webinar (see webinar video for more details)
  3. Through a maintenance script available in the MiDataHub cockpit. (see below)

The last option mentioned above, is found in the MiDataHub Cockpit under the sub menu of Utilities>Maintenance Scripts > RTL – Mode of Instruction – Update and can be accessed by either a Technical Contact in your local district (typically a district technology lead) or the MiDataHub team. The effect of running this operation is that all students with assessments who do not already have a Mode of Instruction designation will be marked in MiDataHub as FULLY IN-PERSON for the aggregate.

Note: This process should only be run once!

If you would like to have this script (#3) run by a member of the MiDataHub team, or need assistance on other options, please send an email to support@midatahub.org including the name of your district, and your contact information.

As always please let us know if you have any questions on submitting your mode of instruction designation. 
Rolling over to the 2022-23 School Year for MiLearn
As districts prepare for the 2022-23 school year, MiLearn districts will want to check a few things to be sure they have their settings complete. The MiLearn and MiDataHub teams have worked to be sure that new year processes are as automated as possible. There are however several items that districts should check annually to optimize MiLearn and ensure users have the correct access.

  • The authorizations and sections integrations should be set to “Current Year” in the Data Hub cockpit. 
  • This is a great time to check the MiLearn report authorizations. There are a few important areas to check, the access level for each role and the individual reports that are being granted to each role.

Access level:
*Note, always be sure to scroll right to view all roles that have MiLearn access.  Also, be sure to scroll down to assign all reports available. Be sure to click "Submit" when finished.

For more information on MiLearn please contact Tim Hall at hallt@michigan.gov.
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