January 7, 2021
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NWEA Data Flowing
As you may recall during the 2020 summer rollover of MiDataHub to version 3.1, the MiDataHub team had to deactivate the NWEA import process for every district throughout the state. Since then we have been working to ensure the integrations are 3.1 compatible and have recently started to turn the NWEA imports back on for districts that have 2020-21 data published to MiDataHub. 

Upon activating the imports for your district, the MiDataHub team is working diligently to verify that the data is loading properly for each district. We expect to have this completed for all identified districts (with 2020-21 data) by the end of next week. If your district has an Inbound Integration turned on for NWEA, you can run reports from the Query Bank in the Manage Custom Exports section of the cockpit to view the data. 

Assessment Inventory - Indicates all assessments defined and numbers of records for each assessment
Assessment Objective Performance Level Validation - Indicates proficiency/performance level on objective/strand level details for each assessment for each student
Assessment Objective Score Validation - Provides object/strand level scores for each assessment for each student
Assessment Score Results Validation - Provides RIT scale score, Percentile rank and Standard error scores for each assessment for each student

To learn more about running Custom Exports, please visit this Youtube Video. or email support at support@midatahub.org.
M-STEP Integration Status
The M-STEP integration with MiDataHub allows for M-STEP results (along with other state assessment data as that is added) to be transferred from MDE’s data systems to your MiDataHub database nightly, for possible use in data exports and other data systems your district uses (MICIP, etc.). 

Benefits of this integration are:
  • The MiDataHub team is currently working with vendors to see the benefit of ingesting this assessment data.
  • MICIP - MDE SIP tool
  • The ability for a district to export the results from a district's DataHub in any format.
  • We will continue the conversation with SIS vendors for interest in ingesting the data nightly

The M-STEP integration is currently inactive, as work has been underway to upgrade that integration to Ed-Fi version 3.1 following the MiDataHub upgrade this summer.  Development and testing have been completed and we expect to start turning on this integration for districts in the following weeks.  The MiDataHub team is continuing to collaborate with our partners at MDE and DTMB on the schedule for re-enabling this integration. Please know that for any district that has already configured this integration previously it will be reactivated automatically for you by the MiDataHub team, so no action will be needed on your part.  Once that reactivation has completed, we will then work to bring on any additional districts that would like to use the service.

Please keep an eye on our newsletter for updates on the status of this integration.
Upcoming Webinar Sign Up
MiDataHub Webinar - Return to Learn, MICIP Readiness and more -
One of the requirements of the Return to Learn legislation approved this summer is for certain benchmark assessments to be delivered to students, reported through MiDataHub, aggregated, and then provided to CEPI and MDE for reporting to the governor and legislature.  All districts will need to report on their benchmark assessments, and most will need to do so via MiDataHub.

In this webinar, we will be walking through the requirements, which assessments must be reported via MiDataHub, and how the reporting and aggregation process will work.  We will briefly address which scenarios will not be reported via MiDataHub, and more information will be coming directly from CEPI and MDE with details of that process.  In addition to the benchmark assessment piece, we will also be touching on the MICIP Readiness check process and other MiDataHub functionality.  

The webinar will be Wednesday, January 13th from 9:00 - 11:00 am

Our Zoom account has a limit of 300 attendees, so the meeting will be recorded for any who are unable to attend or for those attempting to register after the limit is reached.
Legislative Report
As required by Section 22m of the State School Aid Act, a report is prepared by January 1st of each year to submit to the house and senate appropriations subcommittees.  This report covers the details of what has been accomplished with the Michigan Data Hub over the course of the prior calendar year.  Our report for the 2020 calendar year is now available on our website.  
Participation Update
New Live Districts
Branch ISD
Concord Academy Boyne
Wellspring Preparatory High School
West Branch-Rose City Area Schools
Westfield Charter Academy

New Single Sign-on (SSO) Districts
Academic and Career Education Academy
Advanced Technology Academy
Allegan Public Schools
Bath Community Schools
Berrien Springs Public Schools
Brighton Area Schools
Carney-Nadeau Public Schools
Cass City Public Schools
Charlevoix Public Schools
Clinton County RESA Google
Clio Area School District
Crescent Academy
Durand Area Schools
Frankenmuth School District
Greenville Public Schools
Harper Creek Community Schools
Ishpeming Public School District No. 1
Kalamazoo Public Schools
Laingsburg Community Schools
Litchfield Community Schools
Montcalm Area ISD
Meridian Public Schools
Mt. Pleasant City School District
North Central Area Schools
Olivet Community Schools
Perry Public Schools
Renaissance Public School Academy
Schoolcraft Community Schools
Stephenson Area Public Schools
Tawas Area Schools
The Greenspire School
Waterford Montessori Academy
Wells Township School District
Zeeland Public Schools

The following edtec Schools are available in the MiDataHub SSO under the edtec Schools entry:
ACE Academy (SDA)
Advanced Technology Academy
Capstone Academy Charter School (SDA)

The following Foundation for Behavioral Resources schools are available in the MiDataHub SSO under the FBR Charter Schools entry:
Arbor Academy
Augusta Academy
Forest Academy
Oakland Academy

The following GEE Academies are available in the MiDataHub SSO under the GEE Academies entry:
Bridge Academy
Central Academy
Frontier International Academy
Global Heights Academy
Global Tech Academy
Riverside Academy

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