January 9, 2019
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Don't miss out! Apply to be a Beta Pilot
Pilot Applications for mid-year implementation are being accepted until January 18th, 2019 . For details and to apply, please see and complete the MiRead Beta Pilot School Application .

MiRead will be presenting a breakout session at the 2019 MASA Midwinter Conference .

Session Title: MiRead Literacy Portal – Statewide Literacy Support Going Live 2019!
Time: Wednesday, February 6th, 3:15 pm to 4:30 pm
Location: Nicolet B – Level 5 
Presenters: Dave Cairy, MAISA; Tom Johnson, MiDataHub; and Jennifer Cordes, Kaleva Norman Dickson School District

E mail Taylor Hoag at thoag@gomasa.org with questions.  
Annual Legislative Report
CEPI and the MiDataHub Team recently completed and submitted the Annual Legislative Report for 2018. The report details progress on legislative goals:
  • MiDataHub development and district adoption,
  • Vendor relations and adoption,
  • MDE and CEPI applications, and
  • Actionable data enhancements.  
Vendor Partnership Success
Vendor Partnerships are growing steadily and the value of MiDataHub for both schools and our vendor partners is becoming increasingly valued.

Below is a quote from Ben Pierce at Career Cruising (Xello, Inc.) , that speaks to the potential and commitment from Xello to leverage MiDataHub on behalf of their customers in Michigan.

Benefits to Career Cruising (quoted from Ben Pierce, Director Data Services Career Cruising)
“We saved roughly 1.5 months of man-hours a year not having to do manual imports for many of our largest Michigan districts. Student roster accuracy has increased substantially due to the rostering information coming from Ed-Fi rather than Excel spreadsheets.
Our support call volume from Michigan districts has gone down due to the fact that roster information is synced nightly and student records are always up to date.
Our on-boarding time for new districts in Michigan has dropped dramatically thanks to the ease of clients creating an access key and secret for Career Cruising via their cockpit application. A previous district setup that could sometimes take weeks can now be completed immediately after we receive our Ed-Fi keys. We’ve been able to work with districts who previously could not use Career Cruising because they did not have the technical means/time to extract their student roster on a semi-annually basis for us.
Ed-Fi has significantly streamlined our engineering process in Michigan thanks to the fact that we only need to worry about integrating with Ed-Fi, as opposed to having to work with a large number of different SIS vendors (some of which are not easy to connect with).”

Benefits to Customers (quoted from Ben Pierce, Director Data Services Career Cruising)
  • “Districts no longer have to worry about the accuracy of their student roster in Career Cruising because they’re now integrated nightly, as opposed to semi-annually.
  • District IT are spending less time configuring integration/pulling files and are instead managing the entire process from their Data Hub Cockpit.
  • Districts that couldn’t previously use single sign-on with Career Cruising now can, as data is synced nightly and accurately.
  • Teachers are now able to spend more time working with students and getting value from Career Cruising rather than having to worry about key-punching students into our administration portal or updating records.”

For more information on vendor updates, contact our Vendor Relations Manager, Anne Crylen, at anne.crylen@midatahub.org
Data Hub Team Spotlight
Kurt Rheaume is Director of Information Technology at Wayne RESA . Kurt has over 20 years experience in K-12 application development and support at the local, regional, and state levels. He has worked with stakeholders at all levels to create solutions to improve business operations in public schools, improve data flow, information security, and implementation of standards.
Kurt serves on the Data Integration Advisory.

Thank you Kurt for your commitment to the Michigan Data Hub!
Data Hub Participation
Signed up districts added this week-
  • Springport Public Schools
  • Vestaburg Community Schools
  • Mancelona Public Schools
  • Lakeview School District
  • Essexville-Hampton Public Schools
  • Bath Community Schools

If your district has not yet been involved with the Michigan Data Hub, please click here to sign up .