December 11, 2019
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Important Updates
Over this last weekend the MiDataHub Cockpit was updated with a few new features. One of the most helpful is that the timeout value was changed from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, allowing users to be idle longer before being logged out automatically.  

The other major update was the addition of the much-anticipated 'Alert' functionality. Alerts are ways of being notified of specific data conditions that exist in your data or of audited changes that were made in MiDataHub. To access the Alert functionality, simply choose the Utilities menu and click on 'Alerts'. The next step is to click the link to 'Add District Alert Subscription'. Although the 'Name' field is listed first, we recommend choosing an Alert Type as the first step in configuration. The choices are 'Audited Activity' or 'Scheduled Activity'. The steps for configuring each are bulleted below:

Audited Activity - This will alert specified users when something is changed.
  • Click the Audited Activity drop down and choose one of the following:
  • API Integration Added
  • API OneRoster Access Changed
  • API OneRoster Access Error
  • API Integration Status Changed
  • API Integration Auto Creation Changed
  • Build Added
  • Build Schedule Added
  • Build Schedule Removed
  • Build Status Changed
  • DataExchangeResetInitiated
  • DistrictAgreementStatusChanged
  • DistrictAnonymizationSubmitted
  • DistrictMaintenanceScriptTriggered
  • DistrictSchoolYearChanged
  • DistrictStatusChanged
  • Inbound Integration Added
  • Inbound Integration Schedule Added
  • Inbound Integration Schedule Removed
  • Inbound Integration Schedule Changed
  • ODS Management Action Initiated
  • Outbound Integration Added
  • Outbound Integration Schedule Added
  • Outbound Integration Schedule Removed
  • Outbound Integration Schedule Changed
  • User Added
  • User Claims Changed
  • Choose one or more subscribers
  • Make sure the status is 'Active'
  • Enter a name for the Alert
  • Click on "Submit"

Scheduled Activity - This will perform a check at the scheduled time for the particular rule you would like to run .    
  • Choose a 'Scheduled Activity' from the list of activities listed below. For the first time, we recommend using the 'Data Freshness' option as the MSDS checks are still being improved.
  • Data Freshness
  • MDSD Early Childhood Data Check
  • MDSD Early Roster Data Check
  • MDSD General Collection Data Check
  • MDSD General Teacher Student Data Link Data Check
  • MDSD Migrant Teacher Student Data Link Data Check
  • MDSD Student Record Maintenance Data Check
  • Based on the Scheduled Activity selected, one or more Conditions will be displayed. Enter values appropriate to provide the desired alert.
  • For Data Freshness, entering a DaysOld Operator of Greater Than and a Value of 2 will let you know if your data has gone 3 days or more without being updated. That will avoid weekend inactivity, but would probably trigger during a holiday or spring-break session. If it occurs outside of these times, then it would indicate that MiDataHub is not receiving updates from your SIS as desired.
  • Set a schedule by choosing:
  • Schedule Type - Daily is usually ideal
  • Start Date - When you would like to start monitoring
  • Start Time - What time of day would you like to check the data
  • Select one or more subscribers to receive the alert
  • Ensure the Status is Active, or choose Inactive to disable
  • Enter an appropriate Name at the top of the screen
  • Click the "Submit" button
We believe that this new alert functionality, especially the Scheduled Activity alerts, will allow districts to be proactive in monitoring the health and completeness of their data for all of the district’s integration needs. If you have ideas for other alert rules you would like to see, please email those suggestions to .

Other minor fixes were a correction to the SFTP process, corrections to the Assessment Importer, and fixes related to the logging framework in the cockpit.
Xello SSO
We are pleased to announce that Xello is now connected to the MiDataHub Launchpad and is available to districts for single sign-on. If a district has their Google or Microsoft AD logins connected to the MiDataHub SSO, then both staff and students for that district should be able to see the Xello icon and log in via the launchpad with no extra work. This is also true for Xello’s previous product, Career Cruising, which has been SSO enabled.
The deadline to opt-into receiving the teacher-level reports from SAS EVAAS has passed, and we had a total of 206 districts opt-in . As a reminder, all districts will be able to receive student and school level reports, even if they were unable to opt-in for the teacher reports. SAS is scheduling regional trainings, so please see the memo below for more details:

Did you know that EVAAS growth reports are free to schools across Michigan? It’s true, and we’re here to help you make the most of them with in-person training opportunities.

The Michigan Department of Education contracted EVAAS to provide districts and public school academies with reports to supplement other reporting tools provided by the state. 

Because K-12 educators are some of the busiest people around, we’ve planned a series of training events across the state that can fit into nearly anyone’s schedule. Review this document to see more information about these exciting training opportunities to help educators use data behind the impact of instruction on student outcomes. 

Please pass this information along to your school administrators and instructional leaders because many EVAAS reports inform their efforts in school improvement, teacher development, and student support.
100% District Participation
One of the goals of the Michigan Data Hub is to work towards 100% district adoption by the Fall of 2020 . In order to achieve that, we have been working to reach out to districts who have not been involved in the project so far, to ask them to complete the Data Hub District Participation Form The form simply provides us with the information on who to contact and which data systems are being used by your school. Completing the form does not require you to connect, but simply gives us information to better work with you. If you are unsure of whether your district is working with MiDataHub, please visit our ISD and District Participation Status Spreadsheet and look to see if your Status (Column E) is Active. If it isn’t, then completing the form would be a great step towards getting involved, and would be much appreciated.
Participant Count
New Live Districts
  • Au Gres-Sims School District
  • Bay-Arenac ISD
  • Bay City School District
  • Bangor Township Schools
  • Cole Academy
  • Essexville-Hampton Public Schools
  • Francis Reh PSA
  • Grosse Ile Township Schools
  • Howell Public Schools
  • Oscoda Area Schools
  • Standish-Sterling Community Schools
  • Saginaw Preparatory Academy
  • Tawas Area Schools

New District Sign Ups
  • Hillman Community Schools
  • Atlanta Community Schools