February 5, 2020
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Updates for 2020-21 & Cloud Readiness Survey
Although we are only midway through the 2019-20 school year, the MiDataHub team is already working on some major changes for the 2020-21 school year .   Work is underway to consolidate the 5 data hubs into a single data hub that will be much more scalable, more reliable, less complex and easier to manage.  At the same time, the consolidated hub will be upgraded to the latest Ed-Fi version (3.1.1), and we are working with SIS vendors to ready their systems for use of the new format this summer.
Finally, we are working to identify the best hosting location for the consolidated and upgraded system. The two leading options at present are to:
  1. continue hosting at one of the 5 current host ISDs, or
  2. move the environment to a commercial cloud provider such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. 

In order to gauge the readiness for districts statewide to have data hosted in the cloud, we have prepared a brief Cloud Readiness Survey

If you would like to provide feedback for consideration by the MiDataHub Advisory Committee, we ask that you complete the brief survey by February 14th . Our goal is to continue to provide an ecosystem that best serves the districts and students in the state. Your feedback is much appreciated!
Acadience Documentation
Exporting scores from Acadience:
A recent update was made in the documentation posted on the product catalog page for exporting testing results from the Acadience site (see link below). In the last few weeks we have received numerous tickets regarding import failing when loading the acadience test scores. We narrowed down the root cause and identified ALL the score variations need to be included in the export instead of leaving it wide open based on your selection. This update is on Page 4 - #6 of the configuration guide (link below). 

If you have any questions please let us know. 

The team at SAS EVAAS asked us to share the message on their upcoming, on-site trainings throughout the state:
Did you know that EVAAS growth reports are free to schools across Michigan? It’s true, and we’re here to help you make the most of them with in-person training opportunities.
The Michigan Department of Education contracted EVAAS to provide districts and public school academies with reports to supplement other reporting tools provided by the state. 
Because K-12 educators are some of the busiest people around, we’ve planned a series of training events across the state that can fit into nearly anyone’s schedule. 

Review this document ( https://mi.sas.com/support/Michigan-Regional-Training-Description-Choose-Adventure.pdf ) to see more information about these exciting training opportunities to help educators use data behind the impact of instruction on student outcomes. 
Please pass this invitation along to your school administrators and instructional leaders because many EVAAS reports inform their efforts in school improvement, teacher development, and student support.
To find information about EVAAS or to contact us, go to https://mi.sas.com/contact.html .
Participant Count
New Live Districts
  • Addison Community Schools
  • Britton Deerfield Schools
  • DeTour Area Schools
  • Huron School District
  • Relevant Academy of Eaton County
  • Trenton Public Schools
  • Whitefish Township Schools

To register your district please email support@midatahub.org.