January 29, 2021
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SSO Login Update
We are pleased to announce that MiDataHub has completed a major improvement to the single sign-on functionality. Upon signing into the MiDataHub Launchpad to access tools like MICIP, MiRead, and the MiDataHub cockpit a user is presented with a long list of districts that can be quickly navigated by either typing your district name in the search box or scrolling to the district. There are times when a group of districts are able to log in under a single SSO entry, in some cases would be the ISD, or support provider providing the SSO. 

An example of this would be if a district is SSO federated through their ISD. That ISD might manage multiple district federations. In the past, a district under this example would not see their district in the list of districts but instead would need to select that ISD to login. With a recent update, we simply appended the SSO Provider to the back of the district's name (separated by parentheses). Since this update, your district will show up in the list to select and log in to access MiLaunchPad for your applications.
There are two ways to access the MiDataHub Login (and the option to select your district):
  1. Navigate to https://launchpad.midatahub.org/
  2. Navigate to www.midatahub.org and select the "Login" button
MICIP: How to Authorize a District Data Liaison
One of the steps that districts have been requested to complete during the integration with the MICIP system is to add a MICIP Data Liaison. A MICIP Data Liaison is the primary contact that will be used for communications regarding data quality for the MICIP system. 

To configure this role you will need to have authorization access in the MiDataHub Cockpit as a Technical Contact. If you are not sure who this individual is in your district please email support@midatahub.org and the support team will be able to assist you with identifying who this individual is. The technical contact will need to login to the Michigan Data Hub Cockpit, and create a new authorization or add the MICIP Data Liaison access to an existing person. 

The steps to complete the authorization for a new user (not currently in the MiDataHub cockpit) are below:
  1. Login to the Michigan Data Hub Cockpit (as a Technical Contact).
  2. Select the “New Authorizations” button under the Manage Authorizations heading.
  3. Enter the full name, and email address of the individual you are assigning this role to. 
  4. Check the checkbox for the MICIP Data Liaison role, and click save.

If you are adding the MICIP Data Liaison authorization to an existing user in the MiDataHub cockpit, simply click the "edit" button for that user, and select the MICIP Data Liaison checkbox, and click the "save" button.
The MICIP team provides continuous communication on their website, along with newsletters published every other week.

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Vendor Corner
The team at EVAAS has informed its clients and us that the final opt-in end date for the 2020-21 school year has been extended to March 31, 2021. For more information on this notification please review the recent SAS EVAAS - Final Opt-in notification or reach out to the support team at EVAAS by sending an email to evaas_support@sas.com.  

For further information on the opt-in process, please visit the SAS EVAAS product catalog entry at www.midatahub.org or email support@midatahub.org.
The Vendor Corner will appear most weeks to highlight additions and changes to applications integrated with MiDataHub. 
Participation Update
New Live Districts
Branch Line School
Muskegon Covenant Academy

New Single Sign-on (SSO) Districts
Allen Park Public Schools
Branch ISD
Carson City-Crystal Area Schools
Charlevoix Montessori Academy for the Arts
Cole Academy
Deckerville Community Schools
Fraser Network SSO Single Sign-on
Grand Haven Area Public School
Hale Area Schools
Homer Community Schools
International Academy of Flint
Jonesville Community Schools
Lakeview Community Schools (Montcalm)
Lincoln Park Public Schools
Marysville Public Schools
Montabella Community Schools
New School High
NICE Community Schools
Riverview Community Schools
Saginaw Public Schools
St. Joseph Public Schools
Taylor School District
Vestaburg Community Schools

The following Cornerstone Schools are available in the MiDataHub SSO under the Cornerstone Schools entry:
Cornerstone Health School
Cornerstone Jefferson-Douglass Academy
Madison-Carver Academy
Washington-Parks Academy

Need to register your district?
Please email us at support@midatahub.org.
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