May 26, 2022
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Safari Browser Update
In late April, our team was able to troubleshoot a reported issue from users of the Safari browser (on Apple products) at the district selection screen. When using the Safari Browser, districts were reporting the district list was not in alphabetical order and the search box was missing. We worked directly with our development team to get this corrected and are pleased to announce that as of 5/23/22 this has been resolved. If you are using the Safari browser on an apple product you are now able to scroll through the alphabetical list of districts to locate your district or type the district name in the search box as with other browsers (see image below). As always if you run into any issues or have any questions about the functionality provided by MiDataHub please send us an email at  
New Validation Queries
Mode of Instruction
Two new validation queries have been created to assist districts with verifying the mode of instruction published from the Student Information System. These two queries (Mode of Instruction Summary and Mode of instruction Verification Query) provide results in different ways:

Mode of Instruction summary: provides a computed total by the mode of instruction category

Mode of Instruction Verification Query: outputs a list of students and their mode of instruction assigned by the Student Information System. 

Both of these queries can easily be configured by a new option under the manage custom exports found at the bottom of the manage custom exports section and is labeled “Query tags” In this pull down menu you would select the Mode of Instruction query tag and the reports will be added to the list of available queries in the list on that page:

Select the Mode of Instruction Query Tag and click export set:
The mode of instruction “folder” should now appear in the list. Upon clicking you will see the two available reports referenced above to verify the mode of instruction data provided to MiDataHub from your SIS. 

To use this query or any other queries available in the MiDataHub cockpit please follow this link for step by step instructions on the process. If any assistance is needed please let us know by reaching out to our help desk at
Student Credits and GPA Data
A new data validation query has recently been added to the Query Bank in the data hub cockpit. The Student Credits and GPA Data query shows student credits and GPA information by school year and term. This query was added because some SIS vendors are not providing that data to MiDataHub and the data has been requested for usage in the Michigan Early Warning Intervention Monitoring System (MiEWIMS), which is presently in pilot. We will be working with all SIS vendors to ensure this data is flowing and available for district use in their integrations. To use this query or any other queries available in the MiDataHub cockpit please follow this link for step by step instructions on the process. If any assistance is needed please let us know by reaching out to our help desk at
Webinar for Reporting the Mode of Instruction
On April 19th, the MiDataHub team hosted a webinar to cover the Mode of Instruction updates for districts that are providing aggregate assessment information through MiDataHub for the Benchmark Assessment Mandate. During this webinar, the MiDataHub team discussed the benchmark assessment legislation with an emphasis on the language requiring districts to provide the mode of instruction for students who were assessed with one of the MDE-identified assessments. The three modes of instruction identified by MDE for that requirement are Fully In-Person, Fully Virtual, and Hybrid.  

The webinar agenda topics covered are listed below, 
  • Overview of the Mode of Instruction requirement
  • Loading MOI data from your SIS system
  • Using MiDataHub functionality to import MOI data
  • Verifying that your MOI data is available for aggregation
To review the Return to Learn Benchmark Assessment Webinar or slide deck please visit our trainings page by clicking here or visiting > Trainings > and scrolling to the Return to Learn Benchmark Assessment Webinar. 
Memorial Day Holiday

Please know the MiDataHub helpdesk will not be staffed on May 30, 2022 in honor of Memorial Day. We will be back online on May 31, 2022 for assistance with issues you are experiencing.
Vendor Corner
SAS EVAAS Announcement for Upcoming EVAAS Webinars:
The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has contracted with SAS to provide Value-Added reports for your district or public school academy. EVAAS is pleased to announce upcoming informational webinars for school districts receiving EVAAS teacher value-added reporting. During the webinar, an EVAAS trainer will provide an overview of Teacher reports, explain how to read and interpret the reports alongside other data resources, and suggest benefits and uses for them with positive real-world use cases. There will also be time for questions. For more information, email
Product Catalog Updates
Product Catalog Page updates - Located under the Product Catalog section on our website (

Please see the list below for newly generated or updated product catalog entries created for our partnering vendors. Product catalog entries are a resource that provides users of MiDataHub specific details on configuring the integration for the partnering vendor. Please note each product catalog entry will have an integration status of either “Pilot” or “Production”. Pilot implies the integration is in pilot status and is currently being tested in a district or districts statewide. Production implies the integration is ready for integration in the MiDataHub cockpit, and by completing the integration steps you should have a successful integration with the system. 

Bhworks (mdlogix) - bhworks is a comprehensive software platform that can be accessed from any web-enabled device, providing organizations with the tools they need to deliver behavioral health services anywhere people live, work, study, or receive care. With easy to use features that streamline screening, care coordination, and outcomes reporting, bhworks has been leveraged to address behavioral health issues in a range of settings – from schools, hospitals, and primary care facilities, to local health departments, community organizations, and workplaces.
State of Michigan Assessment Service - The Michigan State Assessment Service integration allows for state assessment results to be transferred from the Michigan Department of Educations data systems to your MiDataHub database, where it can be used in dashboards, exports, and other data systems your district uses. Most importantly, this integration will check for new data on a weekly basis, so your district will receive timely state assessment data for new students that enroll in your district.
Participation Update
Participation Count by System