October 1, 2020
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MiRead Status Update
Following the summer EdFi Updates and consolidation to one Hub, the MiDataHub and MiRead technical teams have been working to update the Michigan DataExchange for MiRead and to update the MiRead application to get data from the updated system. The MiDataExchange updates are largely complete and the MiRead programmers are testing and updating connections, as needed, to the new database. As soon as the system is up and running (anticipated within the next two weeks) we will be sending announcements via this newsletter and the MiRead newsletter.  

We understand the urgency for MiRead to be running for classroom teachers and every effort is being made to get MiRead up and running as soon as possible.

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OneRoster Webinar
Mark your calendars! OneRoster “Deep Dive” Webinar - Wednesday October 7, 2:00 - 3:30pm.
As you may be aware, MiDataHub Supports the IMS Global OneRoster 1.1 API standard. That means that any product that can connect via the OneRoster API can be integrated through MiDataHub. More recently, we’ve also been asked to create OneRoster CSV files, and have a successful test of that.

We are pleased to announce a OneRoster Deep Dive Webinar where districts can learn more about integrating systems using both the OneRoster API and CSV options. While geared at using the MiDataHub implementation, this session will provide a broad-based understanding of OneRoster that will be helpful for SIS-based OneRoster implementations as well. The webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, October 7th, 2020, from 2:00 - 3:30pm.

If you are interested in attending, please click the link below to register in advance:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Proposed Agenda
  • Welcome and introductions
  • Overview of the IMS Global OneRoster Standards
  • CSV files
  • OneRoster API walkthrough
  • Creating the API
  • Connecting to the API for testing
  • OneRoster CSV file walkthrough
  • Dependence on Stored Functions
  • Automating generation 
  • Application Username impact on user types
  • Vendors that are working with OneRoster vs. those in the Product Catalog
  • Common issues
  • Q&A
MICIP Going Live!
On Schedule - Under Budget - As Promised 

MICIP is ready when districts are ready 
Schools and districts throughout Michigan are grappling with the immense challenge of supporting learning and learners during a worldwide pandemic. As instruction is being delivered in-person, through learning at a distance, or a hybrid of the two, schools are engaging in rapid cycles of evaluation and implementation with the goal of ensuring safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments during these challenging times. 
When districts are ready to begin the process of continuous improvement, the Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Process (MICIP) will be available to assist districts in their efforts to improve student outcomes. In other words, MICIP is ready when districts are ready. 
MICIP has been more than two years in the making and is ready for a limited rollout on October 5. A limited rollout means that the MICIP Platform may be used, at their discretion, by testing partners representing more than 46 districts and 44 intermediate school districts (ISDs). Testing partners represent diverse student populations in varied geographic areas and settings. A statewide rollout is planned for January 4, 2020. 
Additional information may be found on the MICIP website
Look for more information in the coming weeks and months on getting your district MiDataHub integrations ready to enhance your MICIP experience!
Questions? Email support@midatahub.org
MiDataHub Adoption Animated Map
Please take a minute to watch the animated graphic depicting the adoption of MiDataHub across the State of Michigan over the last three years. If you have any issues viewing this in the newsletter please click here to view the live, up to date animation of this map. 

Congratulations to the team on getting 89% of students connected to the Data Hub! As well, we couldn't do it without your support.
Vendor Corner
The Vendor Corner will appear most weeks to highlight additions and changes to applications integrated with MiDataHub.  
  • Headstream Technologies EdLusion has been added to the product catalog. Although listed as Developing, their product is capable of connecting to MiDataHub via the Ed-Fi API and is only in need of pilot districts to confirm functionality for them to be live.
  • Penda Learning was added as a new OneRoster API integration, categorized as Educational Application. The Product catalog page is pending, but the application is configured for use and available in the MiDataHub Cockpit. Contact support@midatahub.org for assistance if needed.
  • Please review the Current Memo from the team at SAS EVAAS containing useful information for this years opt in window.
  • Current Opt In window open for the 2020-21 school year is OPEN
  • Click here for the updated SAS EVAAS product catalog page on MiDataHub.org

Participation Update
New Live Districts
  • Charlevoix Montessori Academy for the Arts
  • C.O.O.R. ISD
  • Houghton Lake Community Schools

New District Sign Ups
  • Alternative Educational Academy of Iosco County
  • Charyl Stockwell Academy
  • Crestwood School District
  • Da Vinci Institute
  • Ivywood Classical Academy
  • Livingston Classical Academy
  • Michigan Online School
  • Oakland FlexTech High School 
  • Powell Township Schools

New Single Sign on Districts
  • Coloma Community Schools
  • Lawton Public Schools
  • Lowell Area Schools
  • Paw Paw Public Schools

Along with 50 NHA Charter Schools connected via their Okta SSO
  • Achieve Charter Academy
  • Burton Glen Charter Academy
  • Canton Charter Academy
  • Chandler Woods Charter Academy
  • Cross Creek Charter Academy
  • Detroit Enterprise Academy
  • Detroit Merit Charter Academy
  • Detroit Premier Academy
  • Eagle Crest Charter Academy
  • East Arbor Charter Academy
  • Endeavor Charter Academy
  • Excel Charter Academy
  • Flagship Charter Academy
  • Fortis Academy
  • Grand River Academy
  • Great Oaks Academy
  • Hamtramck Academy
  • Keystone Academy
  • Knapp Charter Academy
  • Lansing Charter Academy
  • Laurus Academy
  • Legacy Charter Academy
  • Linden Charter Academy
  • Metro Charter Academy
  • North Saginaw Charter Academy
  • Oakside Scholars Charter Academy
  • Paragon Charter Academy
  • Paramount Charter Academy
  • Pembroke Academy
  • Plymouth Scholars Charter Academy
  • Prevail Academy
  • Quest Charter Academy
  • Reach Charter Academy
  • Regent Park Scholars Charter Academy
  • Ridge Park Charter Academy
  • River City Scholars Charter Academy
  • South Arbor Charter Academy
  • South Canton Scholars Charter Academy
  • South Pointe Scholars Charter Academy
  • Taylor Exemplar Academy
  • Timberland Academy
  • Triumph Academy
  • Vanderbilt Charter Academy
  • Vanguard Charter Academy
  • Vista Charter Academy
  • Walker Charter Academy
  • Walton Charter Academy
  • Warrendale Charter Academy
  • Westfield Charter Academy
  • Windemere Park Charter Academy

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