May 27, 2021
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MiLearn Agreements Deployed Statewide
MDE’s MiLearn system provides an easy and convenient method for Parents, Students, and Educators to access student test scores electronically using the Student Information System (SIS) portal. Test scores from multiple assessments including M-STEP, WIDA, and MiAccess, and soon-to-include ELMBA, are able to be reviewed electronically. Now that MiLearn is supported through all 5 major SISs in the state (Infinite Campus, MISTAR-Q, PowerSchool, Skyward, and Synergy), we have been asked to enable the MiLearn agreement for any districts that didn’t already have it available for authorizing in the MiDataHub cockpit. 

Electronically signing the agreement is the first step in the process of using MiLearn. For more information, please see the MiLearn page in our Product Catalog or reach out directly to Tim Hall via email at
Acadience Data Load
A recent update was released in MiDataHub to correct a known issue with importing Acadience results into your MiDataHub. The documentation for both exporting results directly from Acadience and configuring the inbound integration in the MiDataHub cockpit are found below and at our corresponding product catalog page for the Acadience import:

If you have any questions or need any assistance with this please don’t hesitate reaching out to us by sending an email to the support team at
How do LEAs/PSAs use the MSB?
The majority of Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) have now identified a MiStrategyBank ISD lead.

We encourage you to reach out to your ISD for support with creating MiStrategyBank user accounts for district and building staff as well as for support when using the MiStrategyBank application.

Additional support and documentation for using the MiStategyBank, such as user roles, and “how-to” documents, are available at
Users from LEAs, PSAs, and ISDs are encouraged to join us for our upcoming training session listed below!

Please join us for a Virtual MiStrategyBank Overview Training 
In MAISA’s continued partnership with MDE to support MICIP and MiStrategyBank, we are pleased to offer an overview of MiStrategyBank on June 4th, 2021 at 2:00 pm.

The presentation will start with an overview of MiStrategyBank including information on adding users, tips for filtering strategies, and how to add and manage local strategies.  A number of new features, tools, and data points that have been added to the MiStrategyBank will also be reviewed. 

Please individually register in advance for this session: Register Here

For information about the MiStrategyBank, please contact Lisa Lockman at
MiDataHub Update
Recently MiDataHub loaded update 2021.4.5 into production. This update brought a wealth of improvements including:
  • Assessment Importer Sweep
  • Alter sweep to include psat and sat
  • Alter sweep to include null values 
  • Converts sweep processing to use stored procs
  • Automated EEM Processing 
  • When a current year ods is provisioned the district will automatically be opted into the EEM services
  • Change to SFTP integration page to allow for folder management functionality
  • Change of MSDS As of Date page title to As of Date Override Management
  • Display of default as of data added
  • Change to MiLearn Authorization select all fix
  • Added functionality for integrations to have log file emailed
  • Checkbox in the UI to include log
  • Updates to Renaissance Star
  • Updated to new file format
  • Added taken at field
  • Preparation for combined load
  • Update to Acadience
  • Updated loading functionality for changes in file format
  • Incorporated core fields functionality to attempt to deal with varying file header issues
  • Updates to readiness alerts to insert historical data
  • Update to Agreements page for external link
  • Initial baseline rollout for future functionality – open badges
Participation Update
New Live Districts
Hanley International Academy
Keys Grace Academy
Madison Academy
Merritt Academy
Oakland International Academy
The Dearborn Academy
Warren Woods Public Schools

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