October 14, 2020
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Fall 2020 MiRead Status Update
Currently MiRead is not populated with local district data for use.   The delay in readiness this fall is a result of a number of technical database updates from this summer.  The Michigan Data Hub, which MiRead relies on for data, underwent a major version upgrade this summer.  As a result, the MiDataExchange had to complete subsequent upgrades, which has taken more time than anticipated.  

MiRead programmers are currently working diligently to update code and to complete testing with the team at MiDataHub. As soon as all of the data is ready, MiRead will be populated and ready for use by teachers.  We expect it to be up and running by the end of the month.   

We do realize that this delay in access to MiRead is particularly challenging for schools and apologize for the delay.  It is also our understanding that MDE has acknowledged the challenges that this year brings and has suggested that schools and educators first focus on providing support to students and are aware that documentation of compliance may come later with regard to the read by grade three requirements.  Hopefully this offers some solace and flexibility as all of you work tirelessly to serve and support students.  

The MiRead Team

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Submitting Support Tickets
Submitting a request to MiDataHub:

When submitting an email to support@midatahub.org for assistance with an issue you are experiencing, please remember to include a few, critical pieces of information that will help expedite the resolution of your issue.
Name - Name of individual requesting or in need of assistance

Contact information - Email or Phone Number of individual requesting assistance

District - District where the issue is occurring. This information is helpful as we have individuals across the state that oversee support for multiple districts. It also will allow us to evaluate if the issue is occurring on our end as well. 

Issue/Question - Please provide as much detail as possible on the issue you are experiencing. It is very important to be as transparent as possible with the issue so the support team doesn’t need to respond back to help fill in the gaps prior to providing a resolution. If possible please don’t hesitate including screenshots, video recording, browser type, etc.

A few other helpful tips when submitting a ticket are:

One support request per email: If you have several requests please submit a separate ticket for each request. This will help expedite each request as not all requests are handled by the same individual. 

Descriptive Subject line: Including a brief summary of the issue you are experiencing in the subject line of the email will help us expedite and determine the urgency and assignment of ticket. 
OneRoster Webinar
On October 7th we held a OneRoster Deep Dive webinar, which covered the use of the OneRoster API and CSV integrations available through MiDataHub.  The webinar covered configuration and testing.  While most of the webinar was geared toward the MiDataHub use of OneRoster, much of the content is good background information for any implementation of OneRoster, including using SIS-based OneRoster integrations.  The links for the recording and PowerPoint slide deck are below.

Vendor Corner
The Vendor Corner will appear most weeks to highlight additions and changes to applications integrated with MiDataHub.  
  • Headstream Technologies Edlusion has been added to our product catalog and we are beginning pilot testing for the product.
  • Please review the Current Memo from the team at SAS EVAAS containing useful information for this years opt in window.
  • Current Opt In window open for the 2020-21 school year is OPEN
  • Click here for the updated SAS EVAAS product catalog page on MiDataHub.org

Participation Update
New Live Districts
  • Engadine Consolidated Schools
  • Great Lakes Learning Academy
  • Holly Academy
  • Rudyard Area Schools

New District Sign Ups
  • New Bedford Academy
  • Tekonsha Community Schools
  • New School High
  • Warren Woods
  • Joseph K. Lumsden Bahweting Anishnabe Academy
  • Oakland County Academy of Media & Technology
  • Richfield Public School Academy 
  • Waterford Montessori Academy

New Single Sign on Districts
  • Beaverton Schools
  • Berrien RESA
  • Chelsea Public Schools
  • Clare Public Schools
  • Clare-Gladwin RESD
  • Covert Public Schools
  • Decatur Public Schools
  • Detroit Community Schools
  • Farwell Area Schools
  • Gladwin Community Schools
  • Grand Blanc Academy
  • Grosse Ile Township Schools
  • Harrison Community Schools
  • Kingston Community Schools
  • Lawrence Public Schools
  • Milan Area Schools
  • Millington Community Schools
  • New Buffalo Area Schools
  • Northville Public Schools
  • Richmond Community Schools
  • Saline Area Schools
  • Shiawassee RESD
  • Southgate Community Schools
  • Tuscola ISD
  • Vassar Public Schools

Need to register your district?
Please email us at support@midatahub.org.