July 22, 2020
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MiDataHub Upcoming Webinar
As promised, MiDataHub will be hosting a webinar on updates, research, and educational improvement:

Webinar - Tuesday, August 4th, 9:00 am to 11:00 am

A number of important developments are converging in the Michigan Data Hub this summer, and we have scheduled a webinar to cover the details.  We would like to invite superintendents, district and school level administrators, and technology directors to join us for this important webinar on Tuesday, August 4th from 9-11am.  Please use the link below to register for the webinar.

Draft Agenda with Proposed Speakers
  • Welcome and overview (Don Dailey)
  • MiDataHub for Research and Educational Improvement
  • Overview (Presenter to be confirmed)
  • Proposed COVID-19 Effects Study:  A study to understand student outcomes in the midst of a pandemic (Presenter to be confirmed)
  • Read by Grade 3 IES Grant (Nicole Wagner and Jasmina Camo-Biogradlija)
  • Partnership District NWEA Usage (William Pearson)
  • Reading Now Network (Doug Greer)
  • MICIP (Tom Johnson, Terry Nugent, and/or Tim Hall - to be confirmed)
  • Data Agreements
  • Disclaimer on Agreements (Don Dailey)
  • MiDataHub Data Hosting Agreement - Minor Revisions
  • Master Agreement between KRESA (MiDataHub Fiscal Agent) and U of M/MSU (Don Dailey, Fredric Heidemann)
  • Read by Grade 3 Opt-In Agreement (Don Dailey, Fredric Heidemann)
  • MICIP Opt-In Agreement Draft (Tim Hall)
  • MiDataHub Update from v2.4 to v3.1 and Consolidation to Oakland Schools (Don Dailey)
  • Scale of update
  • Timelines
  • Vendor Readiness
  • Prioritizing Data Quality
  • Next steps/outcomes/what do we need to do?
  • Q&A

We look forward to meeting with you!
MiDataHub Upgrade to 3.1 & Hub Consolidation
Just a quick reminder about two upcoming changes in early August with the MiDataHub environment.

The EdFi version 3.1 upgrade contains a number of improvements, most of which provide greater flexibility with how district data is handled, including some data elements that were not previously exchanged, and eliminates areas that in the past were identified as being problematic.

Along with the update to Ed-Fi 3.1, the MiDataHub team is working to consolidate from 5 data hub hosting locations to a single data hub located at Oakland Schools. As mentioned in previous newsletters the 5 hub system has served us well. Consolidating MiDataHub to Oakland Schools allows us to continue to host your data at the ISD level and will free up resources so we can continue to take MiDataHub further to meet district needs. The consolidation is scheduled to occur the week of August 3rd but could possibly begin as early as July 31.

We created a small list of what impact this cut-over will have during the week of August 3rd:
  • All access to the MiDataHub Cockpit for users will be shut off
  • All integrations will be deactivated, this includes but is not limited to the examples below:
  • UIC Services
  • Snack-Pack
  • 3rd Party integrations
  • Inbound/Outbound integrations
  • Access to Dashboards will be unavailable
  • SSO federation services will remain active

Upon completion of the work, all services will be restored on the new, upgraded and consolidated MiDataHub infrastructure!

Please keep an eye on our status page located at https://www.midatahub.org/support/status/ for the most up to date status on the consolidation.  

If you have any questions please let us know by sending an email to support@midatahub.org.  
Upcoming SAS EVAAS Webinar
Our valued partners at SAS EVAAS requested sharing information on an upcoming informational webinar available for educators to learn more about the EVAAS student projection reports which are free and currently available to schools across Michigan.

Please see the details below for more information on joining this webinar:
Date: July 30, 2020
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Call-in Number: 1-855-369-0445
Conference Code: 130 084 2644

Participant Count
New Live Districts
  • Beaverton Rural Schools
  • Farwell Area Schools

To register your district, please email support@midatahub.org .