December 12, 2018
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Vendor Spotlight
Districts, your voice matters! Sometimes all it takes for a current vendor to join MiDataHub via API is the ask to come from the districts. Let’s work together to get some of the most used vendors on the hub. Send an email to and we will get the integration going!

If you missed the recent Vendor Spotlights with Symbaloo (dashboards) and Spotlight (personalized student NWEA Map Videos) check out the recorded webinars on the website:
You can always jump into either of these free pilots by emailing:
Functionality Updates
Datahub updates pushed in the past week:

Datahub Cockpit:
New automation was added to the cockpit to allow Power School and Skyward SIS users to manage their secure logins to MiLearn.
Additionally a new scan was added to the cockpit to pick up new sis integrations, (currently enabled for Power School with thoughts on
future expansion to all SIS vendors), and offer the MiLearn agreement. TLS secure file transfer was added so requests for assessment records could be sent to the State.

The report toolbar was updated so that a print option is now available when viewing reports. The look and feel of all options on that toolbar have also been updated consistent with current Microsoft standards ( see picture below ).
Minor updates were pushed to the dashboard application correcting some build timeout issues that a small number of districts were experiencing as well as correcting some login coding that was problematic.

SSO and Launchpad:
The SSO configuration has been updated to eliminate the need to select an authentication type every time a user selects an application. The only time that screen will show up now is if a user needs to login due to a timeout.
Integration Updates
Eidex - As Eidex has been reaching out to districts to connect to them via MiDataHub, one thing they have been asking for is access to three years of data so their Student Growth Percentage (SGP) tool can more accurately calculate growth. MiDataHub by default maintains all populated school years, but only the last two years of data if they are empty/unpopulated. If you did not have data in the 2016-17 school year, and would like to populate data for that year, simply email with the name of your district and we will create the 2016-17 school year database so you can load data.


SAS EVAAS - Early next year, SAS EVAAS will provide individual teacher reporting to any district that provides 2017-18 teacher class rosters through MiDataHub. This will include useful, reliable measures of the academic growth a teacher's students made, on average, in the selected grade and subject or course as well as diagnostic information. Collectively, these reports can help educators improve instruction by identifying effective practices and targeting areas of improvement. Educators will be able to use this information to reflect on past practices and proactively plan for current or future classes.

The deadline for the MiDataHub Opt-in is fast approaching. If your district would like to receive valuable teacher reporting for the 2018 release in addition to the standard reports, your district will need to provide 2017-18 student-teacher linkages prior to December 21, 2018 . For more information on submitting teacher linkages, see

To find information about EVAAS or to contact us, go to .
Data Hub Participation
Live districts added this week-
  • Advanced Technology Academy
  • Alba Public Schools
  • Grand Traverse Academy
  • Hemlock Public School District
  • Kentwood Public Schools
  • Negaunee Public Schools
  • Reed City Area Public Schools
  • Superior Central School District
Signed up districts added this week-
  • Houghton Lake Community School District
  • Michigan Educational Choice Center
  • Trenton Public Schools
  • West Branch - Rose City Area Schools

Over 56% of Michigan student's data is live on the Data Hubs.

If your district has not yet been involved with the Michigan Data Hub, please click here to sign up.