December 17, 2020
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Upcoming Webinar
MiDataHub Webinar - Return to Learn, MICIP Readiness, and more!
One of the requirements of the Return to Learn legislation approved this summer is for certain benchmark assessments to be delivered to students, reported through MiDataHub, aggregated, and then provided to CEPI and MDE for reporting to the governor and legislature. All districts will need to report on their benchmark assessments, and most will need to do so via MiDataHub. In this webinar, we will be walking through the requirements, which assessments must be reported via MiDataHub, and how the reporting and aggregation process will work. We will briefly address which scenarios will not be reported via MiDataHub, and more information will be coming directly from CEPI and MDE with details of that process. In addition to the benchmark assessment piece, we will also be touching on the MICIP Readiness check process and other MiDataHub functionality.  

When: The webinar will be Wednesday, January 13th from 9:00 am - 11:00 am. 

Registration: Please click here to register

Our Zoom account has a limit of 300 attendees, so the meeting will be recorded for any who are unable to attend or for those attempting to register after the limit is reached.
SSO Self Service Federation Functionality
There is new functionality recently deployed in the MiDataHub cockpit that will streamline the process of completing the SSO Federation with MIDataHub. Essentially we wanted to create a system where the request for a federation is made directly in the MiDataHub cockpit. The new functionality is located on the main screen when logging into the MiDataHub Cockpit under a tab called “Manage SSO”.
NOTE: Only a user authorized as a technical contact will have access to this section.
After clicking the Manage SSO button, you will be presented with the SSO Management request screen, where you will enter key pieces of information regarding your district, the district name to display for the federation, Directory Type (ADFS, Google, O365), metadata URL, and contact information. Upon completing the submission of the requested data on this page an admin on the MiDataHub team will approve your request.

Our intent with this functionality is to expedite the request time for your SSO Federation request. 

For more information, and documentation on this process please visit our product catalog entry page for the SSO federation by clicking here or by navigating to the link found at:
MICIP Platform January 4th Launch
On January 4th the MICIP Platform is scheduled to go live statewide. It is important to know this is the day the system goes online but that not all districts will have access that day. On the morning of the 4th, MDE will begin the creation of district accounts and will notify the district MICIP System admin when their account is created. It will likely take a few days for all of the account setups to be completed. 

Please watch for a notification from MDE that your MICIP System Administrator can access the system that week. The System Admin can then start configuring MICIP for the district and adding local users. Only districts who have signed the MICIP Agreement in the MiDataHub Cockpit will get access.
Vendor Corner
The Vendor Corner will appear most weeks to highlight additions and changes to applications integrated with MiDataHub.  

Participation Update
New Live Districts
Arbor Preparatory High School
Athens Area Schools
Atlanta Community Schools
Bangor Township S/D #8
Canton Preparatory High School
Cheboygan-Otsego-Presque Isle ESD
Coleman Community Schools
Elm River Township School District
Innoacademy Allegan Campus
Mar Lee School District
Marshall Public Schools
Muskegon Area ISD
Quincy Community Schools

New District Sign Ups
Crescent Academy

New Single Sign-on (SSO) Districts
Adrian Public Schools
Alma Public Schools
Arvon Township School District
Bay City Academy
Bay City School District
Berrien Springs Public Schools
Byron Center Public Schools
Chippewa Valley Schools
Comstock Public Schools
David Ellis Academy
Dexter Community School District
Elm River Township School District
Fowler Public Schools
Grand River Preparatory
Hartford Public Schools
Hudson Area Schools
Manchester Community Schools
Marquette-Alger RESA
Mason County Central
Mason Public Schools
Michigan International Prep School
MiMTSS TA Center
Muskegon Public Schools
New Lothrop Area Public Schools
Ovid-Elsie Area Schools
Owosso Public Schools
Public Schools of Petoskey
Reese Public Schools
Roseville Community Schools
South Haven Public Schools
Warren Consolidated Schools
Waterford School District
Whitehall District Schools

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