November 14, 2018
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Changes at a Glance
We have recently updated the At-A-Glance report, which is one of the most often used reports in MiDataHub. New additions to the report include an enrollment/assignment date, which allows for the report to be run as of a given date, rather than always using the current date. That functionality is helpful when viewing prior school years or trying to get accurate record counts over the summer.

Additionally, a number of new columns have been added to the school section of the report. Attendance has been broken into School (daily) attendance and Section (period) attendance. Columns have been added for the number of grade and discipline records as well. Finally, the Programs, Racial/Ethnic and Food Services sections have been formatted to better use the width of the page, allowing for those pieces to take up less space.
Monthly Webinar
Due to the holiday season, we will be combining our November and December webinars. 

Our November/December webinar will be Tuesday, December 4th from 1:00 pm -2:30 pm .

Please visit this registration link to sign up.

The October District Webinar recordings are now posted on our website under the "Support" section.
Team Spotlight
Diane Talo, a Doctoral candidate at Western Michigan University, currently serves as Director of Instructional Leadership and School Improvement at St. Joseph County ISD.
Diane has been an educator for thirty-four years serving students as a Paraprofessional, Special Education teacher, Counselor, Principal and Curriculum Director from California to Connecticut and Michigan. Currently, Diane leads school improvement and professional development in her county and works collaboratively with other Directors to coordinate regional supports for educators and students. The committees and teams Diane devotes time to include Michigan Collaboration Hub (MiCH) Steering Committee, Actionable Data Advisory Committee, Starfish School Improvement, High Impact Leadership Grant (HIL), the Reading Now Network (RNN), GELN, and Michigan School Improvement Facilitators Network. An avid reader, surfer and singer Diane keeps busy hunting down beaches and concerts to keep creativity flowing when she is not working on behalf of the students and families of Michigan.

Thank you Diane for your contribution to the Michigan Data Hubs!
Vendor Spotlight
Learn about our newest partnerships during the Vendor Spotlight section. During the November/ December webinar we will be highlighting Spotlight , committed to helping Michigan telling the story behind the data.
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