June 18, 2020
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We are resending yesterday’s newsletter minus the article on the use of data for research.  While the Michigan Data Hub is preparing to support research needs, some of the options are still in discussion and the article was intended to be on hold until final decisions, approvals and edits have been made. Please accept our apologies for the early release and stay tuned for a revised article.

The loading of assessment data for the 2019-20 school year, especially NWEA data, is a time-sensitive issue. The data is valuable to have in your district’s data hub database for your own purposes, and it opens up the potential to use the data in a variety of ways in the future as your district chooses. As such, we encourage districts to complete processes to integrate those assessment systems with MiDataHub so that it will be available when needed. For NWEA districts not currently configured, that process is as simple as signing the NWEA permission form , scanning, and emailing to support@midatahub.org .

Please feel free to contact us at support@midatahub.org with any questions or for assistance.

Thank you,
Don Dailey
MiDataHub Director
Progress on 100% Adoption -
At least one live district in every ISD Region
One of the goals for the Michigan Data Hub (MiDataHub) is to achieve 100% district adoption. That is one of our more challenging goals for two reasons. The first is that not all districts have data systems that are capable of connecting. The second is that MiDataHub is optional, and some districts haven’t yet chosen to connect their systems. Given those challenges, we continue to make great progress towards the 100% goal.

Recently we passed an important milestone on the way to 100% adoption.  We now have at least one live district in every ISD region in the state!  Further, we have 10 ISD regions where 100% of their districts are live (Clinton County, Gogebic-Ontonagon, Huron, Mecosta-Osceola, Montcalm, Newaygo, St. Joseph County, Sanilac, Shiawassee, and West Shore). These milestones are a testament to the districts across the state who have worked hard to get their systems connected, the data hub support specialists who have assisted them, and the SIS vendors that have readied their systems for this work. We look forward to passing more milestones this summer and during the upcoming school year. 
Thank you for your efforts!
Upcoming SAS EVAAS Webinar
SAS EVAAS requested to include information on an upcoming webinar in our weekly newsletter. This free webinar is being offered to educators across Michigan. The focus will be exploring and learning about the EVAAS Student Projection reports. These reports are free, and currently available to schools across Michigan. Webinar details are below:

Webinar Details
Date: June 30 
Time: 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Call-in Number: 1-855-369-0445 
Conference Code: 130 902 3022
Participant Count
New Single Sign On Sign Ups
Hamtramck Public Schools

To register your district, please email support@midatahub.org .