December 18, 2019
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Legislative Report Preparation
One of the tasks that we complete at the end of the calendar year is to draft our report to the legislature to inform them of the status and progress of MiDataHub for the year. This year, it has been a particularly exciting process to highlight the significant growth that we’ve collaboratively achieved, as it represents the hard work of stakeholders statewide, including ISDs, districts, CEPI, MDE, DTMB, MiDataHub staff, Double Line Partners, system vendors, the many associations we work with (MACUL, MPAAA, MACUL, MASA, MAISA, REMC, and others), standards organizations (Ed-Fi, IMS Global), and countless others. We would like to say a very huge “ Thank You! ” to everyone who has worked on this initiative to help us better use data to educate our students. While the report is still in draft, we would like to share out some of the statistics that really tell the story of this last year :
  • 536 districts are live on MiDataHub, having at least student grade level rosters on file for one or more school years
  • 153 districts have had live data for 5 years in a row
  • Over 1.2 Million students worth of data are currently in MiDataHub across the years, with this year and each of the two prior years having over 1 Million students recorded
  • 2019 was the fastest year to get to the 1 million student mark, which occurred around October 20th. Next year, our goal is to hit 1 million by the first day of school.
  • UIC Services were the highest used external integration 
  • 373 districts utilized UIC services during 2019
  • Over 150,000 UIC transactions were processed
  • Over 31,000 new UICs were created
  • The Ed-Fi/MiDataHub dashboards were the highest used internal integration, with 438 districts generating their dashboards
  • Our Product Catalog was launched in 2019, detailing integration status and implementation documentation for vendor products as well as MiDataHub-related initiatives
  • Over 3,400 integrations are defined for districts in MiDataHub, which is approximately 6.4 integrations per live district.
  • MiDataHub was successfully updated from Ed-Fi 2.0 to 2.4
  • MiRead and MiStrategyBank were launched with nearly 100 districts
  • MiDataExchange was launched with 95 districts in support of MiRead
  • The number of MiDataHub Single Sign-On (SSO) requests increased significantly
  • Career Cruising, MiRead, MiStrategyBank, and Xello became accessible via the SSO and Launchpad
  • 164 districts federated (connected) their Google and Microsoft logins to the SSO so that staff and students can access with their own logins rather than MiDataHub-created logins
  • The M-STEP data transfer was implemented successfully with MiDataHub so that the most recent M-STEP results for students enrolled in your district now will transfer to your data hub
  • The Portable Records (Snackpack) process was piloted successfully for MISTAR and is now live and available to other student information systems to implement
  • Since going live in November, 74 districts have opted into using the Snackpack
  • 21,600 Snackpack requests have been generated since the feature went into production
  • In the last two weeks, 47 districts have requested Snackpack data, generating 6,200 requests

Much more information will be available in the final report, which will be available after the 1st of the year . Please look for the link to this report in our next newsletter, which is scheduled for January 8th
On behalf of the entire MiDataHub team, we would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Participant Count
New Live Districts
  • Ida Public School District
  • Potterville Public Schools
  • Renaissance Public School Academy
  • Union City Community Schools
  • Youth Advancement Academy

New District Sign Ups
  • Bay City Academy PS
  • Kalamazoo Covenant Academy
  • Muskegon Covenant Academy
  • Covenant House Academy Grand Rapids
  • Detroit Community Schools
  • Hanley International Academy
  • Trillium Academy
  • Distinctive College Prep
  • International Academy of Flint
  • International Academy of Saginaw
  • Michigan Connections Academy Connexus
  • Tipton Academy
  • Muskegon Area ISD
  • AGBU Alex-Marie Manoogian School
  • Barry ISD
  • Midland County Educational Service Agency