FEBRUARY 23, 2023
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The planned migration of the MiDataHub hosting environment to Amazon Web Services (AWS) was initially scheduled to begin on 2/23/23. After further discussion, we have collaboratively decided with our partners to delay the migration by one week. One of the factors in rescheduling this migration was that many districts still need to e-sign the data hosting agreement and waiver. We hope that with this slight delay, we are providing sufficient time for districts to complete this step. More information on authorizing the agreement is in the following section of this newsletter. 

The revised scheduled migration will occur on Friday, March 3 at 12:00 PM. When the migration begins all MiDataHub functionality will be unavailable. This includes active integrations, API Services including the UIC Services, Snack-Pack, and Direct Certification functionality. We anticipate completing this migration no later than early AM on Monday, March 6. We will provide notifications to our MiDatHub Notification basecamp group when the migration begins and completes and if there are any further delays. If you are not already signed up to receive notifications on this notification group, please request to be added by sending an email to support@midatahub.org.
As a result of the upcoming plan to move the hosting environment from Oakland Schools to Amazon Web Services (AWS) the team at MiDataHub wants to ensure your district has completed the steps to authorize the updated MiDataHub hosting agreement and waiver. As of preparing this newsletter, just over 350 districts still need to complete this step before the migration, which is currently scheduled for Friday, March 3rd, at 12:00 PM. If you have already completed this step, please disregard this notice. However, if you are one of the remaining districts that need to authorize the waiver and agreement, please review the steps outlined in the following document, Authorizing Updated Agreement and Waiver.  

If you are unsure or want to verify if your district has completed this required step, please navigate to the DHA Pending with Contacts tab of our ISD and District Status spreadsheet. This tab indicates the districts that still need to complete this step, as well as the contacts that we’ve reached out to on this email, which are those individuals authorized in the MiDataHub cockpit as either a Superintendent or Superintendent Proxy. We also created a 2:00-minute video walking through how to access and use the worksheet.

This video can be accessed by clicking this link: Feb 2023 - Authorizing updated hosting agreement and waiver.

Please email us at support@midatahub.org for any assistance needed to complete the electronic signature process. 

For any questions related to the agreement itself, you can email incoming MiDataHub Director Tammy Evans at tevans@gomaisa.org or Don Dailey at ddailey@gomaisa.org
Just a reminder that similar to last year, the Benchmark Assessment mandate requires that districts provide an update to their board of education regarding test scores no later than the February and End of Year board meetings each school year. To assist with analyzing and reporting NWEA, i-Ready and Star data, MiDataHub maintains a set of queries that can be used to aggregate information in a manner described in the Section 98b Goal Progress Report template created by GELN.

We have worked with numerous districts on accessing these queries over the last few weeks. The MiDataHub team has documentation detailing the steps to download queries in the MiDataHub cockpit for NWEA, I-Ready, and STAR. The steps to access them are below, along with a direct link to each:
Documentation available on MiDataHub Website under Documentation > Cockpit Information:

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